Instagram Story Viewer Order : How IG Sorts Story Views

Instagram Story Viewer Order : How Instagram Sorts Story Views

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October 17 , 2023


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Instagram Story Viewer Order : How Instagram Sorts Story Views

Instagram is not just a platform for sharing videos and photos. This social platform lets you engage with users and interact with them. If you post your Instagram story regularly, you may be interested in seeing the list of viewers. Of course, the list shows a number of faces and names. But, how are these story viewers sorted? Instagram wants to keep its algorithms secret.

The Instagram story viewer order is still a mystery for several users. Interestingly, the social media platform does not consider any logical sequence or alphabetical order to arrange viewers’ names. Read the article and find more information to solve your mystery.

What’s The Instagram Story Viewer Order

Instagram has a unique feature of displaying the list of users who have checked your Stories. The order of the Instagram story viewer list is highly important for businesses and marketers.

Instagram story viewer order
Instagram story viewer order

Instagram engagement is one of the significant factors in determining the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Besides, you can learn who is highly interested in your brand-related content. Based on the order of viewers, you can improve your relationship with your target audience.

You will have a valuable insight into your potential customers. It will be easy to leverage more benefits from Instagram and boost the conversion rate.

What does the order of instagram story views mean?

If you've been eagerly looking for the answer to the question, "What does the order of Instagram story views mean?"  Instagram story views are displayed in non-chronological order. Which means the sequence in which your story views appear differs from when they were originally posted.

This helps ensure the most relevant stories appear at the top of your account feed.

For example, if you share a story about a recent event or something unusual you did today, it will appear at the top of your story view. This ensures that the majority of people view your story.

Instagram story viewers: What you need to know

Now for the question on everyone's mind and the reason you're reading this essay.

  • How does Instagram order the viewers of your story?
  • Is there a real algorithm underlying our unabashed Instagram-Story stalking?

According to a Reddit Experiment, where many users tested with their Stories to look at which viewers appeared in what order.

How Instagram Sorts Story Views

Based on their findings, they appear to have reached following conclusions on how Instagram orders your story viewers:

  1. The first 50 views on your story are listed chronologically, with the most recent viewer at the top of the list.
  2. After 50 views, Instagram prioritises users by engagement (who have interacted with the Instagram account the most.)
  3. But here's the catch: according to the study, profile views are given the most weight in this equation.
  4. Accounts that you do not follow back are at the bottom of the list of story viewers.

Instagram Stories Latest Updates

Stories are a highly popular Instagram feature. This social media platform has declared some updates to the Stories feature. It wants to ensure a better user experience by releasing the new feature.

As Instagram wants to satisfy every user, it tries to solve the glitches with every update. It rolls out more innovative features and updates its algorithm. So, in 2021 also, Instagram released new algorithms regarding story views. Experts think that according to this algorithm, those who have interacted most with your Instagram content and IG profile will appear first.

No doubt, your best friends and close relatives will naturally gain the top position. It is because they regularly leave comments and like your IG stories and posts.

On the other hand, if the user is a stranger who has recently followed, he may also grab the top position. So, you can easily assume who has interacted with your account regularly. You will also be able to determine who has been stalking on your Instagram profile. These stalkers have never been engaged with your stories and posts.

How does Instagram's Algorithm Sort Story viewers?

Because Instagram's algorithms are covered in mystery, there is no way to predict how your story viewers will be sorted. In fact, Instagram has not clearly disclosed its algorithms.

Still we know that the order of actual Stories at the top of our feeds is determined by an algorithm similar to that of our actual feeds. Paige Thelan, who works in tech communications at Instagram, verified this.

Paige Said:

“Similar to the feed, Stories are ordered based on which moments you’ll care about most. The order is determined based on a number of signals, including :

  1. the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content;
  2. timeliness of the posts, and
  3. your relationships to the person posting.

The technology is powered by machine learning, which is adaptive to your behavior and improves over time.”

How Instagram's Algorithm Sort Story
How Instagram's Algorithm Sort Story

Still, it is assumed that the social media site considers a few factors for arranging your story viewers.

Does the Instagram Story View Order matter?

If your IG account is for person purposes and you follow your friends only, the order is not much important. However, in case of a business IG profile, understanding the IG story viewer order is significant to learn about the target audience.

Checking the top viewers in the list enables you to identify the followers who enjoy your content. Thus, these users may interact with your business or make a deal. If you want to find usernames of your potential buyers, the story views order will be highly beneficial.

Instagram Story Viewer Order- Avoid the common myths

Some say that Instagram arranges viewers chronologically. But that is not always true. As Instagram has not clearly disclosed everything in its algorithm, it has resulted in different assumptions. People have several myths related to the order of viewers in the list.

1. Order of Instagram Story Viewers depends on the sequence of viewing the Story

We have already told that Instagram's algorithms do not display the story viewers in a chronological sequence. Thus, you cannot properly determine the accurate sequence of story viewers.

2. Instagram never alters the order of viewers

Instagram does not keep its view order fixed. The dynamic algorithm is updated based on interactions, engagement, and several other factors. Thus, the view order in the list gets changed after posting the Story. One thing is to be noted that viewers' order is not visible to others. Only the account owner will be able to check it.

The meaning behind the Instagram story viewer list is still a mystery. However, you should analyze the list for your marketing purposes.

Which Instagram accounts are at the bottom of the story viewer's list?

Instagram accounts that you have not followed back can be found at the bottom. Since the Instagram accounts are still a mystery, it can be said that Instagram wants to prioritize those who have shown good signs of engagement. Sometimes, although users have engaged with your social media content, you have not followed them back. They will move slowly up the viewers' list.

Can you track the names of your Instagram Story viewers?

Once you allow your Instagram Story to go live, you can start tracking the views all the time. In case of Instagram videos, you will be able to monitor only the total number of views. There is no option for identifying the names of viewers.

On the other hand, Instagram Story gives you the advantage of checking the viewers' names. Only you will be able to see the viewers' list as the account owner. But a single viewer might have viewed your Story repeatedly. However, you have no way to detect the number of times Instagram users have viewed your Story.

Does Instagram let you track the frequency of viewing your IG Story?

According to the privacy policies of the social media platform, you cannot check how many times a particular IG user has checked your Story. For this reason, you will not be able to identify stalkers and learn about the number of times they have watched your stories.

But, suppose you own an Instagram business account and access IG Insights to make Story view analysis. In this case, you should understand that no matter when a user has checked your Story, IG will count it as a view.

How Instagram Sorts Story Views

Thus, even if a particular user has checked your Story repeatedly, it will not increase the number of Instagram story views.

How to check who all viewed your Instagram story

Instagram provides 2 types of feeds- horizontal and vertical. The vertical ones display the shared posts, such as boomerang, reel, and image. These feeds can be seen at the top of your page and are known as the story feeds. In this section, you can show a short video for an instant interactionwith your IG followers. The social media platform uses sophisticated algorithms to organize the views and feeds.

Every time someone sees your story, it will generate a view. Instagram arrange these views in a list. So, how will you now access the list and check the viewers? A few tips will make it clear.

Open your Instagram app and click on the IG Story icon.

How Instagram Sorts Story Views
who all viewed your Instagram story

You will find a profile icon, named as ‘Activity’ in the left corner. It indicates whether someone has viewed the story.

Instagram Story Viewer Order

Hit the icon and view the users who have checked your IG content.

If no IG user has viewed your Story, you will not find the profile icon.

Swipe up the screen and double-check whether any user has viewed your Instagram Story.

So, you have now understood how to check IG Story viewers.

More users view your first Story compared to that of the last ones. If someone has swiped the screen to the right, he will always come across your first Story. The viewer will be able to skip the rest.

Why should you analyze the list of Instagram Story Viewers’ Order?

The story viewer list is one of the good features of Instagram, especially for business users. There are several benefits of checking and analyzing the list of Instagram story viewers.

By understanding the order of viewers of your IG stories, you will be able to determine the engagement level. It also allows you to find the high-performing stories. You can create stories that will keep your followers engaged. So, based on the information, you can adjust your content strategy.

Can you track those who have viewed your Instagram stories anonymously?

One disadvantage is that if someone has viewed your Instagram story anonymously, you have no way to track the user. You can track users only if they have followed you and have not disabled the setting ‘Show Story’.

Instagram currently has no built-in feature for checking Stories anonymously. It is against the terms and policies of Instagram. So, officially, there is no anonymous IG story. Instagram may not roll out the feature in the future. But users often use other ways to check stories anonymously. For instance, they can do so by activating the Airplane mode. They locate the target profile and wait for the story to appear on the screen. They click on the story with the Airplane Mode turned on.

How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously

On occasion, many of us wish to view Instagram Stories anonymously.  So, how can you watch stories anonymously without disclosing your identity to the one who published the Instagram story?

If someone has a public profile, you can always access it through your "finsta," or anonymous, account. There are also third-party programmes that allow you to browse people's tales without alerting the poster.

Instagram Story viewers to see Stories anonymously


· InstaNavigation

· InstaStoriesViewer

· AnonStories

Instagram Story Viewers- How to increase the number of your IG viewers?

Whether you are an Instagram marketer, influencer, or brand owner, you aim to increase the number of story viewers. More viewers mean your business has a considerable reach. However, if you currently have a few viewers, there are ways to boost the count.

1. Develop high-quality content for your Instagram Story

Instagram wants to reach the new content to the right audience within the right timeframe. But, as the Story updates its algorithms, it has triggered the competition. Many Instagram users and marketers want to hack the algorithm. But, the most important strategy is to develop quality content for Instagram Story.

2. Maintain consistency in posting your Instagram Stories

Your Instagram Stories will be viewable to IG users only for 24 hours. But, if you have added them to the Highlights section, the content will be permanent in your profile. If you have not posted any content after 24 hours, it will get disappeared from your followers' feeds.

Instagram Story Viewer Order
Source: SocialSavvyHQ on Instagram

If you like to maintain consistent posting efforts and do not want to miss any slot, scheduling Stories on Instagram is the right choice. For instance, Statusbrew is a tool for scheduling Instagram Story. It is a versatile tool that not only helps you manage your Instagram Story but also deals with the overall presence on the platform.

3.Use question stickers and Instagram polls for asking questions

Using polls on Instagram Stories is a good strategy. However, make sure that everyone in your IG profile can participate in your poll. Besides, if you ask any question, it will naturally encourage more Instagram users to engage with the Story. At the same time, Instagram will think that you have developed viral content. Other Instagram users will like to see more stuff in your Instagram Story section.

Instagram Story Viewer Order
Source: elisedarma on Instagram

So, use the question box and ask relevant questions to boost engagement. You will easily be able to draw attention.

4. Edit videos and photos before sharing them

Too simple videos and images may not catch the eyes of viewers. That is why you should add some effects to the visual content. It does not take much time to make edits because you can do it without leaving the app. Thus, before posting the Story, you can take advantage of the editing features of Instagram. It will help you attract more viewers to your Story. The most important editing options are templates, AR filters, stickers, and emojis.

Flawless editing lets you make your Story more interesting, attractive, and unique. For instance, if you want to display your product and make it distinctive, you should add an interactive and visual effect.

Let us make you familiar with the editing features available on Instagram. You have to click on the desired icons based on your editing needs.

Instagram Story Viewer Order

· Save icon: Click on this icon to save the photo that you want to display in Instagram Story. Whether it is your original image or the edited one, you can save it by clicking on the icon. If you have added any music or GIFs, it will automatically be stored as the video.

· Filter icon: It is another icon allowing you to add some VR filters when you snap photos or shoot videos.

· Linking icon: You have to use the icon to establish a link to your Instagram Story. For instance, you have chosen a particular topic for a Story, and you want viewers to reach a different site. In that case, you can click on this option. However, if your follower count is less than 10,000, you will not be able to access the feature.

· Text: Click on the text symbol to insert text. You can place the text anywhere on your screen.

· Drawing: Whether you want to draw any shape or incorporate handwritten text, you can choose this icon.

· Accessories: It is another icon for including extra stickers and features in the Story.

So, make the best use of these Instagram tools and create a highly appealing Story.

5. Consider geotagging- Add location stickers

Geotagging is the most effective way to boost the number of followers. You can also add location stickers to the post to drive more local users. These stickers help you tag a physical location or address in your Instagram Story. Location-based Instagram Stories are also easily discoverable to new IG users.

6. Post your content at the right time

Understanding the social habits of the target audience is highly important for boosting your engagement level. In most cases, people like to publish their Stories and other Instagram content at the weekends. But there is less chance of getting these Stories read by IG users. As many people post their Stories during weekends, you may not find a significant viewership at this time.

That is why you can consider weekdays while posting your Instagram Stories. But you should not choose the sleeping hours or busy working hours. Hours between 7.00 P.M and 9.00 P.M are the best time to post on Instagram because people want to relax at this time.

The image helps you choose the best time slots for posting your IG Stories. You will find a lot of views by selecting the right timeframes.

7. Try out different text formats and fonts

When you want to add text to your Instagram posts, there are ways to edit the content. The edited text will have a better appearance. For instance, you might have thought of sharing a video or image. Tap any part of the screen and start typing the text. There is no limitation to the number of text boxes you can add to the screen. Instagram lets you choose from 5 font styles, including

· Neon

· Modern

· Classic

· Typewriter

Get some more formatting tips

If the text is currently not prominent to the viewer, you have to click on the ‘A’ symbol and select a colored background.

· Choose any color for your background.

· The Neon font helps you add glow to the text.

· You will be able to enter an emoji into the content.

8. Consider image optimization for your Instagram Story

Choosing the optimized image size is highly important. You can snap a photo and directly upload it in your Stories editor. If you have used the Stories editor for taking photos and you want to do editing, Instagram offers only some presets. However, images will naturally be in the accurate size based on the IG Story’s guidelines.

9. Use templates and make your tasks easier

Due to the Instagram Highlights feature, Stories are not a temporary option. So, you can use templates to create highly refined Story content. You will get a long-term value from the Story templates.

RivalIQ has observed that an average brand posts around 11 Instagram Stories in a month. So, if you want to save time in creating Stories, templates are the best choice.

Depending on the type of content you want to post in Instagram Story, you can choose the templates.

For example, the image shows the templates for Instagram giveaways. If you want to share giveaways in the Instagram Story, you can use the template to create content. Show the prize details or give instructions to your Instagram followers.

Similarly, there are templates for customer testimonials, case studies, sales/offers, and About Us.

10. Add fun accessories to Instagram Story

You might have already chosen images and customized them with text and colors. However, Instagram lets you choose some other additional features for better customization. The edit screen will show you a range of options, such as hashtags, music, polls, time, countdown, chat, quizzes, and stickers.

11. Add Captions to your Instagram story

If you want to display face-to-camera Instagram, adding captions is the right step. Several people want to swipe through IG Stories without increasing the volume. They like to keep their mobiles in silent mode. If you do not add subtitles, you may not be able to access some audiences. On the other hand, content with relevant subtitles will be more accessible. So, add Captions to the content and boost your reach.

12. Use hashtags for your Instagram Story

You know the importance of adding hashtags to your feed posts to increase visibility and reach. You can apply the same trick to your Instagram Stories. Feed posts let you add up to 30 hashtags. But, in case of Stories, you can only 10 tags for every frame. Relevant hashtags will bring more viewers to your story.

How can I convert an Instagram Story viewer into a client for my company?

You might have checked the feedback or comments about your Instagram story. It lets you identify followers and fans who are highly curious about your social media content. You will also be able to discover whether your competitors are spying on you. Besides, the feature helps you understand how much of the content has been consumed by your Instagram followers.

Thus, using the story viewer list, you can determine viewers who will get your priority first. Additionally, integrating a follower authenticity verifier could enhance your ability to discern genuine engagement from automated or less authentic interactions.

If you have opened your Instagram profile for business purposes, you will benefit from the story viewer list.

1. Engage more with high-ranked Instagram viewers

The order list of Instagram Stories viewers is one of the most effective tools for brands and creators. The list lets you view and understand the audience who is highly interested in the content. You should develop a good strategy for nurturing your relationship with Instagram users. You can determine the highly engaged viewers, who have seen all your posts regularly. You may also tag their names in the future while making new posts on Instagram. What’s more, you can converse with them by sending messages.

Instagram Story Viewer Order

It is the best strategy to let your Instagram followers remember your brand. As they have already viewed your Story, a minimal effort from your side will help you develop brand awareness. It lets you move your Instagram users down to the sales pipeline.

2. Find your potential customers and boost your sales

Your Instagram is perhaps related to your brand, services, or products. So, Instagram users who are interested in your Story may become your potential customers. You can check the story viewers order and use the information for your Instagram marketing campaign.

Usernames appearing at the top of the list have a higher chance of getting converted into loyal customers. Thus, you can nurture them and convince them to purchase your products or services.

3. Communicate with less active Instagram followers

Regardless of the position of the Stories viewers on the list, it is essential to engage with your target audience. If some followers move up on the list, it means your content is valuable to them. You can then create and deliver more significant information to these Instagram followers.

Instagram Story is the best feature for brands that want to attract the target audience with interesting content. However, the number of viewers reveals the engagement level. Besides, the way these viewers are ordered in the view list is another significant factor for marketers. Instagram marketers think that viewers at the top are more interested in the brand. But several factors influence the way in which the Highlights Instagram viewer is positioned in the list. Regardless of the order of viewers, you should implement the best techniques for boosting the number of viewers.

Customers Also Asked :

What does Instagram Story viewer order mean?

On Instagram, Story viewers order in which they are sorted can help you in identifying your most engaged followers. The more engagement and interactions someone has, the higher they will rank in your Instagram Story viewers list.

Why is it that the same person appears at the top of my Instagram Story views every time?

If the same individual is consistently at the top of the Instagram Story viewers list, it could be because they interact frequently with your client's profile. This can take the shape of profile visits, likes, comments, direct messages, shares, and so on.

Can I check how many times my Instagram Story was viewed?

No, unfortunately you cannot see how many times a certain user has viewed your Instagram Story. 

Because the viewers' list is organised in reverse chronological order, you can only determine who saw your Story initially (this will only work if the Story has fewer than 50 views).

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