Instagram Daily Limits for 2023: Posts, Stories, IGTV

Instagram Daily Limits

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June 4 , 2023


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Instagram Daily Limits

Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social networking sites, with over a billion active users each month. Instagram has set daily limits for various platform activities through 2023 in order to safeguard its users. But there are other unspoken guidelines that the majority of people are unaware of, such as Instagram limitations and follow-unfollow restrictions.

We'll outline all Instagram limits in this post, along with tips on how to overcome them in 2023.

What are some of the limits on Instagram, and how do they affect its users?

Before having the activity banned, have you ever thought to yourself, "How many people can I follow and unfollow on Instagram?" How many Instagram users can you unfollow in a single day? What is the daily and hourly Instagram follower cap in 2023? How many Instagram photos can you like at one time? Each of these acts has a set of limitations.

Before there was a follow-and-unfollow limit on Instagram, individuals would regularly perform mass actions to grow their following. However, today's AI engine on Instagram begins action-blocking, shadowbanning, and banning users when it notices repetitive actions. You may think the idea is a little absurd, but Instagram has its own justifications for these restrictions, and if you pay close attention, they make logical sense.

In order to reach their audience and increase Instagram engagement rates, brands using a variety of Instagram advertising strategies should be mindful of the new Instagram rules, guidelines, and policies that will be in effect starting in 2023.

Every social network has guidelines and restrictions so that users can enjoy a positive social environment. They can keep their Instagram feeds secure and prevent the potential danger of having Instagram banned or restricted with the use of multiple sets of Instagram restrictions.

It is crucial to understand that Instagram's limitations and rules are based on a diverse range of factors. Because the limitations and rules are established based on many aspects, there aren't the exact same Instagram rules and limits for all sorts of users. For instance, your Instagram account's age indicates its level of trustworthiness. For an Instagram account to be deemed "ancient," it must have been active for longer than three months.

The intensity of Instagram's rules and limits directly relates to the account age. Additionally, you will experience lower Instagram limitations the more Instagram followers you acquire. You'll notice that this important aspect results from persistent, real-world Instagram usage, real engagement, and earlier Instagram account age.

Now that we know a bit about Instagram limits and how they operate let's get right into the types of limits on the app.

Instagram Limits In 2023

Limit of Instagram Posts

There are no restrictions on how many photographs and videos you can share on Instagram. You can upload as much content as you wish on Instagram without running the risk of having your account blocked, whether the limit is per day or per hour. It appears that there is no limit on the number of stories you can post and include in your highlight.

Follow-Unfollow limits

For older accounts, the daily Instagram follow-unfollow cap ranges from 150 to 200. This number may be close to 100 for new Instagram users. Additionally, keep in mind that it is preferable to follow or unfollow ten profiles per hour on Instagram in order to keep things organic. The good news is that you can follow an unlimited number of accounts. This is how artists gain so many followers so quickly after creating their accounts.

The same restrictions apply to Instagram follow and unfollow activities, as was previously mentioned. This means that for established accounts, the daily Instagram maximum unfollow restriction is 200. Here is your option if you have previously followed too many profiles and wish to purge your list of followers. The "Least Interacted With" function on Instagram is the latest innovation. If you unfollow all of the 50 people on this list without exceeding the daily Instagram follow limit, you can reload your home page to see a new list of 50 people.

If you're going to unfollow a significant number of users, we advise starting with this list, which is great for unfollowing.

Caption Limit

You should choose the right length for your captions if you want to increase engagement on your Instagram posts. Although Instagram captions can have up to 2200 characters, 180 characters are considered to be the perfect amount.

Likes limitations

Each Instagram account has a different maximum number of likes. Every user will be able to like a maximum of 1,000 posts per day in 2022, but some accounts may be removed after just 800 likes. For new Instagram accounts, it is typically preferable to maintain a safe presence with 10 likes every hour.

Limit for Instagram comments

The last sections covered the daily Instagram follow cap and how many accounts may be followed without exceeding it. However, did you realize that Instagram has a daily comment cap? Depending on the platform, a user is only permitted to post 180 to 200 comments. The more comments you may post, the older your Instagram page is. For people who consistently leave numerous comments each day on Instagram, the hourly commenting cap is 12–14.

Additionally, no matter how old your account is, avoid posting the same comment more than once because Instagram will flag it as spam.

Instagram's DM Limitation

There are limitations on how many texts you can send each day, just like there are unfollowing and follower limits on Instagram. Recognized accounts can send 50–100 DMs each day if they are active and older than three months.

Limit for Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags can increase the visibility of your posts among other Instagram users, but to really benefit from them, you must understand the Instagram hashtag strategy. Up to 30 hashtags may be used in a single post. This means that Instagram will only take into account the first 30 hashtags if you use more than 30 in a post. In general, try to limit the use of your hashtags to below 30.

Limits on Instagram bio

Perhaps the most eye-catching area that might distinguish your Instagram profile is the bio. The maximum allowed character count for an Instagram bio is 150. So, with this character restriction, attempt to construct it effectively.

Instagram Limits Post Removal in Bulk

It's useful to know that you can quickly and completely erase every Instagram post. If your Instagram account just has a few photos, you may easily remove each one separately; otherwise, it is preferable to utilize third-party software to eliminate the inconvenience of this step.

Instagram Activity Level

The fact that there can be just 500 total actions each day on Instagram is one of the main limitations. Activities include various acts including following, liking, and unfollowing. If you have a fresh Instagram profile, it would be best to keep your activity to a maximum of 100 actions every day, unless you are a well-known user who can go as high as 1000.

Limiting Tagging People

20 individuals can be tagged for each post for a single post, and 35 people can be tagged per post for a carousel post.

With that, we reach the end of the different limits on Instagram. Remember that Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users. In a single day, these users share more than 500 million posts. Imagine everyone having complete freedom to do anything in the already densely populated community.

For instance, going over your Instagram follower or follower limit. Instagram takes employing bots and spamming behavior very seriously for this reason. Your account will be temporarily blocked the moment Instagram notices this type of behavior, and if you continue infringing, you risk a ban of more than a year. Both Instagram users and companies must adhere to the platform's guidelines.

Undoubtedly, there must be some ideal solutions to overcome Instagram's restrictions and control your entire Instagram account. Expanding your Instagram account manually requires a lot of time and work. On the other hand, adhering to Instagram's rules and limitations is a crucial guideline we shouldn't take lightly. Now, we suggest two successful workarounds for Instagram's technical restrictions.

Due to Instagram's like and follow limits, if you manage multiple Instagram pages and wish to boost your marketing effectiveness, you may run into some challenges. However, by using some of the popular Instagram tools, you can not only save time and build trust with your followers but also coordinate your actions while taking Instagram's limitations into account.

To achieve the best results, establish a solid marketing strategy by engaging like other community members, by sharing videos, watching stories, visiting Instagram profiles, etc. This will help your Instagram profile rise organically. As a result, it entails devoting time to numerous tasks like responding to comments on friends' posts, reposting user-generated content, and leaving your own. Additionally, gradually increase the quantity of your daily messages and remarks.

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