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Scheduling Content on Instagram: An Indepth Guide

An In-depth guide to scheduling posts and content on Instagram

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One of the most popularly visited social media platforms is Instagram, which has around 1 billion active members. Instagram has become essential for several brands' social media presence. It increases sales, drives valuable traffic to websites, and cultivates interested audience members. The Instagram app is used by 130 million users to shop daily and make direct payments. Even though Instagram's shop app is still a relatively new function, it gets better each year. By using Instagram for advertising, several companies profit from its massive viewership.

In our list of the globe's most active social media sites, Instagram would rank fourth with 1.452 billion users that advertisers should engage in April 2022. The most recent data shows:

  • Around 253.5 million Indians use Instagram regularly.

  • There are approximately 155.7 million daily active Instagram members in the United States.

  • Approximately 122.5 million Brazilians use Instagram regularly.

  • There are at least 99.9 million daily active Instagram members in Indonesia.

  • At least 54.4 million people use Instagram regularly in Turkey.

Despite the massive number of users available on Instagram, it can be difficult to sustain an engaging social media platform. Especially for ambitious digital marketers and business owners who are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their social networks. For this reason, you need to learn how to organize your posts on social media. It might be challenging to find the time to maintain your publishing schedule while you're busy running a company because there is so much to accomplish.

It's crucial that you have a firm grasp of the app's best practices if you handle the social media marketing for your company. However, this is evidently easier said than done because social media platforms are continuously upgrading and evolving, introducing and removing features on what appears to be a frequent basis. So how do marketers keep up with this ever-evolving app and make their mark on social media?


You don't have to wait until prime time to share your Instagram photo while keeping a watchful eye on the time. Now, by quickly scheduling posts for Instagram like folks do for various social media sites, you can easily maintain your profile and achieve the finest results. The ideal bit is that you wouldn't even need to employ costly third-party software to accomplish this.

Instagram revealed in January 2018 that users could now plan posts using the Instagram Graph API. Companies and artists no longer would have to directly post in real time thanks to this fresh enhancement. Sharing content on Instagram manually has its fair share of flaws and errors. Advertising on Instagram is all about producing quality material consistently. Instagram advertising needs careful content strategy and implementation. Creating processes and posts that are oriented toward performance, also requires in-depth exploration.

There is a lot to accomplish on the media creation front, from monitoring the competition to keeping up with the current platform trends. While real-time posting at the appropriate moment might be fantastic for genuine interactions, scheduling Instagram posts has too many rewards to be brushed aside. Every Instagram marketing plan relies on the company's content quality and consistency on the channel to be successful. Finding important advertising opportunities that will enable brand strategists to connect with and interact with their Instagram followers is essential.

You should post content on Instagram at set dates and times, which can empower you to reach your brand's goals, assuming you have a scheduling roadmap in hand. Instagram scheduling makes it easy to organize content on the social media platform. Advertisers can keep their drafted posts on Instagram planned and ready to post. Instagram content scheduling is an essential step in the social media marketing research phase. You can seamlessly optimize your page's content with the help of a scheduling tool and content calendar.

All current popular brands employ Instagram scheduling since it empowers them to concentrate on other critical responsibilities. The majority of advertisers must be prepared with ideas and choose the best Instagram post scheduler in order to arrange posts on Instagram. Today, however, we don't necessarily need to spend money on an Instagram post scheduler because they are widely accessible for free.

We can just set up a posting schedule and follow it. But you must have a Facebook Page related to your business profile to make use of this feature. In general, it's become a lot easier to schedule posts without using a third-party app, but why do we need to schedule posts? What are the benefits of scheduling content?

In this article, we'll look at the benefits of scheduling your social media content, the tools you can utilize to schedule posts, and procedures to maintain accuracy.

What is content scheduling?

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Content scheduling generally refers to the process of creating, storing, and publishing posts on a specific day, time, and month. It generally involves the use of a content calendar in which we plan and post content based on the best timings and when there are product launches. Both in-app scheduling and the use of third-party programs are solutions for planning content. Native scheduling can be difficult if the platform does not offer such features.

Third-party applications and social media scheduling tools can be useful in this situation. A software program or application known as a social media scheduling tool allows you to plan out your social media content across several social media sites and profiles. You don't have to be "constantly connected" simply because social media is. You and your social media team should plan ahead and maintain focus on other duties by organizing your social media posts in advance. But why do we need to schedule our social media posts? What are the benefits of scheduling Instagram posts?

Advantages of Scheduling Posts on Instagram

1) Time and energy saving

Scheduling Instagram content can at the very least help you make significant time savings. There will be more chances to engage with followers and reply to comments as a result. Even the finest Instagram scheduler cannot handle the grunt job of cultivating client connections. You may spend more time engaging with your audience when you maintain a posting schedule and are flexible.

It might be challenging to make the time to maintain your posting schedule while you're actively operating a company as there is so much to accomplish. Making an Instagram post might be the last thing on your thinking as you focus on establishing your company and managing the logistical parts. The same problem affects social media marketers and content producers as well.

Your Instagram posts can be scheduled to improve things you prepare in advance and preserve time. It makes more time for other crucial duties that require a more hands-on approach when you set out just a handful of hours of a given day to schedule your articles for the coming week or perhaps the remainder of the month.

Without a doubt, organizing your content in advance will provide you with more time. After that, you can use the time you've freed to focus on other parts of managing your company. You can have good content posted every day if you set aside a few hours at the start of the week. Depending on the site you are using, you can plan your posts longer than a month in preparation or more.

2) Boosts content quality and aesthetic value

It also enables you to establish a content calendar structured to schedule your Instagram posts. A broad assessment of your planned activities will enable you to identify any lost opportunities or content timeline discrepancies. This is a terrific approach to make sure you're harnessing pivotal moments and keeping a healthy balance of various content types.

Instagram users are also drawn to visually appealing pages, whether that means sticking to a particular color palette or featuring a good variety of content types. Curating and posting high-quality content is the first step toward building your social media presence. One of the best ways to go about this is to convey your brand's aesthetic and express your brand identity. Some easy ways to achieve this are by using brand-specific fonts, colors, symbols, and images. For example, if your brand's logo colors are blue, silver, and red, incorporating these colors into your content can help cement your brand image in the eyes of your followers.

Another aspect of your content strategy must focus on creating an easily distinguishable presence on the social media app. Several brands and services are constantly competing on Instagram to gain more followers. Differentiating your brand and showing your unique appeal can be a major game-changer when building your Instagram presence. Doing this can be immensely difficult if you have no way of organizing your short and long-term content strategy.

Developing and displaying your brand image online requires a good amount of planning. Using an Instagram content scheduler or planner can help you strategically plan and share content that matches your aesthetic. It's extremely rare for random or on-the-go photos to fit into your existing Instagram aesthetic. A single image can call for a sizeable amount of time depending on how you edit and caption the photo. Keeping a content schedule can help you map out your posts and create high-quality content that adheres to your brand's aesthetic vision.

3) It can help boost conversions

The true objective of Instagram marketing for the majority of businesses is to attract users to their websites, where they can find out more, buy the product, or interact with other digital information. Therefore, it's simple to overlook the fact that the objective is to direct more people away from Instagram and onto your website or sales pages when you're focused on producing excellent Instagram content and perfecting your aesthetics.

But for both regular grid pieces and your Instagram Stories, that's where scheduling and arranging your material enter the picture. If you can plan, you can obtain a bird's eye view of where and, more crucially, how frequently, you're bringing traffic to your website. Simply including a swipe up in your Instagram Stories photos or including a call to action to visit the link in your bio can all help drive traffic to your website.

A CTA should be included in all product details, including blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, website text, and more. Every piece of content that a brand creates needs to have some form of goal. The goal can be to enhance traffic, advertise a business, maintain relationships with current customers, or draw in new followers. And the greatest way to get them to take action in order to achieve that goal is by using a CTA. Scheduling your posts is the first step in directing your viewers back to your blog.

Using your link in your bio wisely is one of the simplest strategies to increase traffic to your website. It's one of the most effective traffic generators on your Instagram profile because it occupies the number one spot in your profile's bio, is very simple to find, and is easily clickable.

4) Consistent content creation

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Establishing a social media profile proficiently requires consistency. If you don't consistently post new content for your following to interact with, the Instagram algorithm will eventually learn to de-prioritize your profile since you're getting fewer interactions. Your following may gradually stop paying attention to you as a result, which means you lose exposure. It's easy to make sure that you're sharing on Instagram often and at the appropriate intervals by arranging your posts in advance. This means that you always have content for your audience to interact with, which is fantastic for increasing and sustaining your presence on the network.

Whenever it's time for your planned posts to go live, all you have to do is click a few buttons. Of course, if you want to keep your audience up to date on anything that is happening at the moment, you can publish live Stories or share images interspersed with your scheduled ones. Planning also ensures you have a consistent set of high-quality content to post no matter what happens in the future. As I've mentioned in the previous section, figuring out what periods bring the greatest amount of engagement is essential to creating a content schedule.

For instance, Later looked at over 35 million feed posts to see when the optimal time was to share your content. The greatest times to post on Instagram during the week, according to Later's study of 35 million global Instagram posts, are:

Monday at 5 a.m.

Tuesday, at 6 a.m.

6 a.m. on Wednesday

5 a.m. on Thursday

6 a.m. on Friday

6 a.m. on Saturday

6 a.m. on Sunday

They also determined that Saturday and Sunday are the greatest days to post on Instagram, with the greatest average interaction for posts uploaded at 6 a.m. on Sunday. These are just the timings they found based on their location and brand though. It is equally or doubly important for you to test when your posts gain the most traction on your feed. There's no other way of going about the Instagram algorithm game as it favors authenticity over everything else. Understanding how to plan Instagram content will save you a bunch of time and make posting less disruptive to your day. Instead of creating and posting content on the fly numerous times each day, you should sit down and plan out your entire week's worth of posts in one meeting.

5) Error-free posts with careful analysis of metrics

Instagram users are saturated with a tonne of content every day. Companies must produce compelling content that motivates users to take desired actions ( such as liking, commenting, sharing, or saving content). Your business will not benefit in any way if you manually create Instagram content and publish it at strange hours when your viewers are hardly even online.

For this reason, scheduling Instagram posts is best done after deep evaluation. You can also optimize your Instagram post requirements and still have the flexibility to include spontaneous posts if you schedule content. Using an Instagram scheduler will enable you to discover more about your sharing habits and how your posts are organized. This will also help you understand what aspects of your Instagram advertising need to be improved.

Once you schedule your content you leave little to no room for error when posting. It helps control and maintains your content quality when you dedicate time to creating, editing, and polishing overall platform content. Another aspect to consider is the fact that you will never require more content as there will be a steady flow of consistent content on your feed that you've prepped and kept for followers.

Scheduling content in advance helps you analyze and forecast any bottlenecks in the future. So you should definitely consider upgrading to an Instagram business or creative profile because Instagram Insights is only available to company or creator profiles. You can simply check your metrics if you have an Instagram company or creator profile by going to the Insights tab in the Instagram app.

Begin by hitting the menu symbol in the top right-hand corner of your account, then choose the Insights tab to access your business or individual profile's metrics. You can also go to your profile page and tap the Insights icon. You'll find a wealth of stats and insights for your posts, stories, and consumer characteristics once you access your Insights. These insights will help you figure out your content calendar and what your schedule should look like for increased engagement and interaction.

With that, we've reached the end of this section. Now that we've understood the benefits of Instagram content scheduling, let's get right into how you can do it for free!

Top 12 Social Media Scheduling Tools

1) Awesome Social

Awesome Social

Awesome social is a simple and easy to use social media management & publishing tool. It allows your marketing team to organize and manage your social media.

Its powerful features allows you to save your time in planning and cordinating with your marketing team when planning a social media campaign.

Awesome social is a social media scheduling tool, where you get all the important features like: managing multiple platforms, workflows, management, Post stats, scheduling, approval & rejection, team management, engagement and many more to get full control over your social media and make it to the top. Awesome social will definitely empower your social presence to the next level.

It is an ideal social media organizer tool that will enable you to grow your brand’s engagement with your customers.

Let’s have a look at all the features of Awesome social:-

-> You are allowed to plan & publish your social media content directly on Instagram. It's planning feature ensures better visual planning quickly.

-Awesome social is the best hack to control your Facebook community. You can boost your social experience on Facebook by engaging with your customers.

-Let’s manage your press release on Twitter. Now you have the chance to listen to your customer’s voice. It will help you to generate more sales leads.

-It’s the best tool for LinkedIn that won’t let you down in any situation. Now, you can manage all of the LinkedIn company pages by using just one Social Media organizer tool.

2) Hootsuite


Among the most widely used applications for planning social media posts is Hootsuite and for a discernible reason.

One benefit is that it lets you maintain and operate many social media accounts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in distinct columns. WordPress is supported as well. Even while the streamlined dashboard is pretty simple to use, the amount of data it contains may first seem overwhelming. The fact that you may alter what information appears for each account is another advantage.

Hootsuite can oversee and assess fresh content, track client interactions, schedule numerous posts, and offer real-time insights. With this software, you can quickly view a user's social data and find social queries, hashtags, and other pertinent information for your unique feed.

Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are all accessible with Hootsuite. Since any member of the team can readily obtain digital information, the software offers efficient, interactive posting and workflows for large teams. An improved video-first feature was also recently developed to optimize video footage for different social media platforms.

It provides some of the most powerful analytics and report creation available, but it only offers certain key templates in the more premium subscriptions. For instance, the Enterprise Plan is the only one that offers Facebook Aggregate and collaborative performance reporting. Hootsuite's primary flaw is its cost, which might be unreasonably high for smaller companies. But this is a valuable, comprehensive tool for a major corporation with a bigger workforce.

3) Later


Although Later allows you to upload content to a number of different social media channels, Instagram is its primary focus. Later, you start a post with a photo instead of its words, contrasting many other social media publishing and scheduling applications. You post the picture to the Later app after which you write the caption for it.

Setting up Later such that it uploads directly to Instagram can be difficult at first. However, the workflow is simple once you have converted your Instagram profile to a Business or Creator page. A Media Library is the foundation of Later. Adding photographs to your Media Library at the start of each article makes them accessible for later postings.

Your media files offer the option to add labels and annotations to them, and you can give any photo you want to prioritize a star. Your photographs can be filtered in a number of different ways. If you own one of Later's subscription services, you can post and stream videos as well. Creating and uploading Stories is made easier using Later.

You can drag and drop content into available time slots on your calendar using Later's Quick Schedule. This is what a queue would be in Later. Your multimedia content will be added to the next available timeframe Later. You can use Conversations if you buy one of Later's business plans. You can also manage your Instagram responses directly within Later using Conversations. Later is a great social media scheduling tool for Instagram but if you're looking for an app that helps you with other platforms it may not be the best option.

4) Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social facilitates teamwork in addition to providing market-leading scheduling tools, a dynamic calendar, and an asset administration library. User-level authorization empowers marketing directors, writers, and anyone in between special access to participate in your marketing effort.

Your team can get a bird's eye perspective of what is posted and promoted each day using Sprout Social's calendar feature. To help you assess how effectively various pieces of content fare on social media, the suite also contains a range of social media metrics. Plans start with a free 30-day trial and run around $89 to $249 per month.

Additionally, Sprout makes it simple to evaluate the results and alter your long-term plan moving forward once your content has been planned and published. However, Sprout Social is a relatively pricey social media scheduling service, much like Hootsuite. Independent digital marketing agencies or content producers who don't need such advanced capabilities may find it to be unnecessarily complex and expensive.

5) Monday

In contrast to the majority of the products we've listed in this article, isn't focused on coordinating and posting to social media sites. Unrelated to social networking, numerous businesses use to schedule various content pieces. Its main objective is to make your teams more productive and efficient.

But because of this, it's perfect for those who want to organize their social media account management processes. is built around its boards. To handle your assignments, workflows, and regular tasks, Monday offers boards that are completely customizable columns. As a representation of your workflow, users create calendars. Any tasks and operations your team completes can be arranged on the boards within the site.

There are many starter templates available on, including one made especially for managing social media. This builder creates two boards:

  • Proposals and requests for campaigns
  • Project Status and Growth

In the Campaign Suggestions and Requests board, personnel of your organization can offer ideas for future social media pieces. Then you employ it to develop a productive and consistent strategy for your social media efforts. is a brilliant option if you need an all-encompassing scheduling tool for your content. It offers a great variety of content scheduling and publishing features that are helpful to writers and creators alike. But if you're looking for a more social media-specific scheduler this is not the best option.

6) Loomly


Loomly is a robust platform for managing and planning social media posts that has a simple, user-friendly layout. After a 15-day, no-credit-card trial, there are four pricing options available. They start at the $26/month Base plan for users with 10 or fewer social media accounts and go all the way up to the $269/month Premium Plan, which supports up to 30 users and 50 social media accounts.

Loomly can set a variety of scheduling workflows, which is a helpful functionality for first-time users. The procedure for creating a post is simple to follow and easy to implement. You have the option of starting a post from conception to completion or using post inspiration from RSS feeds to generate prototype posts automatically. Although you can alter the post's specifics for the social networking sites you would like to use, you must first construct the post's core copy.

You can choose your demographic and establish a budget for your ad campaigns if you want to make a sponsored post for Facebook from within Loomly. Loomly is one of the most user-friendly tools available which makes it ideal for anyone who's starting their digital marketing journey. But like most beginner-friendly tools it does not offer some complex features you may find in tools like Buffer or Hootsuite.

7) Agorapulse


Agorapulse offers team members and businesses an economical social media calendar and scheduling solution. It provides four options, ranging in price from $39 per month for Solo users to $239 for Enterprise users. The number of social accounts and users supported by each plan varies significantly, while there are also distinctions in terms of information retention and ad comment regulation.

You may connect with your social media platforms using Agorapulse to post, communicate, analyze, and monitor your content. It integrates YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. All of your social media profiles may be updated simultaneously, and a pipeline or timetable will guarantee that your content is posted at the most effective times. You can re-queue or re-schedule seasonal posts using this software. Each post can be modified to make use of features unique to each social media platform.

8) Buffer


With a premium account from Buffer, you can schedule an infinite number of social media updates. Buffer uses a freemium business model. A newbie has plenty of opportunities to determine if social media automation will be useful to them. Buffer, as the moniker suggests, lets you compile a list of significant content you want to publish and schedule them to go out at times that are more relevant to your demographic.

You can customize and tweak your posts on every social media platform using Buffer. It is simple to add website links, headlines, and photos swiftly to your Buffer calendar using the mobile Buffer tool and the internet browser extension. It also offers tips on when you should post to each of your platforms. Additionally, Buffer offers stats that illustrate the effectiveness of your posts.

Under the Publish label, Buffer offers three plans: Pro ($15/month), Premium ($65/month), and Business ($99/month). Pro ($15) and Business ($35) subscription options are available for their Reply package. This makes Buffer one of the more affordable tools for posting on various social media platforms but they do not offer features as comprehensive as Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

A social media scheduler can make a huge difference when you start seriously dedicating efforts toward building your following online. But apart from a scheduling tool what are some tips to keep in mind when scheduling your content? Let's get right into it in the next section.

9) Iconosquare


Many of the capabilities included in similar all-in-one Instagram solutions on our list are also found in Iconosquare. This also includes a sophisticated social planner and social media listening tools. When it concerns analytics, it does better than most.

It gives you access to a lot of data and enables you to thoroughly analyze your efforts to determine what is and is not working.

Crucial performance statistics including organic reach, post engagement rates on average, exposure, and views are easily visible in simple graphs. To analyze how your marketing initiatives affected different KPIs, you may also compare promoted vs. organic postings. The Conversations tool also makes it easier to monitor how your company or rivals are mentioned on Instagram.

Iconosquare has recently broadened its range of services to include multi-profile social media management and is a robust scheduling device, even though it is best known for its in-depth social media insights. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all covered by the available tools, however LinkedIn and Twitter now have fewer features that are readily accessible. The only Iconosquare tools applicable to your LinkedIn account, in particular, concentrate on analytics.

You could use the Iconosquare program or your desktop to schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook in due course. Plan your initial message, add preset captions or hashtag collections, and cross-post to numerous accounts at once with just a few clicks. Then, with the drag and drop, you can quickly examine planned posts and rearrange your feed.

10) Sendible


Sendible uses Services, which is slightly different from how most companies handle their social network accounts. In your Sendible membership, services are similar to networks or profiles that you develop. They enable you to pick the social platform features you require. With various functionalities for each channel, Sendible enables you to work with all the major social media and blogging sites.

Sendible allows you to plan carousel pieces with in-app reminders, post photographs, and clips seamlessly to Instagram business pages, and keep track of your hashtags and metrics. You can also use Canva to make social media visuals and schedule them to appear on your accounts and sites without ever leaving Sendible, which is excellent for Instagram users.

The geo-targeting tools in Sendible can enable you to identify precise segments of your followers. You may share videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram with the aid of Sendible. Sendible has capabilities for posting, communication, metrics, CRM, listening, and mobile, as well as an integrated interface.

Using their dynamic compose box, you can concurrently plan, organize, and publish posts, photographs, and clips to a number of social platforms. As far in preparation as you need, you may schedule solo or batch posts on social media, both photographs, and videos. To maximize the activity of your social media profiles, Sendible enables you to set your finest material on repeat. You see your content on a scheduled calendar that is shareable and easy to access.

11) Napolean Cat

NapoleonCat has established a remarkable clientele over the course of over seven plus years of its operation, which includes companies like Avon and Allianz. Overall, it is simple to implement and set up. Once you establish your social media profiles after signing up, a functionality that warrants special attention involves keeping track of your competitors.

You simply enter the social media page name of the competitor and add it to your monitoring list. Additionally, you may configure it so that every team member is given a particular set of permissions. If you want to limit who can produce content, this is especially helpful.

You may use it to seamlessly schedule and publish your material on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. You can accomplish all of this with the help of just a single interface, to create posts and schedule content. Additionally, it displays post previews as you are creating them, which is more helpful than it might seem. Following the publication of your content, you may use its performance metrics to keep track of your audience reach, engagement levels, and click-through rates.

Although it has a fairly similar feature set to other social networking platforms, it takes a very different and far more versatile pricing technique. NapoleonCat is a great tool for smaller businesses since, unlike most solutions, it truly lets you choose the number of social network profiles and users.

12) Tailwind


You can schedule content for both Pinterest and Instagram using Tailwind, a fantastic social media scheduling service. It has some strong analytics and design features, and you could use it to organize your pictorial posts in advance. Using Tailwind, which is marketed as a platform that behaves like a marketing agency, scheduling on Instagram is simple. And in fact, it is how Tailwind works.

With the use of SmartSchedule, a feature of Tailwind, you can identify when consumer engagement is at its highest. The tool will help you learn more about your audience interaction as you utilise the capability over time, which it can then use to better optimise your schedule. Additionally, Tailwind has a straightforward drag-and-drop planner that you can use to structure your upcoming content.

Similar to AgoraPulse, this application lets you independently schedule the posting of specific photographs and videos. You can also use real-time notifications to do the same for Carousels and Stories. Additionally, the tool offers an Instagram bio link option and a hashtag-generating service, both of which are immensely valuable to Instagram users. For users of Pinterest and Instagram, it's a fantastic all-in-one solution.

How to schedule Instagram posts without any third-party tools

Assuming that scheduling your Instagram posts is necessary, let's move on to the most crucial topic: how to schedule your posts without utilizing any third-party software. But is it possible to immediately schedule Instagram posts from the platform? Long story short, the answer to that question is Yes.

Although you cannot do it via the mobile app itself, there are various steps to create essential Instagram scheduling workflows within the website. The first is via Instagram's Creator Studio. Even if you can't yet generate posts from, you can still organize and produce Instagram photos from your desktop using the Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook Business Suite is the second best option to directly plan posts on Instagram. The site allows users to upload your images, create descriptions, and see your scheduled material before it goes live, similar to Creator Studio. The ability to post through mobile is a fantastic feature of Business Suite. In this post, we'll mainly explore how to schedule posts using the Facebook Creator Studio.


Visit to access Creator Studio first.

The profiles and sites you are linked to with your Facebook profile will instantly log you in. Remember that in order to use this feature, you must have a Creator Profile or a Business Account. You will be prompted to add your Instagram profile if you haven't already. To link your profile, press the link and follow the on-screen instructions. If your account is already connected you can jump right into scheduling posts.

The Creator Studio also allows you to mention people and disable comments in addition to organizing and generating content. Even in paid advertising, content developers can use it to tag strategic partners. You may schedule numerous image posts, carousels, and clips for IGTV using Creator Studio. Instagram Stories is the only feature that you cannot schedule using Creator studio. You could still schedule stories using our scheduling tool Awesome Social, so don't worry.

You can follow these steps after connecting your Creator Studio dashboard to your Instagram Business Account:


  • Click Instagram Feed after selecting Create Post in Creator Studio. You will be able to pick whichever Instagram profile if you have more than one.

  • You can incorporate up to 30 hashtags and mentions in your caption.

  • make a post for your Instagram feed or upload a longer-than-60-second IG clip. You can transfer photos and videos from your PC or add them immediately from your Facebook page.

  • Then click Save after tagging any profiles you want to present.

  • At this point, you have two options for sharing your post: either click Publish to do so immediately or choose the arrow next to it to choose Schedule. Once you've completed composing your post, select "Publish" by clicking the drop-down button next to it.

  • Then select the publication day and timing, and then select Schedule once more. The "Schedule" option lets you pick the day and hour that the post will be published.

  • To complete the schedule, click the blue "Schedule" icon.

  • You can also choose to save the post as a prototype so that other members of your team can evaluate it before it is published.

To see a chronological view of whatever you have booked for the coming week or the duration of the month, use the "Calendar" feature on the left-hand panel. This provides you with a comprehensive picture of your content calendar so you can make any necessary adjustments. Every one of the scheduled pieces here can be opened and edited by clicking on it.

Moreover, you can check the relevant option on this page if you wish to post the content on Facebook as well. You may further personalize your post by disabling comments and adding an alternative text for your photographs in the "Advanced options." It is strongly advised that you provide alt text to describe your photographs so that readers with impaired vision may comprehend what is happening in order to increase the ease of access to your material.

Although the Creator Studio is a fantastic tool for scheduling Instagram posts, it has some somewhat limited functions. You can only arrange posts for Facebook and Instagram, to begin with. So you'll need to utilize a different solution if you wish to handle content scheduling for other platforms.

For this reason, using a specialized Instagram scheduling tool to streamline your content planning efforts is strongly encouraged. A social media scheduler can make a huge difference when you start seriously dedicating efforts toward building your following online.

Although the Creator Studio is a fantastic tool for scheduling Instagram posts, it has some somewhat limited functions. You can only arrange posts for Facebook and Instagram, to begin with. So you'll need to utilize a different solution if you wish to handle content scheduling for other platforms. This is where social media schedulers come in handy, let's explore some of the top twelve Instagram scheduling tools in the next section.

Tips to keep in mind when scheduling content for Instagram


Avoid making content scheduling strategies too far in advance

Instead of rushing to write material at the last minute, you can stay organized by planning posts in advance. Nevertheless, you will suffer if you plan your postings too far in advance. Both timeless and timely content can be found on your social media accounts. Evergreen material won't be affected by recent events or unexpected stories.

So you can plan it months ahead without any problems. Time-sensitive media, on the other hand, need to be uploaded as and when you get your hands on them. Make sure to change priorities when presenting unexpected announcements, if there are new content trends, or a momentous event when planning material for extended periods of time in advance. Your content will remain timely and pertinent as a result.

Avoid overwhelming your followers' feed

It's always beneficial to stay engaged on social media to gain and keep followers, but going overboard is not a smart idea. Users will become overwhelmed if you post too frequently, and your efforts will be seen as spamming. Users may decide to hide or mute their posts, restrict their account or, even worse, stop following your profile as a result of this undesirable behavior. There is no right or wrong answer for how many posts you should make each day, but you can discover it by asking followers to respond on polls on Instagram Stories.

Thoroughly review your posts before publishing

You're inevitably going to make an error when you arrange a large number of Instagram posts at once. A misspelling may draw some attention, but things could be worse. There will always be a likelihood that you'll plan a post that, upon second thought, is unclear, inadvertently sardonic, or outright unpleasant. By allotting time to revisit and check your planned Instagram posts for flaws, you may avoid these easy mistakes. As an option, have someone on your team or an editor review them before you publish. It's always recommended to check posts once or twice before you hit the publish button.

Your descriptions should contain SEO keywords

Instagram SEO is the process of making your content more search engine-friendly. You want your profile or post to show up near the front of the results when somebody uses the Instagram search bar to look for a meaningful keyword or hashtag. Generally speaking, SEO is a blend of science and art. SEO on Instagram is similar. There isn't a precise recipe that will catapult your profile to the top of the search results.

Instagram's Explore page is continuously changing, and new sophisticated search features are added all year long. To find relevant information, for instance, you can now search by phrases (rather than just hashtags). Therefore, there is a probability that your content will be more readily found by anyone browsing the app if you use pertinent keywords in your descriptions. Every other day, new trends and keywords emerge, therefore it's a good idea to incorporate them in your captions the day you post if any new phrases have done so.

Upload posts from your PC

Your efficiency will also grow if you plan out your content. You can reap the benefits of your steady stream of content by batch posting. Additionally, you'll be more effective with your material because you won't be rushing to meet a deadline. Furthermore, utilizing your phone to upload photos with DSLR-quality to Instagram is a pain in and of itself.

Prior to uploading images to Instagram, you should first edit and publish them from your computer to Google Drive, Google Photos, or some other content delivery system. Use your laptop to avoid having to endure all of this discomfort. Try your best to directly from your PC, and publish your content to avoid this hassle.

Those were some tips to keep in mind while scheduling content for your Instagram.

In conclusion

Social media scheduling tools are a dime among dozens worldwide. Scheduling your content or Instagram post generation will allow you to upload from your PC without waiting. You can keep your work structured and sophisticated by scheduling Instagram postings. You can receive reminders for scheduled postings from some tools. Organizing how you manage your social media will boost your productivity and performance. It will assist you in establishing and achieving your page goals. You can prioritize tasks and ease the pressure or stress with its assistance. A well-planned schedule also makes it simpler to develop a consistent brand image and guarantees that your fans remain interested.

In order to plan Instagram posts:

  • Ensure your Instagram profile is converted to a business profile first, then confirm it by linking it to your Facebook page. Then plan posts from the Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram and IGTV.
  • Alternately, decide which third-party scheduling service best fits your requirements, sign up for a free account, and connect it to your Instagram account.
  • Then, keep tabs on the times that work best for your business and tweak your posting plan as necessary. Last but not least, remember to interact with your followers. Communicate with others by replying to the responses to your posts.

Instagram scheduling enables you to post more regularly. It's simpler to make several posts at once. This implies that you can boost Instagram profile engagement. Increased posting frequency promotes interaction. More postings from you will be seen by your audience, increasing brand exposure. Additionally, it gives them more chances to engage with and comment on your postings.

Additionally, this might encourage people to follow you. You'll draw more users to your page if you consistently post material and promote your posts. It's a fantastic approach to gaining more followers and drawing in more worthwhile leads. Leads who are more engaged get more connected with your business. This will enable you to eventually earn more lucrative conversions.

Start organizing your Instagram posts if you want to improve your Instagram presence and gain precious time on your demanding day. While doing so can appear easy, getting the most out of Instagram scheduling requires knowing the essential components of each post and how to engage followers. You can make a credible content calendar that accomplishes that using the aforementioned suggestions and resources like Awesome Social.

Social media scheduling tools are a dime among dozens worldwide. Scheduling your content or Instagram post generation will allow you to upload from your PC without waiting. You can keep your work structured and sophisticated by scheduling Instagram postings. You can receive reminders for scheduled postings from some tools.

Organizing how you manage your social media will boost your productivity and performance. It will assist you in establishing and achieving your page goals. You can prioritize tasks and ease the pressure or stress with its assistance. A well-planned schedule also makes it simpler to develop a consistent brand image and guarantees that your fans remain interested.