Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously : Only 5 Proven Ways

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously : 5 Proven Ways

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December 14 , 2023


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Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously : 5 Proven Ways

Wanna peek into someone's Instagram Stories without them knowing?

Ever wondered what your ex has been posting on their Instagram Stories but don't want them to know you are watching?

It doesn't even have to be your ex! We all have someone we like to keep tabs on, but those sneaky Instagram story views always get us caught!

Today, we are going to reveal the 5 best ways to watch Instagram Stories anonymously. These methods are totally legit and undetectable!

No need to reveal your identity, sign in, or leave any traces behind. All you need is your trusty phone or computer.

If you wish to become a secret Instagram Story spy, then scroll down and learn how to watch stories anonymously like a pro!

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Key Takeaways:
  • Instagram doesn't let you watch stories anonymously, it's against their policies. But don't worry, we've got tricks!
  • Creating a new account is super simple and lets you watch stories without leaving a trace.
  • Instagram preloads some content, so even with bad internet, you can still catch a glimpse!
  • Instagram Story Viewers works on any device, so you can spy from anywhere.

Can You View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram doesn't provide an option to view Stories anonymously, as it goes against their policies and terms of service. This means it's unlikely they will add such a feature in the future.

But we have some clever workarounds to help you view Stories without being noticed. Check out the next section for tips on how to become a stealthy Instagram Story watcher!

The Only 5 Ways To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram's policy is strict: only registered users can watch stories and reels, and the account owner always knows who's watching.

So, we have figured out easy methods to help you watch Instagram stories without anyone knowing, and they are free. Here are the 5 best and most reliable ways:

#1: Half Swipe Method

This is a cool way to watch Instagram stories without anyone knowing, and you don't need to download any extra apps. You can use the regular Instagram app for this.

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Look for the story you want to see without being noticed.

Step 3: Open a story that's either right before or after the one you are interested in.

Step 4a: If the story is just after the one you want to see, start swiping your finger from the left edge of the screen towards the right, but don't lift your finger.

Step 4b: If the story is right before the one you want to see, go to the last part of that story; if it's a multi-part story, then swipe your finger from the right edge of the screen towards the left, again without lifting your finger.

Step 5: You will be able to sneak a peek at the story you wanted to see without being detected.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


  • No additional apps required
  • Since you are not using external apps or tools, there's no risk of violating Instagram's terms of service or compromising your account's security.


  • This trick doesn't work on moving images like boomerangs or videos, only on static posts.
  • The technique requires careful swiping without lifting the finger, which can be tricky and may take several attempts to master.
  • You will only get a partial or incomplete view of the story, depending on how well you perform the swipe motion.
  • If you are trying to view stories from people you don't follow, this method won't work because their stories won't appear in your feed.

#2: Switch To Airplane Mode

Here's another popular trick for watching Instagram stories without the person knowing, perfect for when:

  • You both follow each other on Instagram.
  • You are using a smartphone.

Using Airplane Mode makes things easier because you don't have to download any extra apps to view stories secretly.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into Instagram and go to the profile of the person whose story you want to see without them knowing.

Step 2: When you see their story pop up on your profile, switch your phone to Airplane Mode to cut off the internet connection.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 3: Now, tap on their story to view it, then quickly close the app and turn off Airplane Mode.

By doing this, you can watch their Instagram story without them finding out, and they won't get any notification about it.


  • No additional app downloads
  • Instagram automatically loads some content, so you can still view stories in Airplane Mode even if your Wi-Fi connection is weak.


  • The success of this method depends on the stories being preloaded. If the stories haven't been preloaded, you won't be able to view them in Airplane Mode.
  • This method might not always work, especially if the person has posted several stories one after another.

#3: Create Another Instagram Account

Source: Instagram Login Page

This is a really easy and clear way to watch Instagram stories without anyone knowing. All you need to do is set up a new Instagram account, but don't use your real name or details.

Helpful Hint:

When you are making this new account, it's a good idea to use a VPN or your mobile data. This helps stop Instagram from thinking your account is suspicious.

After setting up your account, you can quietly watch other people's Instagram stories without them knowing.


  • Besides viewing stories, the new account can be used for other Instagram activities while keeping your identity hidden.
  • If you no longer need the account, it's easy to deactivate or permanently delete it, giving you control over its existence.
  • You can watch complete stories, be it static or videos.


  • If not carefully managed, the account could appear suspicious to others, which might lead to it being reported or blocked.
  • You won't be able to view Instagram Stories of private accounts unless you follow them from a new account.

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#4: Using Third-Party Apps

You can use apps to check someone’s Instagram stories while staying anonymous repeatedly. Here are some of the best apps to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously
  • Story Saver, available at, is another excellent app for watching Instagram stories without leaving any signs behind. It also lets you save stories in private, making it a great choice if you are looking for a story downloader and viewer.
  • Blindstory is a really useful app for looking at Instagram stories without anyone knowing. Plus, it's easy to use.
  • Ghostify is super simple to use and doesn’t even require you to log in.

If you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously on your computer, there are specific apps for that, too. Here are the best ones:

  • Wow is a computer program designed for users who want to view Instagram stories discreetly. Just download Wow and enjoy staying unnoticed.
  • InstaNavigation is the easiest PC option for watching Instagram stories without being detected. It offers a safe and secure browsing experience.
  • Storisttalker is one of the simplest ways to view Instagram stories without appearing on the viewer list. Download it for the most secure Instagram experience.

For those using Google Chrome, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously using browser extensions. Just search for the Stories App extension in your browser's extension tabs.


  • Some apps, like Story Saver, allow you to download and save stories privately, which is useful if you want to view them later.
  • Tools like Ghostify allow viewing without needing to sign in to your Instagram account, thus enhancing privacy.
  • Options like Wow, InstaNavigation, and browser extensions provide the convenience of viewing stories anonymously from a PC.
  • The availability of multiple apps and extensions gives users the flexibility to choose one that best suits their needs.


  • Using third-party apps for anonymous story viewing breaches Instagram's privacy settings and terms of service.
  • Breaching Instagram's terms can result in account suspension or permanent banning.
  • Third-party apps may require Instagram account access, risking personal data exposure.
  • There is a risk involved in these apps misusing personal data and possibly selling it without consent.
  • There’s potential for malware in some third-party apps, risking device harm and information theft.
  • These apps might be used for phishing, tricking users into revealing sensitive information.
  • Using such tools ethically raises concerns about infringing on individual privacy rights.
  • Engagement with these apps can negatively impact personal integrity and online trustworthiness.

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#5: Set Up A "Close Friends" List

Instagram has a special feature called the "Close Friends" list. It's meant to help you share things with just a few trusted friends. Here's what you need to know about it:

  • Build Your Own "Close Friends" List: Start by choosing a group of Instagram users you trust the most. You should consider these people your closest friends. Only you can see who's on this list.
  • Share Stories Just with Them: When you put up Stories on Instagram, you can choose to show them only to your "Close Friends." This means only those people you picked for your list will see these Stories, not all your followers.


Here's how you can use this feature for yourself:

  • Watch Stories Without Being Seen: If you think someone has added you to their "Close Friends" list, you can watch their Stories without them knowing. Your name won't show up in their "Seen by" list.
  • No "Seen" Alerts: The Stories you share with your "Close Friends" won't send out the usual "seen" alerts that other Stories do. This makes it a good way to watch Stories without leaving a trace.


  • If you are on someone's "Close Friends" list, you can view their Stories without appearing in the "Seen by" list.


  • To view someone's Stories anonymously, you must be on their "Close Friends" list, which is beyond your control.
  • Since not everyone uses the "Close Friends" feature, this method isn't reliable for viewing all users' Stories anonymously.

Privacy Settings On Instagram

Instagram's privacy settings offer users control over who can see their content, including their stories.

Public Accounts: Anyone on Instagram can view the stories and posts.

Private Accounts: Only approved followers can view the stories and posts.

Controlling Who Sees Your Stories

Here are the 3 ways that Instagram provides you natively to control who can see yout stories:

  • Setting to Private: This is the first step in controlling your audience. Only approved followers can see your stories.
  • Close Friends Feature: Allows sharing stories with a selected group of people.
  • Hide Story From: Users can prevent specific people from seeing their stories, even if they follow them.

Impact on Anonymous Viewing

  • Public Accounts: If the account is public, anyone, including those who don't follow the account, can view the stories. This is where anonymous viewing is mostly feasible.
  • Private Accounts: Only approved followers can view the stories, making anonymous viewing difficult.
  • Third-Party Apps/Websites: There are external platforms claiming to offer anonymous story viewing. But, these are risky in terms of privacy and security, and their use goes against Instagram's terms of service.

When discussing the topic of viewing Instagram stories anonymously, it's important to consider the legal and ethical implications.

  • Terms of Service: Instagram's terms of service outline acceptable usage. Circumventing privacy settings through unauthorized means violates these terms.
  • Data Privacy Laws: Depending on the region, various data privacy laws (like GDPR in Europe) protect individuals' online privacy. Violating these laws, even unintentionally, can lead to legal repercussions.

Ethical Considerations

  • Respect for Privacy: Ethical online behavior means respecting others' privacy. If someone has chosen to share content with a limited audience, it's respectful to honor this choice.
  • Consent and Transparency: Viewing stories anonymously can sometimes bypass the implicit consent given by users when they share content on platforms like Instagram.

Choosing the Right Method

It's important to acknowledge that Instagram, like many social media platforms, is continually evolving. Its policies are subject to change, and these updates can significantly impact how users interact with the platform, including the methods described above for viewing stories anonymously.

Let's wrap up this article by thinking about how to pick the best method for you to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Each method of viewing stories secretly has its own set of pros and cons that you should consider.

For instance, using an external app or website to view stories might risk your personal info or get you in trouble with Instagram.

Creating a fake account might not be practical or right for some people. Watching stories on a computer can be handy, but you might miss out on some features that are only available on the phone app.

In the end, it's all about what you prefer and what's most important to you.

If keeping your privacy is your main worry, you will want to stick to Instagram's own features for secret viewing, like just muting someone’s story.

But if you are looking for convenience and extra options, an external app or website could be the way to go. Just make sure to do your homework before you start using one.


How to view private Instagram stories anonymously?

If you follow a private Instagram account, you can watch their Instagram stories anonymously by using the half swipe or switching to the airplane mode method. There’s practically no way to view private Instagram stories anonymously if you don’t follow that account.

How to view Instagram stories highlights anonymously?

You can view Instagram stories highlights anonymously by creating another Instagram account, using a third-party website and app, or switching to the airplane mode method.

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