How to Use Instagram Collab Post Feature : Complete Guide

Instagram Collab Post Feature - Complete Guide

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June 4 , 2023


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Instagram Collab Post Feature - Complete Guide

The present technical development has made all social media platforms more attractive and enjoyable for all users worldwide. Instagram Collab is such a development that comes with necessary game-changing characteristics for corporate sectors. This feature has become popular among many brand developers as they can enhance the product’s brand value without any paid advertisement.

Instagram Collab is a reel or single post that can be viewed in two profiles instantly. Here the person who shares the post or reels needs to invite another person to join with the post. Research has revealed that at least one Instagram user prefers a brand, and hence this feature is the best way to enhance the brand value of any product. Instagram Collab has also become quite popular among public figures, and many prefer this feature as a marketing tool for more promotion. It is a helpful tool for promoting various products and brands.

Tips for using Instagram Collab

Using Instagram Collab is extremely easy and straightforward. This feature has two phases- the first is to create normal reels, and the second is to invite another person to collaborate.

  • At first, the Instagram user needs to create the post or reel as they normally do.
  • Next, you can make some necessary customization to the reels if necessary.
  • Once you are ready with the post, you need to search for the persons with whom you can make the collaboration. You can approach the persons with whom you want to collaborate. Now you need to tag people from your list and then invite a person as a collaborator.
  • Once you find the collaborator for your post, share the post.

Like Instagram posts, one can also make Instagram reels and invite any person to collaborate with the reels.

How do you accept the request for Instagram Collaboration?

If any of your Instagram friends have asked you for Instagram Collaboration and you are willing to be a collaborator, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to the activity page and click on the invite notification.
  • You will find the Review button and need to click on it. It will take you to the Pop-up window, and you will find Accept or Decline options. If you are interested in being a collaborator for the Instagram stories or reels, you need to click on the Accept Button.

Things to keep in mind

Undoubtedly, Instagram Collab comes with all essential features, and here are some specific measures that all need to keep in mind while using this feature.

  • The main author of the post is the person who originally shared the post. The original author possesses all rights relating to adding or removing the collaboration. If, in any case, the main author blocks the collaborator, the collaboration ends. Again, the collaborator also can leave the collaboration at any time.
  • The original post creator can only edit the post’s settings. If the main creator changes the settings from public to private, these posts can only be viewed by the followers of the main creator.

More helpful tips

While you are thinking of collaborating your Instagram posts with any follower, it is always suggested to collaborate with Instagram Influencers. Influencers have excellent power over the market and can easily enhance the brand value. So, if your brand is new to the market, it is always good to collaborate with Instagram influencers.

Here it is always suggested to use generated content. User-generated contents are more authentic, and this content can add more value to your brand. Experts also suggest collaborating with other popular brands to enjoy the benefit of Giveaways on Instagram.

Instagram collaboration and its probable benefits

Credits: Instagram

Instagram collaboration has become extremely popular, and many new brands are trying to collaborate with Instagram influencers and popular brands to reach more audiences. Many top companies are trying to use Instagram collabs to gain more popularity worldwide. Let's check some advantages that Instagram collaboration can help you to achieve.

· Enhance your brand’s reach

Every new company wants to get more brand reach, and hence Instagram collaboration is the most effective way to attract more customers for the brand. This facility will help people to get into people’s Instagram feed directly, and it will enhance the engagement of the brand.

· Enhance engagement

Once you publish your reels or post using Instagram Collab, it will enhance the reach of audiences to your company. Hence your brand will get more reach, and your posts will get more engagement. It has been noticed that if you and your collaborator share the same audience, there is a probability that the collaborator’s audience will be more than your own. It is also suggested to post the Instagram content at the right time to get more engagement.

· Increased followers

While you publish any content using Instagram Collab, it will help your brand to get increased followers. Once you publish the reels or collaborated posts, they will reach the feeds of more users, and hence many will become able to know about your brand. Moreover, if you start a collaboration with an influencer, there is a high chance that your brand will get more followers.

· Boosting in sales

If your brand is already shoppable, experts suggest using sales-friendly features. Here you need to collaborate with Instagram influencers so that your brand will get more followers, automatically boosting your sales. Making posts with sales-friendly features is also necessary to enhance the business's turnover.

· Say No to Duplicate posts

Once you use the Instagram Collab feature, it will help avoid post duplication. Whenever you are collaborating with an influencer or other famous content creators, it will help to decrease the chances of post duplication. Moreover, this feature is helpful in decreasing competition in the market. When you and your collaborator share different posts, both of you will face challenges in the market.

When you start collaborating with Instagram influencers or others, both of you will receive more engagement and likes from audiences. Audiences will comment on these posts and will share them as well. Also, this will help your Instagram account to stay in a good book. Moreover, this feature will help you to measure or track your reels & posts on Instagram.

· Enhanced brand transparency

Once you publish your brand information on Instagram, audiences will always want to know about the brand. Instagram collaboration is the best way to engage more audience to your brand and let your audience know about your product.

Instagram collab helps your audience to know that you are in partnership with famous Instagram influencers or other reputed brands. This will build trust among your followers, and automatically it will help in building transparency. Once you publish properly mentioned partnership or collaborated posts, it will keep your audience in the loop so that they can know more about your brand.

Excellent ideas for Instagram Collab

Instagram users are well aware of the different types of advanced features of Instagram, but many are unaware of the proper use of these features. May are confused about how to use these features. Experts suggest the following tips.

While you are thinking of an Instagram collab, it is necessary to become a partner with a brand that is already popular. Once you collaborate with those brands, your brand will get the same audience as the reputed brand. Sometimes it will help in the cross-promotion of brands and both collaborating partners. This will no doubt help in boosting sales.

Credits: Instagram

· Promoting other platforms

Currently, many use different social media platforms. If you are using one account for your brand and maintaining your account separately, it is suggested to promote both accounts simultaneously to get more traffic. Again, you can ask your employees to use their personal accounts to promote the brands. Instagram Collab has an advanced feature that allows adding content so the audience can watch and follow it.

· Tie-up with influencers

Instagram influencers are extremely popular in enhancing brands. It has been noticed that Instagram influencers have a long list of followers, and once you collaborate with a professional Instagram influencer, your brand will also be followed by those professionals. The influencer's followers will start following your brand or product, and automatically your brand will get more promotion.

· Non-profit or charity collaboration

Collaborating with a non-profit or charity organization is always an excellent option. These organizations normally possess huge followers, and hence working together with them will help to get the valuable followers of those charitable organizations.

· Work on giveaways or discounts

Experts also suggest that giveaways or discount offers can also do well for brand promotion. A discount campaign can also create an improvement from the combined inspiration of two accounts. When the objective is assignation and adaptation, and you have double followers, you need to expand the footmark of your movement exceptionally. You can also read some discount codes for your campaign.

Tips to follow while collaborating with influencers

Credits: Instagram

You will find many Instagram influencers while you plan to publish content using Instagram Collab. But many need to be made aware of the type of influencers with whom they should deal. Experts suggest being strategic while you are dealing with influencers. You are wrong if you think you will select an influencer with a high follower count. A high follower count does not mean high engagement. Hence, it is necessary to contact the right influencers for your brand.

· Enquire about the engagement rate

At first, it is necessary to ask the influencers about the engagement rate, or you can ask the professional influencer about the percentage of the followers who actually take action for the content. The more followers there are for the content, the higher will be the engagement rate.

· Check the spectators' demographics

While planning for an Instagram collab, it is also necessary to check the audience's demographics. Ideal customers can build the best partnership with the influencers. So before you tie up with an influencer, it is necessary to check the present demographics of the followers and how they are useful to your reels and posts. An ideal collaboration will help in getting high-value followers.

· Appropriate influencers

It is always suggested to check whether these influencers are suitable for your brands or not. Here you need to check the present posts of the influencers and notice the type of their posts. If these posts suit your brand, you can contact the influencer and collaborate.

· Always add fresh content

Whenever you start publishing content or reels to enhance your brand value, adding new content to your account is necessary. A content's engagement immensely depends on the diversity and freshness of the content. Experts always suggest that despite reposting old content, it is always a good option to publish fresh and unique content every time. Updating your page with new posts will attract more audiences.

While you publish new content with all new ideas, it is an excellent option to reach this new content to large numbers of audiences. Unique contents are always helpful in maintaining the interest of the audiences. Undoubtedly, Instagram Collabs has emerged as one of the most excellent additions to the content strategy of Instagram. You can also share posts of your collaborator, which will also help keep the content fresh and attractive to the audiences.

Tips for using Instagram Collabs while publishing Reels

Similar to sharing content and posts, publishing collaborated reels are also extremely attractive to the audiences. Reels have emerged as one of the most effective ways to share a brand story to educate your followers. Instagram reels are creative and entertaining videos that will help Instagram users share essential information details with their followers. The Instagram collaboration feature has made these Reels more popular, as many companies use this feature to make their brand popular.

If you are also interested in sharing your brand story with audiences, follow the steps below.

  • At first, you need to record the reels as you usually do
  • You can opt for some editing to the reels if you think so
  • Now you need to review the reels to check whether it looks perfect.
  • Now you need to share the reels. So, click on the Next button and select the Tag People option.
  • If you want to invite an influencer or any other person as a collaborator, click the Invite Collaborator option. Here you need to select the person whom you wish to Tag.
  • Once you invite the person, you need to tap the confirm your collaboration option, and your reel is ready to publish.

How to remove Instagram collaboration?

The original creators of the Instagram collab have the right to create and remove the posts they shared with the collaborators. If you feel that the collaborator could be more fruitful in promoting the brand or if the collaborator is not interested in maintaining the collaboration, you can remove the collaboration by following the steps below.

· Open the post that is already published on Instagram

· Tap the three vertical dots which denote the icon “option.”

· Tap the stop sharing option.

· Now click confirm, and the collaboration will be deleted.

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