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Increase Instagram Story Views Organizally: Ultimate Guide

Discover Effective Strategies for Increasing Instagram Story Views Instantly

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Instagram's stories feature has established a whole new world of possibilities on the platform, as evidenced by Instagram stories statistics. This is where genuine, life-inspired content blooms before vanishing after 24 hours unless you store it in the tales archive. Stories, generally speaking, may pique attention, develop trust, and drive user interaction and activity in a short amount of time.

instagram stories

In short, Instagram Stories increase your visibility and engagement, and can even impact purchasing decisions. In fact, the Instagram Story element was created to allow businesses to post fleeting photographs and clips with their audience in order to emphasize what sets them apart. Moreover, Stories give your fans a brief look into what goes on behind the scenes, which they genuinely enjoy.

Stories may seem like frivolous, brief images or videos to most users of the App, but they extend far beyond bringing a few laughs or views. Recent research shows:

  • Instagram reported in 2019 that 500 million users utilize and watch Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Instagram hasn't released new statistics since 2019, which is a long time in social media circles, so it's most certainly increased.
  • After viewing a business in a Story, 58 percent of users believe they're more attracted to it. Approximately half of Instagram users also say they've browsed a webpage to buy products or services after discovering it in Stories.
  • Instagram Stories account for a quarter of all ad income on the app. Even though Stories advertising may not go as far as posts, they are expected to generate about $16 billion in worldwide net advertising revenue by 2022.
  • On Instagram, 70% of Generation Z and 59 percent of millennials view stories. Instagram stories are becoming increasingly attractive among the world's main populations—Millennials and Gen Zers, as per-user data.

Instagram Stories offer brands and influencers a powerful manner of appealing to audiences worldwide. So when we start creating Stories, we expect the view counts to gradually rise with the increase in followers and when we gain more traction on the platform. Instagram Story views can fluctuate depending on several combined factors. But as the statistics displayed, they play an essential role in building your brand's presence on the app. Moreover, high view counts directly correlate to conversions and more sales. In the next section, we'll delve into how these views can impact your business and why you need to invest more time in creating exciting Instagram Stories.

The Significance of Instagram Story Views

Sharing your thoughts and experiences on Instagram Stories is swift and convenient. A story serves as a condensed snapshot of your business, service, or thing for both companies and content producers. They provide a more real and unique method of conveying a story outside of what is on your feed, as we have previously discussed.

Instagram story views are the total number of times both your followers and new visitors have viewed your story. The higher your view count the better as it means more people are aware of your brand and its services. Hardcore fans or followers that have a stronger connection to your brand are more likely to watch your Instagram stories than others. The more visitors who watch your stories, the more prospects you'll have for conversions.

Instagram Story views are among the most important metrics you need to track when building your brand. It gives you an immediate idea of your engagement levels and whether you're connecting with followers on a deeper level. A high number of views also indicate the fact that your content is relevant, valuable, and interesting to the viewers online. It's a great measure of how meaningful your content is in the lives of your followers.

So how do we check our view count on Instagram?

Instagram Stories

  • Select your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app's homepage.
  • Insights can be accessed by tapping on the icon.

Instagram Stories

  • Select the time period for which you want Insights: 7, 14, or 30 days, the previous quarter, or a specific period.

Instagram Stories

  • Tap on Stories after scrolling down to Content You Shared.
  • Select a metric and a time frame.

If your Instagram Story is still active — that is, if it has been less than 24 hours after you posted it — simply hit the Insta Story symbol on the app's home page to check the number of people who have seen it. To see the list of the individuals who contributed to those Instagram Story views, click the number in the bottom left corner.

After your Instagram Story has vanished for 24 hours, you can still view insights, such as reach and impressions. The number of unique accounts that watched your Story is known as reach. The overall amount of times your Story was viewed is referred to as impressions.

🌟 That's about it when it comes to viewing your Story Views.

A high view count is one of the most positive signs during any digital marketer's Instagram journey. But a low view count or a sudden decrease in views means that there's trouble looming in the digital landscape. We'll get into why Instagram view counts decrease in the upcoming sections, but first, let's delve into how you can develop a marketing plan that captivates the Instagram audience and boosts your views.

A step-by-step strategy to boost Instagram views

1) Time and plan Stories according to audience engagement levels

A planning tool becomes increasingly valuable when your Instagram marketing techniques become increasingly elaborate. Regardless of whether you run a modest business or oversee a large workforce, this is essential. Planning, creating, and sharing timely, high-quality content becomes simpler when some of the tedious tasks are automated. Investing in a robust Instagram content scheduling tool can save you time and energy in the long run.

Instagram Stories

Posting once a day or whenever it's convenient limits your Stories' capacity to reach your target audience. It's possible that this is why your Story views are decreasing. It's ideal if you post frequently. However, be sure that whatever you upload is of optimum quality. The Stories of users you follow appear at the top of Instagram. The most relevant ones appear near your profile logo, however, in the app, only 4 Stories appear at once. To remain in touch with your viewers, you must post frequently.

It's a good idea to use a social media planning tool or content calendar for your Instagram Stories. Assuming you maintain an Instagram Business profile, you can create and organize Instagram Stories using Facebook's native Business Suite. If you only publish to Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Business Suite is a wonderful tool. But most contemporary media marketers can save time and effort by using a social media management platform and managing all social networks from a single platform.

A key aspect of strategizing for a higher view count is figuring out when your audience or followers are most active on Instagram. Using metrics and different measures of engagement is the first thing every marketer must learn when sharing Stories. For instance, you could have the highest quality content or news about discounts or sales. If you share such information at 2 am at night, there's a high chance nobody will even get the chance to view the content.

Understanding how to plan Instagram Stories will save you a bunch of time and make posting Stories less disruptive to your day. Instead of creating and posting Stories on the fly numerous times each day, you should sit down and plan out your entire week's worth of content in one meeting.

Whenever it's time for your planned Stories to go live, all you have to do is click a few buttons. Of course, if you want to keep your audience up to date on anything that is happening right now, you can publish live Stories interspersed with your scheduled ones. Planning ahead also ensures you have a consistent set of high-quality content to post no matter what happens in the future.

2) Create a brand-specific routine and a trademark story

One thing that is noticeable across most successful influencer and brand pages on Instagram is that they all have a specific thing that keeps people coming back. For instance, diet_prada, an Instagram account and fashion watchdog group and fashion critic takes met gata outfits and posts them on Stories.

Instagram Stories

As a brand, you must establish a consistent content routine that keeps your followers interested and aware of your brand. The digital landscape can be ephemeral and momentary to many users. A good way to battle this kind of feeling is to upload content in a routine manner that ensures your audience knows when to tune in to your brand's posts. A good way to further establish yourself is by using a signature style in your Stories. It could be the way you caption the content, the colors, the font, the images, or a unique theme that's relevant to your brand.

There are various ways you can build and establish a routine on your Instagram stories:

  • Ask questions using polls, quizzes, and amas early in the day. This ensures a high level of engagement and keeps viewers hooked to your responses and poll answers.
  • You can ask users about their to-do list for the day, whether they used your product, and so on. Involve your viewers as much as possible and push for interaction in your first Story post of the day.

Another strategy to implement is to figure out your brand-specific or unique content. You need to find an angle that separates your content from the crowd. All marketers know that users need to differentiate themselves and stand out if they want more views and followers. Instagram Stories are a great place to implement this kind of strategy and give the least negative impact out of all the posting formats on the app.

It could be something as simple as buyers sharing videos of themselves using your products. But you need some type of unique angle to keep your Story views high.

3) Create Highlights

Highlights can solidify your presence on the app and help boost your Story views. This is because once you Highlight a Story, it gives you the opportunity to figure out who views your Story for 48 hours in comparison to the usual 24 hours. Even some avid followers of your account may miss the chance to view your Stories. But uploading them in a highlight guarantees a higher viewership.

Instagram Stories

Highlights on Instagram Stories are incredibly useful because they let businesses quickly pick and present the information they want consumers to see first. They're a fun way to promote your brand, advertise your products, and express your brand. Sometimes the information in your Highlight's posts may be exactly what your readers are seeking, such as further details about a recent product launch or a current campaign. Instagram Highlights are the ideal platform for marketing this kind of material because they don't have a viewing limitation.

Brands have discovered that by filtering, preserving, and showcasing Instagram Stories, they can improve customer engagement on the app and open up fresh possibilities for meaningful interactions with their followers.

Typically, there are two methods for creating Instagram Story Highlights:

  • First, a live story can be used to design a Highlight. To do this, you must directly preserve a story as a Highlight after posting it.
  • Second, you can make a Highlight using the stories you've archived. As previously noted, if you have the Archive feature enabled, your stories will directly upload to your archive folder, and you can later decide which stories to group together in a Highlight.

Now that we've got the two types covered, let's understand how to generate a Highlight using the first method:

Simply follow these techniques if you have an existing story and want to ensure that it is featured on a Highlight:

  • To access the current story, tap on it.
  • Click the bottom option- "Highlight"
  • To add a fresh Highlight, tap the + sign.
  • The new Highlight's title should be typed.
  • Press the blue button "Add". Choose the Instagram Stories you wish to include in your highlight and add them.

You'll be asked to pick a name and a cover image after you've chosen your Stories. Following this, your new Highlight will be seen on your profile picture and will be accessible to your followers even beyond the 24-hour story duration.

The option to retrieve highlights from the archive of stories is also offered. You can retrieve the stories you upload to the archive by using settings and choices for each story.

Use these guidelines to upload Instagram stories from your archive to a highlight and add them to your account:

Instagram Stories

  • Visit your Instagram account and select Story Highlights from the bio section.
  • Click the + sign.
  • Choose the stories you wish to highlight in the new window by tapping them, then tap the Next option.
  • Select which story will be represented by a Highlight icon by tapping "Edit Cover," or just add an icon.
  • Give your Highlight a title.
  • Depending on the type of your phone, choose the Add or Done options to complete the process.

The next step of this process is to figure out how to add new Stories to an existing Highlight. Let's explore how you can do that in the next section of this post.

You may always add more pictures or recordings to your highlight by doing the following:

  • Go to your account and select the Edit Highlight option while keeping your finger placed on the Highlight you would like to change.
  • Tap Done after selecting the stories you would like to share.

Text, as well as the cover image, are both present on this "Edit Highlight" panel. And if you would like to remove the Highlight, simply hold and press on it while selecting the choice to "Delete Highlight."

You can select a picture from your photo library or select a snapshot from one of the stories in your highlight for its cover. We strongly advise selecting a suitable highlight cover rather than a Story image. The style and vibe of your Instagram profile page can provide a cohesive structure with your whole Instagram aesthetic by making customized highlight covers.

Make sure the content you're presenting isn't only appropriate for your target audience; it should also be perfectly styled to go with your broader aesthetic. Once everything is set up, you may tap and hold a highlight on your account to update or delete it. You can update the cover, add or delete stories from your highlights, and change your title from this moment.

4) Create content with specific goals that engage your audience

Your content plan for Instagram Stories should target a specific demographic for distinctive reasons. The first step while strategizing for greater views on Instagram is to know why you need those views. Ask these questions while creating a content plan:

  • Do you need to grow my overall follower count and increase brand awareness?
  • Do you want to promote your products or services?
  • Do you need to convert more leads?

Instagram Stories

Once you figure out the reason, plan content accordingly. Story views depend on consistency and a content plan can help foster this in your marketing strategy. Your views won't increase with sporadic Story posts that serve no true purpose.

For instance, if you're looking to build brand awareness you could create Story polls or quizzes and test how much your followers know about your brand. In contrast, if you're trying to convert customers, you can add Stories showing how to use your product or customer reviews of the product. A high view count is essential to your brand's digital health. But if this view count is for an unrelated funny video or meme, ultimately you won't profit from its views.

The best way to involve your audience is by integrating their content into your Stories. User-generated content is a great way to rope in the views at a very low level of effort on your part. Several brands upload Stories of their followers and customers using their products, enjoying their services, or just praising their business in general. The ideal experience would be to have a large following that's ready and willing to share their insights and content with your brand.

But this is rare and difficult for smaller businesses to contend with. So how do smaller businesses increase their Story view counts? With reviews! As hard as it can be to get a product trial on video, a dm that testifies that your product is useful or valuable will bring in more viewers. This will be especially helpful when you mention the specific user in the Story and thank their account for the feedback.

An extra step for small businesses is to highlight these Stories for future customers to build credibility and brand recognition. We'll delve into how you can make these Highlights in the upcoming sections.

5) Assess your metrics and analyze what needs more work

Instagram Stories may help your company connect with customers, enhance engagement, and increase revenue. You can't grow, though, unless you know which of your approaches are effective and which aren't. You must assess your existing Instagram Stories performance in order to develop an effective plan. It's also an excellent technique to find out how your Instagram Stories views perform over time.

Instagram Stories

You may check the popularity of various Stories using your Instagram metrics. The analytics will provide you with a comprehensive list of key indicators as well as the ability to see if your Instagram Stories views are decreasing. To see which stories did better, rank them by story impressions. Examine the sort of content, the times of the week, and the editorial techniques.

Check out the following Instagram insights:

  • Number of people who have seen the story
  • How many distinct or unique accounts watched your Story?
  • The number of likes and comments on an Instagram Story.
  • The number of times a link shared in a Story has been clicked.
  • The overall number of taps to exit your story
  • Backward taps, or the number of people who pressed to see the earlier Story Forward taps, or the number of people who tapped to see your upcoming Story

Determining which Instagram indicators to monitor can seem difficult if you're new to the realm of research and analytics. Studying and evaluating these indicators can be transformative for your brand's development once you're up to snuff. When it relates to tracking your brand's Instagram progress, one of the most crucial metrics to consider is reach.

If you want to raise brand exposure and reach the largest potential audience, you should concentrate on expanding your Instagram reach. Although the app's statistics may not arrange according to reach, you can independently check it. It's also worth noting that the Instagram app only saves your Stories stats for two weeks.

With that, we come to the end of this section. Marketers must keep these points in mind while planning and strategizing for content on Instagram Stories. These steps will be useful to anyone who's recently begun their Instagram Story Journey and wishes to organically increase views. But what do you do when you used to have high views but they've suddenly reduced? How do you fix this issue? And why do Instagram Story views decrease in the first place?

Why do Instagram Story views drop?

Instagram enables you to monitor who has watched your Stories and block those you don't want on your page. If your Instagram Stories receive a lot of attention, your engagement may rise as well. Viewers of your Instagram Stories might decide to remember you or buy something from you after watching a story. As a result, the higher views your Instagram Stories receive, the better. It can be a disappointment, particularly if you've been investing more work into your stories only to see your KPIs and statistics drop by nearly half.

It's likely that you're panicking about your story view count decreasing in a way you never anticipated. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a sign of your content quality deteriorating or followers losing interest in your content. The reality is that there are multiple reasons why viewership on Instagram can reduce. Let's get into the possible reasons that explain this phenomenon:

1) Bots

Bots are a constant source of frustration and cause significant losses for brands globally. In 2019 there was a massive drop in Story views around the world as Facebook and Instagram were cleaning up and discarding these bot accounts on their platforms. A previous rise in fake bot participation is the most frequent cause of your story views dropping. This implies you landed on a bot trigger, used an interaction app, bought engagement like follows and likes, or bought some crazy blackhat program that engaged for you automatically.

For every one of your followers, the Instagram algorithms find the freshest, richest, most interesting, and most meaningful Stories. This information is then delivered to your followers' Stories feed. People who are truly engaged in your Instagram Stories will watch them all the way through and may even purchase from you. Genuine Story views make a world of difference. There's no significance in having several Story hits if they don't help your brand.

If you've witnessed a spike in followers or comments from profiles that are unmistakably bots or fakes, you may have accumulated fake views in the preceding time, which is why your story views are swiftly falling. You'll also usually be able to tell if you used programs or bought engagement. Alternatively, you could have used a hashtag that sparked bot participation in some rare circumstances.

To fix this problem, find the period before the decline and switch out the hashtags applied at that time to avoid an inauthentic surge in the long term. Remove any inauthentic accounts from your database of followers. More critically, if you've paid for engagement or utilized software in the past, resist doing so in the future because it can distort your data significantly.

2) A Decline in Content Quality

Instagram Stories

If your content is static in the sense that it isn't dynamic, catching up with Instagram trends, or connecting with your audience, you may need to change your social media strategies. This could be one of the major reasons why your Instagram story views fell in 2022. If you're having trouble coming up with unique or popular Stories in your niche, head over to the explore page and look at what's hot, as long as you're following comparable users in your niche.

You may also use geographical tags or keywords on Instagram to look for popular stories. To put it another way, figure out what material is currently working and adjust your social media strategy accordingly. Instagram trends are in no way easy to keep up with, but zeroing in on your niche's trends is definitely doable. Another way of building an engaging Instagram Story is by asking your followers for feedback on what they wish to see from your brand. Their responses may not give you detailed how-tos and guidance on exactly what you should and shouldn't do. Instead, view it as a push in the right direction in relation to what your followers want from your business.

3) Not planning and scheduling content to appear at the best time

When it comes to posting articles, the most typical mistake is posting a lot of content at once and then ghosting followers for several days. Popular accounts, on the other hand, consistently publish. However, you'll notice that consistency and timeliness are critical components of a successful engagement approach. Here are some things to think about when planning your time strategy:

  • Try to post when you're sure your followers are online and active.
  • Each Story should get adequate time to shine and be spaced out properly.
  • For instance, "discover stories" may need the posting of two stories in a row.
  • A "day in the lives" story, on the other hand, will necessitate you to update during the day.
  • Don't compromise on content quality by pumping out a large quantity of story content.

Instagram Stories

When posting stories, always think about the timing, when are users most active, when are your followers most active, and what time of day do you receive the most engagement and responses? Keep all these questions in mind while planning and scheduling your content.

4) The lack of Hashtags, Stickers, and Interactive Instagram Story Features

Hashtags help people find your content. Disregarding hashtags can lead to a decrease in story views. Remember that each Story can include up to ten hashtags. One sticker tag, written hashtags, as well as a geo-hashtag are included. Open your stories tool and get into the practice of adding hashtags to your posts. They're a pretty effective way for those who don't currently follow you to find you and learn more about you. Evaluate what you're sharing, who you want to reach out to, and which hashtags they're more likely to be browsing through.

Instagram Stories

If you believe it would detract from your aesthetic, simply modify the color of the hashtag to blend in with the colors of your story background. Moreover, a good strategy to implement when you notice views dropping is to add an interactive sticker. Stickers such as the quiz, polls, ask me anything and so on, give an automatic boost to engagement levels even if they don't directly impact views. These stories are more likely to be shared and engaged with compared to ones without such stickers.

If you share stories without a strategy or means for involvement, you'll probably get lesser responses and fewer story views. Develop a story and offer people a cause to connect with your stories instead. Quizzes, announcements, and high-value content encourage viewers to return, connect, and share.

5) Scandals, lack of credit, and more

Don't be the brand that only wants users to share or watch their story. Many find this type of brand to be unpleasant and will quickly abandon you in favor of someone who engages and shares. Community karma is similar to interpersonal mutuality. The more effectively you communicate with content, the more people will interact with you. Letting users down on sensitivity and engagement strategy might lead to a natural Instagram downward audience spiral.

Remember that social media posts are permanent; you can't go back in time, and once it's online, they're visible to everyone. Uploading or sharing insensitive stories, or failing to recognize and credit creators when sharing their content, can lead to a significant decline in views and, followers and bring major disapproval to your brand.

That isn't to say you can't ever apologize for any mistakes or errors of judgment on your part. If you misstep or make a mistake out of ignorance, be transparent and apologize immediately. If you've managed to build a supportive Instagram audience, chances are, all they're waiting for is a meaningful response that displays the fact that you accept accountability for your faults. And lastly, always credit creators when you share, use or create content inspired by them.

With that, we've come to the end of the possible reasons for your decline in Instagram Story views. Don't fear if your Story views are rapidly receding, instead examine how you can bring them back up and handle the situation effectively. If you're looking for ways to increase Instagram Story views after a decrease in your usual view count, we'll get right into that in the next section of this blog post.

How to get more Instagram Story views after a sudden decrease

Since Instagram Stories are simple to develop and low-stress, they may be a great way for your followers to get to know you better and see the behind-the-scenes of your brand. These aid in the development of solid relationships with your followers. When you focus on creating a strong bond with your Instagram audience, your overall engagement will automatically rise! Consider it a "trickle-down" phenomenon. So let's get right into the top ways to boost your Instagram story views when they're down.

1) Put a pause on your Instagram Story Posts

This might sound like the opposite of what most marketers will recommend users carry out. But there's a significant reason to stop posting or take a break from uploading content on Instagram. If you've been bombarding followers and users with your content constantly, it might be time to pause the onslaught of anecdotes. There are two major reasons that boost views when you stop posting:

  1. If you don't post for a stretch of time on Instagram, the app itself sends notifications to users alerting them of your new post whenever you do post anything new. This immediately increases the chances of your followers actually stopping to check your content.
  2. When you post after a break, Instagram also pushes your content to the top of your follower's feeds. This gives you greater visibility and boosts the shareability of your content.

The app itself wants its users to post consistently and constantly as a means of broadening its user base. So when a consistent poster takes a break from the app, it gives them an incentive to post more by pushing their content to the front and center of its algorithm. This gives an instantaneous rise in views, engagement levels, responses, comments, and so on.

Instagram's strategy to keep you on the app lies in the fact that they know that by doing this they will give you more interaction than beforehand to ensure that you continue using the app. So take a break, but make sure to come back with a bang. Upload high-res, creative, exciting, and attention-grabbing content for your post-pause content calendar. This way, your followers and newer audiences will feel compelled to revisit your page for future content after noticing it at the top of their feeds.

2) Bring some creativity and freshness to your content

One of the best ways to battle low story views is by investing in creating original, exciting, and interactive stories. Your followers are constantly on the lookout for fun ways to spend their time online. So invest your resources in creating content they want by posting polls and quizzes as a way of understanding their likes, dislikes, and attitudes. Make a schedule for your Instagram Stories material to guarantee that you consistently produce high-quality content. Consider the type of content you want to send, your key demographic, and how you can efficiently communicate with them. Customers want brands to supply them with valuable content.

Instagram Stories

Create Instagram Story material that stands out from the crowd and engages your followers. For example, posting behind-the-scenes photos of future events, new products, or your corporate culture is a terrific approach to pique interest and increase engagement. Instagram users enjoy receiving a sneak peek at new material, and it allows them to engage with your company and learn more about what happens behind the scenes.

Another way of spicing up your content is by reaching out to a relevant influencer for a collaboration. Influencers are a great representation of content creators who generate content that reflects their personal style. They also benefit from a dedicated audience that trusts their judgment.

Connecting with influencers to introduce photographs of your merchandise into their usual life can significantly increase your brand's visibility. While also providing you with useful information on the types of creativity that resonate with their audiences. You can contact creators who match your brand's image and belong to your target market. This increases the trustworthiness and reliability of their reviews and Story updates, and you'll gain a new group of followers. You can always make your Stories exciting with the help of collaboration to enthuse both you and the collaborator's followers.

3) Create shareable content

Shareable material is a terrific approach to reaching new Instagram audiences and indicates to the Instagram algorithm that your message is valuable and so "deserves" greater attention. As a result, prioritize shareable material when considering how to acquire more views on your Instagram Story.

Instagram Stories

Using tools like the Add Yours sticker to build interactive Stories is a simple way to do so. By using the Add Yours sticker, you have the opportunity of joining a content-sharing train that might reach thousands of new people. So, the subsequent time you see an Add Yours sticker, I recommend that you add your product page to the equation.

Additionally, you can post stories that are exciting announcements, or reshare exciting news within your niche on Instagram. Maintain the mystery! Sharing other content, such as viral Reels you've uploaded, images, selfie videos, GIFs, and everything else you can think of, is an amazing strategy to boost Story views on Instagram. Your Instagram Story views can become stagnant if you keep executing the same things.

Some fun things you can try out to spice up your stories are:

  • Create a unique or new background when making your new Story.
  • Try to use distinctive fonts and aesthetically pleasing colors that suit your brand identity.
  • Color in your new posts and erase some parts of them to create intrigue and direct viewers to a new post.
  • Add closed captions to your Instagram stories, this ensures a higher level of understanding from viewers if they can't play any audio.

These are a couple of tips you can use immediately on your Instagram Stories whenever you feel the views stagnating or dropping.

4) Use Stickers, Hashtags, and more

Using stickers to add your own flair is another great way to build an amusing Instagram Story. Some special stickers even allow visitors to communicate with the Story's creator directly. So let's get started with some fun Instagram stickers.

The Top 4 Stickers To Engage Your Audience Are:

  1. Start adding locations using Instagram's geolocation sticker if you want to earn more clicks and interaction on your Instagram Stories. Whenever you tag a place on Instagram Stories, such as a neighborhood or a cafe, your story will display in that area's public stories feed, just like it does for standard Instagram posts. As a result, everyone looking for that area on Instagram will be able to view and interact with it.
  2. The quiz sticker is a simple method to captivate your audience while also having some intellectual fun! It's one of Instagram's most engaging stickers, and as a brand, you can use it to quiz your followers, educate them about your offerings, or delve deeper into their passions.

Instagram Stories

  1. When engaging with various businesses on Instagram or reposting user-generated media, it's critical to use the mention sticker to acknowledge their profile. Not only will the user be informed that you mentioned them, but it will also help you grow your audience. That account might then repost your story and compliment you for the mention, or they might even promote it with their fans.
  2. Polls are a great sticker to use when you’re running out of clickable content to share. Much like the "this or that post," it gives you a chance to collect ample information about customer likes, dislikes, and attitudes. There’s a higher chance of customers answering polls when they’re opinionated about the topic being shared or feel strongly about it. So choose your poll topics wisely and don’t forget to have some fun with it.
  3. A countdown sticker is brilliant when you have exciting news or an important announcement to make for your followers. To announce a large discount, breakthrough product, or feature debut, use a countdown. This might assist you to remind people how much time is left until a promotion or event.

Text Stories stickers also let you write on Instagram Storie's photographs and videos. You can also utilize them to provide extra details. Mentions, time and weather stickers, GIFs, and emojis are examples of other types of stickers.

5) Create exciting events and opportunities

Leverage Instagram Stories to make offers, promotions, rewards, and deals to your followers. Use a shoppable catalog to allow your audience to tap on the post to see descriptions, and prices, and to shop. Use Instagram Stories to promote a limited-time offer you've offered for your brand. This might assist you to promote your greatest products and enhance website referral traffic.

This function could assist you in promoting your top products while also improving IG visits to your website. This is how you can use Shoppable on Instagram:

  • To create a shop, use Commerce Manager or another similar compatible platform.
  • Choose a checkout method by deciding where you want clients to finish their transactions.
  • Checkout on Instagram is suggested for US-based businesses because it allows customers to purchase your products directly from Instagram.
  • Pick the Instagram company account you wish to be affiliated with your shop and select distribution channels.
  • Select the product catalog you wish to utilize in your shop to begin adding products. You can build a catalog if you don't already have one.

Another way to boost views and encourage interaction is by offering a Giveaway or collaborating with another brand in a similar niche for a giveaway. Holidays are the perfect time to create such offers, events, and giveaways for your Instagram followers. There's nothing like a festive holiday to get people excited. Holiday giveaways are attractive because they build on an annual tradition that people look forward to. This generates excitement, which is great for generating the largest number of contest entries.

Finally, another way you can show your appreciation and love for your followers is by featuring their reviews, accounts, and photos of them using your products on your Story. This practice encourages your followers to share the content and makes them feel appreciated and in turn interact with your brand more often. A simple shoutout to a follower who's engaged and interested in your brand can push them to buy your product.

With that, we can get right into the next section, innovative Instagram Story ideas to boost views!

Innovative Instagram Story Ideas To Boost Views

1) The New Post Story

Instagram Stories

Most brands must provide engaging and informative content on a regular basis for their followers to watch, like, and share. Posting daily and sharing your content on your stories is the best approach to increasing your brand's visibility. When your postings land at the bottom of your followers' feeds, the Instagram algorithm can be difficult to decipher. The easiest approach to combat this is to display new postings on your story, making it easy for users to see what's fresh.

2) Share a story with shopping tags

To begin, if you haven't already, now would be the time to turn your personal Instagram profile into a business profile. For online shopping, this capability is a game-changer. There are a variety of stickers to pick from, which may be applied to clips or photographs. Ensure each merchandise has a brand sticker on it when you post images of it. Followers can click on stickers to read more about an item or even place an order while watching your story.

3) This or That Story

Instagram Stories

This or that posts are excellent ways to engage with your audience. By displaying information about your products in a this or that post, you can collect data about them at the same time. Your followers are more inclined to buy the product that receives the most votes. You can also think of methods to improve the appeal of the product that received fewer votes. You can do all of this while improving engagement and boosting your Instagram social media presence.

4) Timer for a product launch or reveal story

Instagram Stories

The timer tool on Instagram is a lifesaver for any firm launching or showcasing a new product, collaboration, or piece of content. It notifies followers who click on the timer when a product launch, webinar, or other company-related information is available. It enables followers to stay informed about a variety of events, such as special deals where they may purchase your product at a reduced price. Another time to share this story is if you're hosting a limited-edition sale and want to remind your customers of the dates.

5) Client Reviews and Positive Feedback

Instagram Stories

An excellent story concept is one in which you can include testimonials from pleased or delighted customers to demonstrate the strengths of your product to your audience. The client review not only motivates people to buy or test your product but also promotes your company by presenting it in a favorable light. Your audience will believe in your brand's potential to make a difference, especially if the evaluation comes from a high-profile celebrity or professional leader.

6) Start some fun discourse

This kind of Instagram Story concept is excellent for kicking off a discussion. It might be a meaningful or amusing issue, but the goal is that you add a statement, a number, or any other piece of information about it. Then, ask a question or invite your audience to participate in the discussion or offer their own stories. You could, for example, share an intriguing trend or research piece with some additional text/question. You can also use a Question sign to invite your followers to join the discourse or express their thoughts.

7) Announce an event or workshop

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories may be a terrific way to introduce live or filmed content because there are so many possibilities! To lead your followers to the event or piece of content, you can add colorful stickers, links, and more to the story. Similar to timed posts, an announcement post can raise awareness among followers and assist them in noting down the timings or information of an event or product.

8) Ask _____ Anything

Instagram Stories

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) story is sure to pique your followers' interest and encourage them to communicate with your company directly. You can also add alternatives to find out what followers want to know about the person and pick the option with the most votes if the person being asked is someone of high regard or from a specific field of expertise. An AMA isn't always intended for a single person; it can be directed at a group of people or a specific product query. So, if you think your story needs a little extra oomph, consider using this story.

9) Post a meme or reel that’s bound to get some laughs

Whenever it comes to Instagram Story Themes, who doesn't wish to have a bit of fun? Let's admit it: if you enjoy memes, wordplay, and humor, your audience is likely to enjoy them as well. This style of humor is something that most of us can connect to. So why not include it in your story to provide a little variety and a laugh? When it relates to coming up with Instagram Story Ideas, it's the ideal type of story to trust and rely on.

10) Add polls to spice up your story

Instagram Stories

Polls are a great feature to use when you’re running out of clickable content to share. Much like the this or that post, it gives you a chance to collect ample information about customer likes, dislikes, and attitudes. There’s a higher chance of customers answering polls when they’re opinionated about the topic being shared or feel strongly about it. So choose your poll topics wisely and don’t forget to have some fun with it.

11) Quizzes and riddles

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If the worldwide Wordle craze has taught us anything, it’s the fact that everyone enjoys a good ole puzzle from time to time. Adding a quiz to your story with some intriguing data or information can not only educate your followers but also boost your social media engagement levels.

12) Post a guide or tutorial

Instagram Stories

A guide or tutorial on how to use your product has a high chance of pushing followers to buy the product and test it out for themselves. Those who already use your products can also put this information to the test and know how to make the most of your product. The guide could also be completely unrelated to the product and just serve as an informational story that increases engagement levels in its own right.

13) The heart-eyed emoji meter

Most of us have had the chance to see stories with a heart-eyed smiley face meter to show how much followers like or dislike something. This is a fun element that pushes your followers to interact with a story with little to no effort. This is another great method of collecting followers opinions on your products or events.

14) Give helpful tips based on your experiences Instagram Stories

Show off your experience if you're an expert in any subject or industry! On a frequent basis, provide your audience with useful suggestions or how-tos. These short and easy solutions will undoubtedly be appreciated by your audience in their daily life.

15) Give your followers a peek into your team

Most of your avid followers would love a sneak peek into your team members, their daily tasks, and their accounts. A great way of promoting some stellar team members and getting your customers' attention is to create a team post.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this section. When it pertains to Instagram story ideas, this is just the beginning. The best thing about stories is that they allow you to be as imaginative as you want. So whenever you’re looking to boost views for your next story, try one of these ideas!

This brings us to the end of this section, but before you finish reading this blog post, let's go through some of our key takeaways.

Increasing Instagram Story Views: Key Takeaways

If your Instagram Stories views are decreasing, don't panic. There are numerous strategies to improve the views and interaction on your Instagram Stories schedule. Because you'll be providing compelling content to your audience, the tactics listed above will help you achieve actual Story views. Some tips and tricks to keep in mind while posting is:

  • To figure out where you stand, go over your existing analytics.
  • Create high-quality material and original content concepts for your Stories.
  • Post Stories on a regular basis to stay current, and use stickers to make them more entertaining.
  • You should also use Stories to promote deals and offers, which will increase engagement and views.

Instagram Stories enable you to keep in touch with your followers. They boost your general Instagram engagement by increasing your exposure and allowing you to receive immediate responses from your customers. Avoid utilizing dubious tactics like bots or engagement plugins, since they could result in an Instagram shadowban. Instead, cultivate your community by properly developing and posting Stories consistently and creatively.

Instagram Stories can make or break your marketing strategy in the long run. Increasing your Instagram Story views will inevitably lead to more engagement and sales so invest in these steps and ideas when creating your content plan. The last thing to keep in mind is the very first step of the strategy list in this article, its to figure out when you should post your Story so that you can fully reach your audience when they’re active. As I’ve mentioned, consider implementing a content calendar or scheduling tool, A/B test your Stories at different timeframes and make the most of the views you get by posting quality content!