Best FREE Linkedin Scheduler - Awesome Social

Grow your brand’s business profile and presence on Linkedin

Manage and your linked account together from a single platform. Add multiple Brands and Linked Pages to schedule and published Industry specific articles and build domain authority and network around your industry.


Manage all your content through a calender

  • Easily Manage content and plan a month in advance with the help of calender view in Awesome Social.
  • Visualize your content Publishing timeline and engage with the audience in your industry and domain.

Start Meaningful conversations

  • Engage with audience and share meaningful videos about your brand.
  • Spread awareness about and around your brand to attract the right audience, by easily uploading, scheduling and sharing videos, on Linkedin.

Reach the right audience—confidently

  • Target posts by location, job function, industry, and other parameters and ensure your posts go through the same approval process as the rest of your social content.

Mention and tag users to drive engagement on your LinkedIn posts

  • Mention other pages to drive your engagement when curating posts.
  • Greet your fans and, get expert opinion, connect with influence's, and promote your brand by mentioning them in your posts.

Stand out with Linkedin Carousel

  • Make your post stand out from others with Linkedin Carousel.
  • Educate your audience with the right content.
  • Use multiple images and ensure that your posts stand out while they are scrolling.

Collaborate with your team to manage multiple Facebook channels

  • Manage your pages and your client’s pages effectively with your team.
  • Get organized with the help of collaboration tool, share content and manage approvals to ensure that only the right message reaches your audience.

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