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How to Make Money on Instagram | Making Money On Instagram

Breaking down ways to make money on Instagram for Brands, Creators, Influencers and Businesses

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Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has evolved significantly, and corporations are beginning to notice. The platform has grown since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram for $1 billion barely 18 months after it began because he saw so much promise in the service and its advantages. Businesses are starting to respond to this fast-expanding platform more and more. Additionally, 90% of the top 100 global brands are on Instagram.

As Instagram enters its second decade of business, make sure you're fully up to speed on the newest trends and functionalities. In fact, according to Semrush, Instagram is among the top ten most-visited social media sites in the world, with 2.9 billion monthly visits. That's a lot of people looking at you.

Importantly, despite the majority of users checking in using the mobile app, this statistic serves as a reminder that people may be seeing your content on their computers or laptops as well, so make sure your photographs look nice at any resolution. The increasing trend toward targeting Instagram audiences for advertising and sales is visible in the following statistics:

  • Every month, 1.22 billion individuals use Instagram. In case it isn't obvious, Instagram is extremely popular. However, that's still just half the number of individuals who visit Facebook and YouTube each month. The majority of Instagram's viewership is between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • About 60% of Instagram's viewership is made up of this critical group. 59% of adults in the United States use Instagram on a daily basis, with 38% of those users visiting many times each day. So, give them something to engage with while they're there: make sure you're posting new content regularly.
  • Instagram is used by 63 percent of users daily. This means over half of all Instagram members use the app daily.
  • Instagram members will spend an average of 28 minutes every day on the platform. Furthermore, time spent on the app is predicted to increase by around a minute every day by 2021, which is consistent with what has been occurring since 2016.
  • Every day, more than 200 million Instagram users view at least one Business Account. Marketers should be aware that official Business Profiles are viewed by millions of Instagram users regularly. Furthermore, 60% of individuals say they find new things on Instagram, and the most followed Instagram stories are from companies.

Instagram has introduced scores of new tools for businesses in the previous year, including enhanced metrics, shoppable Instagram posts, new ways to generate visitors from Instagram Stories, and IGTV, its new autonomous video tool. It pays to have an Instagram account if you operate in retail, entertainment, or arts and journalism. But if you truly want to stand out, you'll need to grasp everything there is to know about the site (and your audiences), particularly what kind of content works best, how to create an Instagram Stories plan, and how to measure your analytics and KPIs.

Instagram is clearly no longer only for personal use. It's now an international platform that enables businesses to humanize their content, acquire fresh talent, display their services, and inspire their customers. Furthermore, Instagram users are not just active but also engaged. Approximately 59% of the platform's active users log on at least seven times each week to browse content and communicate with peers and brands.

Instagram may also help you promote new items and raise brand awareness. 130 million Instagram members connect with commercial posts each month. Instagram enables you to market your business and products in a genuine, authentic manner to your clients without being pushy. The pictorial nature of Instagram distinguishes it from other social media networks. Instagram is the ideal medium to promote content if you have a brand that wins from the appearance of your product or if you offer a service with a visible eventual outcome.

Despite competitors like TikTok, Instagram is still one of the most widely used social networking apps. Famous Instagram content creators and influencers have mastered reach and influence. Instagram influencers, just like bloggers, YouTubers, and anyone who has built an audience around the content they provide make solid money through the platform. Instagram creators who have sizeable reach and influence have the chance to gain insight into a variety of potential revenue streams, regardless of whether they want to establish a business or simply make some additional money for content purposes.

With so many businesses and individual creators investing their time, money, and energy into growing on this platform, you may be wondering how exactly you can make money using Instagram. So let's get right how you can make money on Instagram and more precisely how much money you can make using the app.

How can you make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

Considering creators and brands are typically secretive about their earnings, numbers can be difficult to decipher when you're trying to find how much someone makes on Instagram. Moreover, it can be hard to pinpoint Instagram itself as your highest income stream. For example, does it count as earning money on Instagram if you play a song on a Reel, your performance goes viral, and you eventually land a contract with a record label thanks to your online fame? Then, several thousand people purchase tickets to your show. What if you publish cooking videos, then hyperlink to your recipe blog and put revenue-generating adverts on your blog?

Strange as it may sound, most successful creators' travels follow this pattern. Your skills, number of followers, engagement, strategy, work ethic, and a bit of luck all play a role in the amount of money you can earn on Instagram. Apart from this, the first factor that comes into consideration when analyzing the income an influencer or content creator generates from their Instagram account is their follower count. The follower count of an Instagram page will have a massive impact on the money they make using the platform. The income of Instagram influencers varies depending on their following, activity rate, niche, and the kinds of collaborations they form with brands. Based on follower count, this is a broad split of the typical influencer and type:

  • Nano-influencers are those who have less than a thousand followers
  • Micro-influencers are those who have 1,000–10,000 follower
  • Influencers in the middle tier have around 10,000–100,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers can range anywhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencers are those with more than one million followers

It's vital to remember that influencers' fees might change based on the sector, the relationships they have with brands, and their negotiating skills. Additionally, influencers can make money through affiliate marketing, product lines, paid appearances, and other business initiatives. So approximately how much money will each of these influencer categories make?

  • The mid-tier influencer subcategory includes an Instagram user with 10,000 followers. The amount they could make from a post that was sponsored can vary, but it usually falls between $50 and $250.
  • An Instagram user with over 100,000 followers can make between $1,000 and $5,000 for every sponsored post, depending on a variety of criteria. A macro-influencer can demand $1,800 for every Instagram post, based on the Statista analysis of the most prominent English-speaking nations.
  • An Instagram creator who has 1 million followers will earn $10,000 for each post. You can charge anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 for each post or campaign if you are a social media personality with more than 1 million followers.

These are just some rough estimates of how much you could make when you reach these follower counts. Explore the several revenue streams available on Instagram as a social media influencer to turn your love of content creation into a lucrative business. Keep in mind that there are various ways you might develop your influencer business; what works for one person may not work for another. If you're wondering what could be the highest amount an influencer or user on the app can earn, given below is a list of celebrities who are the top earners on Instagram.

Top 5 Earners on Instagram

Transformations in marketing expenditure are among the most important effects of influencer marketing. Companies now redirect their advertising budgets to online marketing rather than to paid print and broadcast advertisements and these cost far lesser than traditional advertisements. Moreover, an influencer acts as a sturdy bridge between a company and its target market as a translator or mediator. Consumers are, in fact, far less inclined to feel as though they are being sold to when someone with influence provides information to them as they are more likely to feel as though they are getting advice from someone they trust.

Owing to the connection and credibility that exists between an influencer and their followers, working with them enables consumers to move swiftly from brand awareness to the selection phase. These factors have made influencer marketing a significant part of modern marketing plans. This is also why the top earners or highest-paid Instagram celebrities make a ton of money for even a single sponsored post. These are the top five earners on Instagram and rough estimates of the money they make per post.

1) Christiano Ronaldo

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower count: 600 Million
  • Estimated Average Post Price: $4M

Christiano Ronaldo, arguably the most well-known football superstar in the world today, hardly requires an introduction. He plays forward for the Portuguese national football team, for individuals who aren't into sports. After competing for Sporting CP, he debuted with Manchester United when he was just 18 years old. His team clinched the FA Cup in the inaugural campaign. Ronaldo is a fantastic brand endorser and he would be a dream to work with for any sports company. Nike, Herbalife, Clear, Altice Portugal, American Tourister, and other companies are among Ronaldo's brand endorsements.

2) Leo Messi

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower count: 483 million followers
  • Estimated Average Post Price: $3 million

Lionel Messi has established yet another global record after guiding Argentina to an emphatic victory at the Global Cup that broke a losing streak. Messi broke Instagram's benchmark for the greatest number of likes on a single post with his first post honoring the World Cup victory, garnering over 67 million likes. Without a doubt, Messi's appeal on social media has increased as a result of his status as one of the finest players of his generation and one of the all-time greats. Adidas, Lay's, Gatorade, Pepsi, Budweiser, SIRIN LABS, LEAFTY, Mangniu, Orcam, Messicirque, Mastercard, By Ju's, Louis Vitton, and J&T Express are just a few of the brands he has endorsed and sponsored as an influencer.

3) Selena Gomez

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower count: 427 Million
  • Estimated earnings per post: $2.5 Million

Selena Gomez, a Spanish singer, and actress, has amassed a sizable Instagram following over the years. She made her television debut on Barney & Friends, and she became well-known for playing Alex Russo in the Wizards of Waverly Place show on the Disney Channel. In addition to serving as an executive creator for the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, she later went on to feature in a number of other films.

She has also produced music, with over 22 million singles and over 7 million albums sold globally as of 2017. This led to her becoming the Instagram user with the most followers among women, and as it turns out, she started a product company, a clothing brand, and a beauty line. She often promotes clothing, cosmetics, and leisure companies.

4) Kylie Jenner

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower count: 398 Million
  • Estimated cost per post: $2 Million

Kylie, the owner of Kylie Cosmetics, is a well-known name in the beauty sector. She is a member of the famous Jenner-Kardashian family, which gained notoriety as a result of the television program "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Kylie has experienced enormous success, much like the rest of the family. She promotes high-end clothing, beauty, and accessory brands. Most recently, she collaborated with Balmain to create a range of accessories. Brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Beats x Balmain, Skims, Topshop, and others have become more well-known among younger consumers thanks to Kylie. It was disclosed in 2022 that she has partnered with the beauty companies Stassie and Kendall x Kylie.

5) Dwayne The Rock Jonhson

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower count: 389 million
  • Estimated Average Price Per Post: $1,713,000

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson is best known for playing "The Rock," but he initially gained notoriety as a professional wrestler on the WWE TV program. He is commonly spotted in action flicks and is recognized for his athletic build. He is a great celebrity ambassador for wellness and fitness products because of this. Got Milk, Nascar, VOSS Water, Apple, Ford, Under Armour, Seven Bucks Production, Termana Tequila, and other brands are among those with which The Rock has partnered or been endorsed.

It's evident when looking into the highest-paid Instagram personalities that business opportunities start with establishing a devoted following on the network by obtaining genuine Instagram followers. Even though it requires considerable effort to accumulate followers, there are several realistic strategies to get started. Let's get right into the greatest strategies you may use to monetize your Instagram account.

Steps to make money on Instagram as a Brand

Now that you are aware of the reasons why I believe Instagram to be a wonderful platform for earning money, you may be wondering if it is possible to do so given its enormous user base. One of the best methods to succeed as a brand on Instagram in 2022 is to be consistent, responsive, and engaging while following trends. Here's a guide on getting it done.

1) Create a business account

Approximately 80% of users believe Instagram enables them in conducting product research and eventually determine whether or not to buy the product. 63 percent of people also believe Instagram encourages them to create genuine relationships with brands.

All of this is to indicate that you could be losing out if you don't use Instagram to engage new consumers, raise brand recognition, and consequently increase revenue. We'll go through how to create an Instagram business profile and the advantages of having one in this section.

The precursor to setting up your account is to download the app on your smartphone. The next step is to access it on your desktop to ensure readability and uniformity across screens. Once you open a personal account you can get right into converting it for business purposes. If you already possess an Instagram account, that's even better as you can get right into it. If not, this is a step-by-step breakdown of setting up an Instagram business account:

  1. Tap Menu in the top right-hand corner of your profile.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. The option to convert to a professional profile will be provided directly under "Settings" for most accounts.
  4. Go to Account and select it.
  5. Switch to a professional account by tapping the Switch to the Professional Account button.
  6. Tap the Continue Notification
  7. Choose a category for your company and then hit Done.
  8. To confirm, press OK.
  9. Select Business.
  10. Tap Next after entering your contact information. To omit this step, select Don't use my contact information.
  11. If you'd like, you can link your business profile to a Facebook Page affiliated with your company as well. Although this step is completely optional, it does serve a crucial role in connecting your social network platforms.
  12. To return to your account, tap the X in the upper corner.

It's an absolute must to have some pictures to upload before you can market your profile. People will most likely explore your profile once you begin talking with them and following them. You want something recognizable that indicates what you are as a business

2) Set up your Instagram Shop

Instagram Shops are an easy means to monetize the app. The app's native e-commerce facilities let users purchase goods, and setting up a store is simple. Along with your usual updates, your shoppable goods or services will appear in the feeds of your followers.

75 percent of adults worldwide over the age of 13 utilize social media, which makes launching an Instagram shop a terrific method to quickly respond to customers. Consumers may discover various aspects of your brand by DMing you or leaving comments on postings. The miniature shop icon will show up on your post when you post something that can be purchased, alerting followers to its presence.

Your bio should contain your website URL as a must-have. You will only be able to put your website's URL to your bio on Instagram; posting it in your feed is not a possibility. Your URL must fit into the space allotted, which is restricted to 150 characters. Make sure your URL is short and easy to recognize for users. If you're a well-known business like ZARA, you may simply provide the URL to your website in your Instagram bio. This would not be the best approach for a growing company. Alternatively, you can include your website URL at the bottom of your bio, along with some emojis pointing to it.

Your website link should have a clear call to action to back it up. This CTA can come in the form of emojis or text where you highlight the CTA, for instance, the text can be written along the lines of "Click here to read the latest blog post" or it can be simple emojis pointing at the link with text in all caps. Your CTA gives you more chances to sell, so ensure that it is easy to access and clearly visible. Companies with a dedicated physical address, on the flip side, should also include their complete address in their bio. This would create a location button, which would send users to their device's map app when they click it.

4) Use a chatbot

Setting up an Instagram chatbot is a simple method to deliver top-notch customer care and close deals through direct messaging. Your web page and Instagram account both give you the opportunity to install or integrate chatbots that can respond to any common queries from your followers. The interactive AI chatbot will automatically forward inquiries that are too complex to answer to a live person on your team. An Instagram chatbot can suggest items from your business for consumers directly in the chat, resulting in quicker and more efficient transactions.

If a consumer asks what shade of lipstick your brand carries, the chatbot can respond with five best sellers, which they can easily add to their shopping cart without having to leave the chatbot's screen.

5) Promote and advertise sales, discounts, and exciting deals

Use Instagram to highlight every positive aspect of your business, especially whenever you have a sale or a great deal for your followers. In addition to informing your followers about a discount, publicizing the deal, promo code, or special offer on Instagram additionally makes the information easy to disseminate. You may use Instagram to give your followers a sneak glimpse at upcoming products, launches, or merchandise lines.

You can also give potential consumers a quick method to know when those newly introduced items will be for sale by using the "Countdown" or "Reminder" options. This builds anticipation for your offer, and when it launches, users receive notifications encouraging them to head over and check out the products.

6) Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing gives you the chance to promote your business to the creator's audience while also giving the creator exposure to your audience. If you're looking for collaborators, be sure to consider their content and ideals. You want to choose someone whose objectives coincide with yours so that the connection makes sense to your clients and doesn't come off as some wacky marketing tactic.

For instance, a clothing firm should work with a content creator or fashion influencer who is genuinely passionate about clothing. Work with creators who are most likely to use or enjoy what you produce and their followers are likely to be people with similar interests leading to a higher number of conversions. In exchange for creating content about your business, you can provide the creator with cash, products, or an affiliate agreement. If you're not yet in the position to partner up and pay influencers yet, you can always send them PR packages that they may take an interest in if your products align with their preferences. They may in turn post content about your PR package if they find that your product is a great purchase for their followers and fits into their audience demographics likes and interests.

7) Partner up with another brand

Collaborations with other companies allow people on both sides of the deal the chance to interact with a larger customer base, just like collaborations with creators do. It's a great method to develop followers and reach a new audience, so consider reaching out to other companies in your niche and conducting a contest or giveaway. For obvious reasons, choose brands that are not your direct rivals while doing this. Choose a company instead whose goods can complement or fit nicely with what your business is selling. For instance, you may collaborate with a company that sells protein powder if your company sells workout equipment.

Last but not least, Instagram advertising is always one of the ways you may earn money on the site and truly monitor your success. By boosting a post, you may transform it into an advertisement. Your Instagram analytics will show you how big of an impact the boost had and you can track the sales you make through that post as well.

Steps to Make Money as a Content Creator or Influencer

There are many ways to use Instagram in order to earn revenue even if you don't have a "company" in the traditional sense. You become influential if you're blessed with a large following and a unique background by creating compelling content and promoting your personal profile.

1) Select a specialty or niche

It is crucial to emphasize at this point that an influencer's performance is not determined by the number of followers they have. Your number of followers does, in fact, count. But from a commercial standpoint, that is not the main indicator of an effective influencer. On the contrary, an ideal influencer is often someone who is well-known in a particular specific industry.

Choose a niche if at all possible where there aren't already too many influential people. Due to the fact that there aren't enough of you, businesses are willing to spend more to hire you for an advertisement. However, don't limit yourself before you experiment with the different kinds of content that Instagram has to offer. Post whatever you wish to see more of on the app and try out all its formats and ultimately choose what works best for you and your unique needs.

2) Post content consistently

Consistent content creation is essential for being a great Instagram influencer. There are a few causes for this. First off, not all of your followers are active at the same time on the app. You can better connect with followers by sharing content throughout the day at various times.

Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm considers a variety of elements when determining the prominence of your posts. This comprises post recency, which refers to how recent the content is, post engagement, which measures how well your post was received by the initial audience, and past interactions, which measure how well a particular follower responded to your earlier posts.

Consistent posting ensures that your posts are always fresh. Additionally, it allows you to get creative with various content formats and hashtags as well as see when your followers on Instagram tend to be most engaged. Make sure to convert your personal account to a professional account, which is referred to as a business profile. You gain access to a number of analytics tools as a result, which a potential sponsor may want to check out before choosing you to participate in their social media marketing campaign. As we indicated in the last section, converting your user account to a business profile is simple and can be done in a couple of minutes.

3) Collaborate with relevant brands and get sponsored

The most well-known method for Instagram producers to monetize their work is probably through brand partnerships. Finding a small or large company that shares your ideals is crucial; working with one that has little to do with your usual content or even conflicts with it can make you appear inauthentic. Associations with businesses can take many different forms. For example, you might be compensated for creating an Instagram post that highlights a certain product or provided with free goods as payment for content.

Start by creating a few posts that are completely free and highlight some of your favorite things, such as dining establishments or beauty items. When approaching brands, you can then use those posts as references if they align with the company's products or services. So, where do you look for a sponsor? Potential partners may occasionally contact you. However, if you aren't interested in waiting to be contacted, look into businesses that may assist you in finding and collaborating with brands.

Depending on your needs, you can choose any company. Online marketplaces like Influicity can help you find partners. Choose partners or offerings that you and the people you have power over would truly use when making a choice. Your cat's fans are more inclined to believe you when you recommend the best cat food than the best dog trail. Don't waste your time on things you don't like. There is no reason to suggest these items to others if your cat would destroy an "indestructible" doll in an instant or rip off every jumper you have ever put on him.

Look for products that fit as narrow a niche as you can. Fans of your cuddly feline can look up a variety of cat-related topics, but they will rely on you for information about which heating pad is most effective throughout the winter.

4) Affiliate programs

You can also join an affiliate program. This relates to brand alliances because signing up for an affiliate program still necessitates linking oneself to a company that offers particular goods or services.

Because affiliate programs ultimately pay you to promote other people's goods, you should check that the goods you're promoting are consistent with your principles. You are compensated if your followers make a purchase from the brand using your link or promotional code. Lastly, be honest about your involvement in paid partnerships and sponsored content. Use hashtags, indicate that the content is sponsored, and make the collaboration evident in the captions. Instagram's sponsored content guidelines should be adhered to; else, postings may be deleted.

5) Use the subscription feature

The most recent feature that makes it easy for creators to make money on Instagram is their subscription offering. For an ongoing subscription charge, this feature gives content creators' and influencers' devoted followers access to unique content and incentives. By providing exclusive content and interactions in one location, subscriptions enable creators to establish relationships with their most engaged followers and generate recurring, reliable income.

Creators can now include a button that looks like a crown on their personal page that invites fans to subscribe on a monthly basis. This means that you as a creator will be able to have dependable, long-lasting, and scalable revenue using Instagram's subscription feature. This is huge news for both micro-influencers and Instagram's major content creators.

They can now choose from a few pricing options, ranging from $0.99 to $99.99, to begin earning recurring monthly revenue. Keep in mind that you can solely activate one model and no other tier systems. Additionally, those who subscribe to a content creator or influencer will get a unique badge that will make them stand out in creators' DMs and comment sections.

The subscription feature is still in its testing stage and has been primarily launched only in the US. The feature is in its test phases for the UK, Canada, and Australia. This means that other users worldwide do not have access to this feature. In order to qualify, creators must:

  • Have a genuine following of 10,000 users
  • Be eighteen years or older
  • Have a business or professional page
  • Meet the standards of the Partner Monetization Policy on Instagram
  • Follow Instagram's community rules to the tee

For now, Instagram will not take a percentage of any subscription fees; instead, subscription payments will be collected through standard in-app purchases on iOS and Android. Instagram is fully committing to the artist economy with the launch of its creator marketplace this year and its affiliate advertising features.

6) Create and sell merch

It's a smart business move to use Instagram as a marketing channel for your other sources of income. Consider selling merchandise that has been infused with your own style, logo, slogan, or other identifying characteristics if you've carefully cultivated your personal brand. You can profit from sales and gain free publicity when your supporters start wearing your name on their sweatshirts. Make sure the product you choose makes sense in relation to the content you create. For instance, if you're interested in the beauty industry you can collaborate to create makeup products with a well-known brand.

For example, popular commentary Youtuber Drew Gooden advertised his merch on his Instagram page. This is always one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue.

7) Guides and tutorials

If you are an expert in a particular field, you may offer an online tutorial with an associated cost. Fitness influencers frequently use this technique to monetize their work; they may post brief workouts that are accessible for free and then link to longer routines that require payment. Additionally, you can do free masterclasses or lessons and merely request tips from your audience members who can afford to do so.

If you want to ensure that your material is as accessible as possible, utilize this strategy: there is no monetary restriction to your content, but there is still a clear path for the viewers to pay you if they choose to. Creators from varied spheres of life have made tutorials and advertised classes for things like baking, writing, makeup, dancing, and so on.

8) Create a second-hand shop

You might not have a company to advertise, but you may choose to frequently sell your used clothing and accessories on online marketplaces like Poshmark. Instagram can expand your customer base.

Put your clothing and other items on display and take appealing photos of them, and be sure to give as much information in the caption as you can. It's important to take notice of the age, brand, dimensions, and condition of each item. Link to a specific item in your Instagram bio if you're trying to sell one in particular. Simply link to your Poshmark or equivalent seller profile if you don't.

For example, the store thrift.india has 54K followers on the gram and makes most of its money by selling thrift clothing items.

9) Monetize reels

Instagram's newest video format is called Reels. These are typically 15-30 second videos, inspired by TikTok, and may be made with Instagram's camera or shared via the Image Library. Scripted text, Augmented filters, green screen mode, timing and speed options, and connectivity to an audio library are among the available effects.

Reels are one of the most well-known of Instagram's current features that helps users constantly create trends and captivate audiences due to the content's short length. Once or twice a week, experiment with Reels to discover what works with your core demographic.

Although a reel can last up to 60 seconds, most creators have discovered that shorter reels perform better. If you're looking into one of the fastest ways to reach new audiences, try your hand at making a Reel. So how do you make reels?

Use these steps to create and share your Reels on Instagram:

  • Open the Reels feature-
    • Press the "+" button in the bottom center of the page after you've opened the Instagram app. Swipe all the way to the right until you reach the Reels option.
  • Choose the runtime of your video-
    • Determine whether you want to capture a 15-second or 30-second video by pressing the top button on the left side.
  • Make your Reel more interesting by adding music to it-
    • Browse or explore the songs you want to utilize by pressing the music icon on the left side of the screen. Then, by tapping on your music, select the part of the song you wish to hear.
  • Select a video speed-
    • After that, you'll want to choose your video's speed. There are five different speed settings available, ranging from to. 3 to 3 times.
  • Select your effects.
    • You can use filters or effects from Instagram's gallery, just like you can with Instagram Stories. You can also film numerous clips with various effects at the same time.
  • Setup a timer-
    • It's now time to start your timer. Select the length of your video by pressing the clock icon on the left side of the page. Then select a 3-second or 10-second countdown by pressing the countdown button. Press "Set Timer" when you're ready.
  • Record the reel-
    • Press the record button in the center of the screen when you're ready to start recording.
  • Share your Reel-
    • Tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen when you're done. You can opt to share the Reel to Reels in your Feed, the Reels section, in Explore, or in your Stories.

Try to use trending music, dances, and issues when you're creating a reel. Join in the fun and pick up a few new trends. Simply put your unique spin on it to make yourself stand out from the pack. Aside from that, don't restrict the variety of ways your new Reel can be discovered.

It can be shared not only on the Explore page and in your Feed but also in your Stories. Additionally, if you have a business profile, you can also use Instagram Insights to monitor how well your Reels are working and what content your followers are most interested in. Make use of this data to help you produce the types of Reels that your target audience wants to view.

If you can create compelling reels, you could be able to participate in Instagram's Reels Play bonus reward program. It's a recent, invite-only program that offers content creators the chance to get paid for creating popular videos. According to Instagram, there is a range of earning potential during the present testing phase.

You'll have to patiently wait for a pop-up message and invite that will come through your business dashboard in order to earn money on Instagram using this method. Therefore, we advise you to start by attempting the alternate techniques. Trust your skills while concentrating on what you can control.

10) Promote your existing shop

If you're a content sole creator who owns a brand, the best way to market your brand and bring in new customers is through posting quality content about your products or services. Instagram can also be used to generate income in various ways. The social networking platform can help you advertise and expand your side business. A polished Instagram account could help with promotion if, for instance, you run a culinary arts blog that sells classes or an Etsy shop where you sell handmade goods.

To access free tools and insights, create a business account.

To attract more customers, you can link to your Etsy shop, website, or particular product page in your bio area. As necessary, change the highlighted link in your bio. You can immediately market your products in images and videos by tagging them with products if your account is allowed for Instagram Shopping features.

Take searchable pictures of the items you're attempting to market or the initiatives you're promoting. Make your own hashtag and look at the ones that rivals are utilizing. Encourage your customers to tag you in photos they publish online featuring your products.

The Instagram insights function can also be used to discover more about your audience. You may see how many people have viewed your post and learn more about the demographics of those who have interacted.

The tools provided in the app also aid in connecting you with fresh clients. The posts you want a greater number of individuals to see can be promoted for a fee. In order for potential clients to get in touch with you, you can also add an icon to your profile that links to a phone number or email address. An example of one such creator who sells her creations is bea_curious.

How to Make Money on Instagram as a Macro-Influencer/Creator

1) Elyse Myers

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 3M

Elyse Myers originally blew up on TikTok but has had her fair share of success on Instagram as well as Youtube on its shorts program. Myers, who resides in Nebraska with her spouse and little ones, gained notoriety online in October 2021 after posting a two-and-a-half-minute TikTok recounting a horrible first date. She has become a beacon of authenticity with her candid posts on ADHD, anxiety, and depression, she is now the content creator we watch when we need a friend, a life counselor for these unheard-of times, and a humorous performer whose #RealTalk feels genuinely authentic.

Myers has developed several catchphrases with success, including "go find less," "absolutely not," and "I receive that," among others, and she engages in paid collaborations with companies. Her online content generates enough revenue and demands enough of her time that she has decided to put her 9-to-5 on hold. Along with hosting a tremendously popular podcast, and getting sponsorships from major companies like Dominos, she sells merchandise using the catchphrases mentioned above.

2) Matilda Djerf

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 3M

In a cozy hamlet called Boras, 250 miles southwest of Stockholm, Matilda Djerf was born and raised. At the beginning of her journey on Instagram, Matilda engaged in some modeling for regional fashion and bikini businesses. Along with shooting pictures of herself, she began documenting the places she visited with her partner, Johansson, and posting them to her growing Instagram feed.

Her photos showed herself riding bikes with the backdrop of the serene Swedish landscape in an oversized shirt and swimsuit, enjoying espresso martinis, and capturing cold nights out. Her style, aesthetic and innate reliability with a slightly ethereal aura captured the hearts of women and girls worldwide.

Initially, Matilda was a sponsor for several fashion and beauty brands. But later realized she wanted a brand of her own, not one she was advertising for. That's when Djerf Avenue was born. Currently, Business Advisor estimates Djerf Avenue to be making $34 million dollars in sales per year. Matilda is one of the OG influencers who truly built her business empire from the ground up on social media.

3) Kevin Parry

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 1.7M

Kevin Parry is a Youtube and Instagram stop-motion animator who has taken the world by storm with his artistic creations. His videos are almost always mesmerizing experiences for every viewer and his professionalism shows with his previous projects as one of the animators for popular movies like Kubo and the Two Strings and Missing Link.

Although his greatest follower count is on Youtube, Instagram is where his advertising and collaborations shine. His unique skillset has made him one of the most sought-after ad creators as he has worked with a wide range of businesses including the LEGO Group, Safeway Canada's campaigns, Thomas and Friends, and many more. Not only has he created several ads and collaborated with many major businesses, but he also teaches viewers about how they can do exactly what he does and the art of stop-motion animation.

4) Bestdressed aka Ashley

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 1.5M

Ashley, better known as the Youtube fashion and lifestyle personality Bestdressed, has transitioned almost completely into an influencer role since her Youtube hiatus. Ashley first caught people's attention when she started uploading fashion and styling content on Youtube and experienced steady growth on the platform. But in late 2021 to 2022 she completely pivoted her attention to her Instagram presence and has not looked back since.

Her page features several high-fashion editorial photos, making her the perfect candidate for major fashion houses like Gucci, Celine, Prada, and more. She is truly the fashion influencer of our times as several followers remain devoted to her style and aesthetic making her the perfect brand ambassador for anyone trying to reach the Gen Z community. She has in the past collaborated to make a jewelry line with en route jewelry and likely makes great money as an Influencer.

5) Wisdom Kaye

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 2.4M

Wisdom Kaye originally saw his content take off on TikTok as one of its first few male fashion and style influencers. Kaye was first scouted as a model by IMG models and debuted on the runway for Balmain. He has since worked with Dior, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Coach, Puma, and so on. One of his most recent ads on Instagram was for Mugler in relation to their H&M collection.

His trippy and tantalizing styling videos with perfectly timed edits and his fashionable flair have garnered him millions of views on Instagram and Tiktok. Not only has he collaborated and been sponsored by major fashion brands but he also has been in sponsored ads by Sims which is a major pc game. He is yet to create a brand of his own but it would come as no surprise to his followers whenever he does.

With that, we reach the end of this section. Next, we'll get into how you can make money on Instagram without becoming an Influencer.

How to Make Money on Instagram as a Micro-Influencer

We’ve picked some of the most innovative and fresh influencers who are currently making solid money on Instagram. Let’s get right into the top influencers from various backgrounds and how they are making money on Instagram.


How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 36.6k

Amanda Holtzer is one of the up-and-coming nutrition/food Instagram micro-influencers. Her account serves as a safe space for those experiencing issues with their eating habits. Moreover, as she is a registered dietician her page acts as a great guide to her followers and promotes healthy food habits. As an influencer within the wholesome food space, several brands within the same sector have reached out to her for collaborations. She has offered her followers codes for Daily Harvest multiple times and has them pinned to her highlights as well.

She firmly believes in intuitive eating and gentle nutrition with an emphasis on consistency. Amanda has put a clear link for followers interested in getting individual advice from her services as a dietician. She has also partnered with brands like Juice Press, Daily Harvest, Strong Roots USA, and Tosh Snacks. Her clear CTA and collaborations with brands as mentioned above ensure at least two income streams on the platform, apart from the money she makes on Instagram as an influencer.

2) Krista Aasen

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 25.5k

Krista Aasen is a wonderful interior designer who's one of the closely followed DIY decorators on Instagram. She has a B.A., B.Ed, and M.A.Ed. and is also working on an Interior Decorating Degree at Yorkville University. Her Instagram page acts as a great space to display her design achievements and helps her engage new communities online. The main attraction of her page is her sensational eye for design that is vibrant, warm, and polished while still staying cozy.

Her blog The Happy Housie which is linked in her bio has most of her creations in one digital space. Currently, she has featured an ebook which is also available in its physical form called "Creative Wood Letters: 35 Simple Craft Projects for Decorating Your Home". Her book has great insights for beginners trying to navigate interior decoration.

Her creative endeavors have been featured in several blogs and magazines, some of which are: Woman’s Day, Just a Girl and Her Blog, Savvy Southern Style, and Country Woman magazine. She's a great example of someone who uses paid downloadable content such as her ebook to create a steady income source from followers and visitors on the world wide web. Brands that offer budget-friendly interior decor items are also likely to express interest in collaborating with her for sponsored posts soon.

3) Nana Agyemang

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 69k

Nana Agyemang is the definition of a woman making it in every business endeavor possible. Not only is she the Social Media editor for New York Magazine and The Cut, but she is also the CEO and founder of the effervescent Every Stylish Girl. Every stylish girl is a digital space that works toward promoting and highlighting women of color by providing them with ample opportunities to get involved in the media and fashion industries.

She has collaborated with brands like Raw Sugar Living and Everlane alongside several hotels, some of which are: Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, Modern Haus Soho, Macarthurplace, and so on. As a CEO, Instagram influencer, and a powerful journalist, her content and her entrepreneurial spirit have created multiple income streams for her on Instagram alone.

4) Skincare Standard

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 79.1k

Rachael, who is known for her classic red lip, is a Nevada-based skincare aficionado who launched Skincare Standard in order to chronicle and keep track of her personal skincare experiences. Rachael reportedly struggled with ongoing hormonal problems and tried to mask her skincare concerns with heavy foundation and concealer.

Over time she realized that this was not a sustainable move for her skin and shifted her efforts towards skincare and beauty, and she began writing about it, experimenting with innovative solutions, and conducting assessments. At that point, she also had the opportunity to meet other like-minded skincare enthusiasts and discovered a regimen that was ideal for her. Rachael has since collaborated with several incredible companies, like Glossier, Hourglass, and Ilia Beauty, and she often posts informative suggestions, videos, and candid opinions on trending skincare products on Instagram.

Much like every other influencer on the list she has a link in her bio that leads to several affiliate links which her followers can click through to access her skincare, beauty, and clothing purchases. This is alongside the links she has added that offer followers promo codes for different brands and their products which means that those brands have collaborated with her and is likely another blossoming income stream. Beauty content creators tend to dominate all social media spaces and one of the best ways to make money on Instagram is to dip your toes in this successful niche.

5) Allen Swan

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: 19.5k

Allen Swan is a content creator who mainly focuses on fitness as an online coach and kettlebell trainer. Allen's Instagram features great content to help motivate his followers and get people started on their fitness journey. Allen has shared several helpful fitness videos and has a link in his bio that guides his visitor to a 4-week kettlebell training plan along with his discount code for the brand Lane Eight and affiliate links for products from Under Armour. Gym trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike can take great pointers from his page and how they too can generate income by promoting their work on their Instagram page.

How to Make Money on Instagram as Macro-influencers

1) Drew Talbert

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: : 444K

Drew Talbert is a humorous Instagram Influencer who falls under the niche of sketch comedy. His skits have found acclaim worldwide and have gained a tonne of traction over the past few years online. He has also hit over a million followers on TikTok and has uploaded his videos on Youtube as shorts where he has amassed over 8.18 lakh subscribers. This means he has successfully curated his presence across three platforms and on Instagram, he features his collaborations with brands like Homebase, Table Needs, and more.

Along with his many collaborations, he also sells his Cafe Huddy merch and offers custom videos for $50 in the link in his bio. He also has a Patreon where he posts exciting content for his most avid followers. Drew Talbert likely has 6-7 income streams including Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Patreon, his merch, sponsorships, custom videos, and more.

2) Abby Pollock

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: : 750K

Abby Pollock, an engineer by education and now a fitness expert, blends knowledge and expertise. Her major philosophy emphasizes at-home exercises, nutritious habits, and no forbidden foodstuffs. Since her unexpected pregnancy both her Instagram and Youtube channels took off and saw great viewership and an immediate increase in follower count.

She has built a brilliant business by making herself available not only for the fitness influencer niche but by transitioning into an influencer who is a new mother she now also caters to other new moms trying to get into fitness. Her older sponsorships generally related to fitness products but her latest collaboration is with Cira a nutrition brand for its products geared at new moms. She has around 7 income streams with her Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Amazon affiliate products, LTK, paid training plans, Sponsorships, and so on.

3) Danny Huynh

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: : 113K

Danny Huynh or papabwoi is an Instagram food-related content creator who has recently been blowing up on the app for his different series of foods he would make for your major, zodiac sign, and so on. He gained a massive following on Youtube and Instagram at around the same time and was even featured as a Youtube shorts creator in a recent article. He has collaborated with two famous food influencers, Kwook and Senyaigrubs. He has monetized his Youtube and his Instagram account and will likely be receiving tonnes of sponsorship opportunities from the F&B industry anytime soon, so far he has featured a sharp set of knives from Stay Sharp a brand that sharpens and sells Japanese kitchen knives.

4) Bethany Ciotola

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: : 597K

Bethany Ciotola is a model and lifestyle Influencer on Instagram who has documented and blogged her journey as a mom of four. She has accumulated most of her following on Instagram alone making her one of the few influencers on this list who has had all her success come from this platform. Her content revolves around her clothing picks, her children's antics, her skincare, and makeup recommendations, and most importantly her beautifully decorated home.

As one of the og influencers, she makes most of her income through sponsorships with major beauty brands like Lancome and SkinCeuticals alongside several affiliate links for products that range from children's toys to her decor picks and clothes she has worn in previous pictures of videos.

5) Ryan Primer

How to make money on Instagram

  • Follower Count: : 482K

Ryan Primer, better known as youranxietyislying2yew, is a mental health advocate on Instagram who was recently featured on Instagram's main account for his content as well. His content revolves around motivational and mindful mental health information that keeps his community engaged and interactive.

His videos range from being helpful to comedic and he has created a safe space for users on the platform to share their experiences. He currently has around 4 major income streams which include, Instagram, Youtube, and merchandise and he has linked his Cash App in his bio.

Make Money on Instagram with Theme Pages

Instagram theme pages are the best way to make money on the platform without needing to actually expose your identity on the platform to its million members by becoming an influencer or content creator. Fame isn't necessarily the goal for everyone seeking a job on social media and theme pages are the ideal route for those who enjoy content on various social media platforms and want to curate their top picks in one account. In the next section, we'll display some examples of theme pages across different categories that often have become popular on Instagram.


How to make money on Instagram

If your major interest areas are extremely visually pleasing or content you will likely find on Pinterest, an aesthetics-based Instagram account might be a great way to make a passive income on the app. Several individuals have made pages based on various aesthetics that have mass appeal. For instance, there are cottage-core pages, zodiac pages, fashion pages, vintage film pages, Tumblr quote pages, and so on.

One such example that has garnered a sizeable following is Dramatically aesthetic. This page's owner makes money on Instagram by promoting pictures by people who pay for the exposure. Moreover, as most of the photos are not taken by the page owner they do not have to put effort into anything but curating a perfect aesthetic on their account that draws followers worldwide.


How to make money on Instagram

Memes are an integral part of a social media app and they generally appear first on curators of meme pages that are followed worldwide. You may be surprised to see just how many followers a good meme page garners, for instance, 9GAG has over 58 million followers on Instagram alone. Currently, 9Gag has partnered with the major brand Gamescom to sell tickets for their followers. Memes are extremely shareable pieces of content making them among the easiest ways to get followers without having to do much but repost content that you curate in a consistent manner.


How to make money on Instagram

Reposting travel content is another great way to make money on Instagram, especially if you are informed about the place and its significance. For instance, the Instagram page Archaeology features tons of beautiful shots of different regions worldwide and the captions are almost always heavily descriptive. Moreover, they always credit the original poster which is a must if you decide to start a theme page of any kind as ultimately you will be profiting from their work. If you ensure you give credit, companies are always going to get the greenlight to collaborate with you much like Social MS has collaborated with Archaeology to promote their printer.

Animal pages

How to make money on Instagram

Pet or animal page content is always a blast to post about on Instagram This is especially fun if you have a pet that is photogenic or gets up to humourous antics on a daily basis. There are several pet owners who have posted their kittens or puppies on the internet. Instagram in particular has a combination of pet owners posting for only their pets and cat, dog and animal theme pages where the page owners repost content from the original pet owners or footage from wildlife shoots and zoos. An example of one pet owner who has built her brand on Instagram with her cat is Mauri and Cucumbers. Mauri the cat's owner has created merchandise based on the cat's likeness and sells them to avid fans and has collaborated with several brands for kitty products.

As I've mentioned previously, the one thing to keep in mind while reposting content is to ensure you credit the original poster by tagging them in the post or in the caption as it can come under copyright infringement and get your account banned or reported. But if you're someone who wants to make money on Instagram without directly involving yourself and your image in the process, theme pages are the way to go.

Since we've covered Influencers and theme pages as ways to make money on Instagram, the obvious next step is to cover individual, small, and large businesses and how they use Instagram as their major platform to market their products and reach a global audience.

How Individual Sellers Make Money on Instagram

Jazlynn Art

How to make money on Instagram

Jazlynn Art is an Instagram digital artist who has recently been experiencing great success with her profile. She is not only a digital artist but also an entrepreneur who sells her art in different forms some of which are prints, keychains, pins, stickers, phone wallpapers, and more! Her art style consists of pastel purples, blues, and pinks that come together to make her unique cat illustrations that have led to her growth on the platform.

She currently ships her products to several countries worldwide and is based in Canada. While her page regularly features plain illustrations of her cat, she also occasionally uploads comics and quotes that are lighthearted and fun. Although she is an artist, she is currently not accepting any custom work or commissions which goes to show that her Instagram shop has really taken off and keeps her booked and busy. Additionally, she also offers tickets for her art for followers interested in getting it tattooed.


How to make money on Instagram

Jessica Pheobe Hammonds, better known as Made weave love is an artist who specializes in weaving pieces of art that are typically wall hangings and scarves with yarn in the UK. She has accumulated over a million followers showing off her artistry and creations for everyone to admire and buy from her personal store. All her pieces are made by hand and she uses old-school tools for most of her projects giving each of her pieces a special touch.

Her Instagram features her lovely woven artwork which has been purchased by dozens of customers worldwide. Not only does Jessica sell these art pieces and scarves, but she also has worked with another brand and brought out over four weaving kits for beginners. She also links all her products in her highlights which are likely affiliate links making it over three income streams in total not counting Instagram itself.

Much like the previous artist on this list, Jessica has made a lucrative business out of her passion for weaving on Instagram which means that if you're a budding creative in any field or even just an entrepreneur looking to start, your time is now!

How Small Businesses Make Money on Instagram


How to make money on Instagram

Peachybbies, founded by Andrea O who was previously popular as a slime Youtuber has built her brand using social media as its driving force. She first gained notoriety after her own YouTube slime-playing demos received tens of thousands of views. Fans encouraged her to market her homemade creations, so she complied by producing fascinating and inventive slime with scents like mango, strawberry, cookies, and cream and textures like snow fizz or cloud dough slime.

Today, the business boasts over five million TikTok fans, over a million Instagram followers, and even endorsements from Kim Kardashian as her go-to slime retailer. Peachybbies has two Instagram and Youtube pages that both have over a million views and the business has grown at an unstoppable rate due to the popularity of slime and how visually appealing it is to watch and hear. She along with her social media team has created several inventive marketing campaigns that involve using slimes in bizarre ways including creating content of slime packaging for customers, slime pours, slime shop updates, and so on. Andrea has always believed in the power of social media for marketing and sales which is why she even creates slime just for video content along with her marketing team.


How to make money on Instagram

One of the most widely talked-about brands in the makeup industry is Glossier. They have established a new benchmark for fostering genuine consumer interactions and dedication to the brand. The online journal Into the Gloss and its creator and CEO, Emily Weiss, converted their devoted community into a phenomenally lucrative online beauty shopping firm. A carefully curated selection of cosmetics and skincare products can be found on Glossier, including the Future Dew oil serum, the Boy Brow (which in turn faced a lengthy waitlist when it first released), and the blendable crème blush Cloud Paint.

Their skin first, makeup second philosophy blew up online and was further supported by Instagram's clean girl trend where women showed off their dewy fresh skin with minimal makeup all of which Glossier's well known for in the beauty community. Initially, they only sold makeup and skincare, now their store also offers fragrances and deodorant. In April 2022 they announced pop star Olivia Rodrigo who found her meteoric rise on TikTok as their first celebrity brand ambassador. Glossier even sold merch in the form of hoodies for its most avid followers who wanted to show off their love for the brand. They have launched several successful ad campaigns on Instagram that have led to their organic and stable growth on the platform. One such example is their campaign for Cloud Paint which is now a best seller.

When Glossier introduced Cloud Paint, they cleverly tapped into the makeup influencer community, specifically of those artists who had celebrity clients. For the 2017 Oscars, Glossier collaborated with well-known cosmetic artists and provided them with this novel item to utilize on their famous customers. Glossier launched its latest creation with innovative promotional efforts that capitalized on the anticipation and intrigue around the Oscars red carpet. Glossier would share a snapshot of the star when they were walking on the red carpet and allege they were wearing Cloud Paint.

How Major Corporations Make Money on Instagram


How to make money on Instagram

Denny’s is a popular diner-style American chain restaurant that has gotten several fans for its delectable dishes and its entertaining marketing campaigns.


How to make money on Instagram

Netflix has taken over the world with its innumerable tv shows, movies, and film content in the past few years. In order to broaden the audience for their film and video content, Netflix is renowned for producing videos that go viral on social media, such as memes and reels incorporating popular music.

They accomplish this, among other things, by keeping abreast of current trends and incorporating them into their content. For instance, they might use a star-studded series to make a meme or an Instagram music clip to make a reel. A great example of this is the marketing campaigns and posts they share on Instagram for their hit series Bridgerton. Each year Netflix drops sneak peek photos of the new couple that will star on our screens for the upcoming season of Bridgerton. The season 3 first look has already been posted on their account and millions of fans worldwide took to the internet to express their excitement and anticipation immediately.


Netflix’s shows also have several trending audio bites that have had massive popularity on reels, a recent one being Wednesday Addams’s dance which was recreated over a million times on Instagram alone.

Now that you have clear examples of the different ways you can make money on Instagram, let’s get right into the most detrimental metric to your progress on the platform: the follower count. Instagram promotes and pushes content from creators who already possess a large following making it harder and harder for newer accounts to stand out in the crowd. So before you jump right into creating and uploading content, let’s first delve into how you can post content in a way that helps you build a community for your page.

How to grow your followers on Instagram

Understand and make use of Instagram's Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is continually changing to provide users with relevant and entertaining posts. Instagram recently announced that it would prioritize original content across the platform, promoting new Reels and feed posts against re-shares. Learning about the newest algorithm modifications is beneficial if you deal with social media. You can adjust your strategy to "crack" the algorithm's priorities, allowing you to reach more people and grow a community of enthusiastic followers.

One of the most effective strategies to beat the Instagram algorithm is to make use of the most recent features as soon as possible. Because Instagram places a priority on fresh features to encourage adoption, getting a head start adapting them while the competition is still minimal can be a major benefit.

Apart from following Instagram trends, you should also try to apply engagement stickers on your initial Instagram story slide to increase engagement. Interactions are one of the most important factors in the Instagram algorithm, and Instagram Stories stickers are one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase participation.

Polls, emoji sliders, and quiz stickers are all entertaining and have a low entrance threshold, making them a surefire winner for audience participation. Discussion stickers, on the other hand, are a terrific method to encourage DM exchanges with the Instagram algorithm, indicating a deeper, more intimate connection. Instagram Stories are an excellent way to strengthen audience interactions. Encourage your followers to participate and express their thoughts by polling them or sending them a direct message.

Moreover, the most effective method to continue to empower the algorithm is to stay consistent in your area (from the information you share to the people you connect with). The quicker it is for the algorithm to "categorize" your profile and its content, the further likely your updates will rank for individuals who have expressed an affinity in your niche in the past.

This includes the algorithm favoring content that hasn't been shared by anybody else on the app; and the algorithm de-prioritizing content with obvious watermarks from other apps. Your account is also more likely to be seen by the intended audience members in recommended accounts to follow, strongly suggested Reels, and Explore Page results after the algorithm has a good idea of your specialty.

Focus on keyword SEO

Instagram SEO is the process of making your content more search engine-friendly. You want your profile or post to show up near the front of the results when somebody uses the Instagram search bar to look for a meaningful keyword or hashtag. Generally speaking, SEO is a blend of science and art. SEO on Instagram is similar. There isn't a precise recipe that will catapult your profile to the top of the search results.

Instagram is transparent about the algorithms it employs to prioritize search results, which is a good thing. Here is how the Instagram search bar chooses what results to display. It should come as no news that the keyword signal that is entered into the search field is the most crucial. Instagram searches for related usernames, profiles, captions, hashtags, and regions depending on the search keywords.

How this affects brands: You must be aware of the search terms people use to find content similar to yours. You can gain insight into the keywords people use to search for your company using Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and other social media monitoring applications.

The greatest location to use significant keywords and search queries is in your Instagram account (also known as your Instagram bio). Instagram profile Instagram name SEO is the beginning of SEO. Pick a handle and account name that is appropriate for the content of your page. If your handle or username has an area for a keyword, incorporate that as well.

In order for your work to rank in as many spaces as possible, including search results and recommended content feeds, it must be specifically tailored for Instagram. It's an important strategy to use to increase your visibility on search engines. You have a better chance of increasing your following and creating a vibrant Instagram community the more folks notice your post. Additionally, be sure to add pertinent keywords to your bio. What do you stand for and who are you? What sort of content can users (and Instagram's search tool) anticipate finding in your grid?

Last but not least, if it pertains to your company, make sure to provide a locality in your bio. This is yet another reason, if you haven't already, to upgrade to a business account since only Professional and Creator profiles can add a region. Launch the Instagram application and tap on your profile icon to add a profile location for Instagram bio SEO. Select Contact Options, then edit your profile. You can be as descriptive or vague as you wish when entering your location information. But this too will help followers searching for these locations find you faster.

Create and develop an Instagram marketing strategy

Your presence on Instagram can greatly depend on your Instagram content strategy. A content plan for Instagram will keep you on course and ensure that you've identified the aims you're intending to pursue. One of the first goals any Instagram business account should reach is to create posts that fit its brand image. Instagram is a highly visual platform that depends on the aesthetical value you bring to its users.

Your marketing strategy will alter over time to take into account the continuing societal and behavioral changes. To ensure that you achieve your marketing objectives, it is essential to have a defined short-term goal. Know how your profile will represent your company and what theme it will be centered around. This is the best strategy for reeling in your target demographic.

How to make money on Instagram

Curating and posting high-quality content is the first step toward growing your followers on Instagram. One of the best ways to go about this is to convey your brand's aesthetic and express your brand identity. Some easy ways to achieve this are by using brand-specific fonts, colors, symbols, and images. For example, if your brand's logo colors are red, white, and black, incorporating these colors into your content can help cement your brand image in the eyes of your followers.

Another aspect of your content strategy must focus on creating an easily distinguishable presence on the social media app. Several brands and services are constantly competing on Instagram to gain more followers. Differentiating your brand and showing your unique appeal can be a major game-changer when building your Instagram presence. Doing this can be immensely difficult if your brand markets a commonly available or accessible product.

But difficult does not mean impossible and Instagram users appreciate brands that make an active effort to engage audiences. Even if your brand or product is competing in a highly saturated industry, for example, beauty or makeup products, you can still differentiate your brand from the masses by showing your brand's unique selling points. This has become all the more achievable with the help of reels and video content where you can use trending audio bites to bring followers to your feed.

Additionally, to remain relevant, your Instagram business account will require a regular posting schedule (we'll go into more detail about this in the following section). However, take care not to oversaturate your followers with posts. Determine what will benefit your brand the most first. Check the results after posting at various intervals and times. You can make a collaborative posting schedule once you discover what works for you to stay on top of what you intend to post and when.

Schedule Content

How to make money on Instagram

It's a good idea to use a social media scheduling tools or content calendar for your Instagram Stories. Assuming you maintain an Instagram Business profile, you can create and organize Instagram Posts using Meta Business Suite. If you only publish to Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Business Suite is a wonderful tool. But most contemporary media marketers can save time and effort by using a social media management platform and managing all social networks from a single platform.

Understanding how to plan Instagram content will save you a bunch of time and make posting less disruptive to your day. Instead of creating and posting content on the fly numerous times each day, you should sit down and plan out your entire week's worth of posts in one meeting.

Whenever it's time for your planned posts to go live, all you have to do is click a few buttons. Of course, if you want to keep your audience up to date on anything that is happening right now, you can publish live Stories or share images interspersed with your scheduled ones. Planning also ensures you have a consistent set of high-quality content to post no matter what happens in the future. As I've mentioned in the previous section, figuring out what periods bring the greatest amount of engagement is essential to creating a content schedule.

For instance, Later looked at over 35 million feed posts to see when the optimal time was to share your content. The greatest times to post on Instagram during the week, according to Later's study of 35 million global Instagram posts, are:

  • Monday at 5 a.m.
  • Tuesday, at 6 a.m.
  • 6 a.m. on Wednesday
  • 5 a.m. on Thursday
  • 6 a.m. on Friday
  • 6 a.m. on Saturday
  • 6 a.m. on Sunday

They also determined that Saturday and Sunday are the greatest days to post on Instagram, with the greatest average interaction for posts uploaded at 6 a.m. on Sunday. These are just the timings they found based on their location and brand though. It is equally or doubly important for you to test when your posts gain the most traction on your feed. There's no other way of going about the Instagram algorithm game as it favors authenticity over everything else.

The simplest technique to save time on Instagram so that you can concentrate on what matters is to understand how to plan posts ahead of time. A planning tool becomes increasingly valuable when your Instagram marketing techniques become increasingly elaborate. Regardless of whether you run a modest business or oversee a large workforce, this is essential. Planning, creating, and sharing timely, high-quality content becomes simpler when some of the tedious tasks are automated. Investing in a robust Instagram content scheduling tool can save you time and energy in the long run.

Use Hashtags purposefully

The hashtag is still a key factor when it relates to categorizing your content on Instagram, although the search functions have improved over time. Hashtags are a significant ranking indicator since they assist the algorithm in determining the topic of the content. As a result, using highly meaningful and prominent hashtags in your posts is a terrific approach to boost your visibility and presence on the platform.

If you want to strengthen your hashtag approach, start with these four suggestions:

  • Avoid using hashtags that are prohibited or banned as it can easily get your account shadow banned by the app. Even relatively harmless hashtags can end up on the restricted list, so do your homework and verify every hashtag you use on Instagram.
  • Popular posts in your industry can serve as brilliant a source of inspiration. Browse the posts on your Instagram Explore Page that are useful to you and take notice of widely utilized hashtags.
  • Ensure your hashtags are suited for your post's content, intended audience, sector, region, or branding.
  • Select hashtags that have a reasonable number of postings, but forgo oversaturated hashtags. Your work will have the best chance of getting viewed if it is around 10K and 250K.

Additionally, you must discover how to cater to the Instagram search engine when using hashtags, as part of utilizing hashtags with purpose. Instagram now allows users to search by keyword, indicating that the algorithm is taking into account visual content and caption semantics.

Keeping this in consideration, there are several steps you can do to improve the search engine optimization of your Instagram posts:

  • Incorporate approximately 30 hashtags in the caption or 1st comment of your post.
  • Across the captions, include interesting, highly-searched buzzwords.
  • Create alt text for your Instagram pictures by hand. To do so, go to the publishing flow's "Advanced Settings" and select "Write alt text." If you don't personally enter alt text, Instagram will utilize image recognition technologies to generate a descriptor for you; however, this is frequently misleading or missing in information.

Another important strategy to follow while posting on Instagram is to add a call to action to your posts. Promoting as many interactions as possible is one of the key strategies to handling the Instagram algorithm. The following are the most significant interactions for account ranking, according to Instagram:

  • Time spent viewing your posts
  • Saved posts
  • Comments and story replies
  • taps on your profile

What is the most effective approach to promote more of these interactions? Incorporate a strong call-to-action in the subtitles of your posts! This might be as simple as posing a question to your audience or encouraging them to mention a friend in the comment thread to join your newest event. We can now move on to the final algorithm hack: evolving with Instagram and its features.

Promote your Instagram across different platforms

Why should you spread the word about your Instagram account on various social media platforms?

Why not is a smarter question to ask? You have little to lose and plenty to gain. Your Instagram posts will receive more engagement if they receive greater social media visibility, and more people will follow your profile as a result. It's also a brilliant way to boost your reputation. Most likely, your Instagram photographs rank among your best-looking photo assets. Getting that out there doesn't hurt at all.

Additionally, it costs money to create new material for social media. By cross-promoting, you can repurpose some of the existing content while still getting the same returns at a significantly lower cost. Cross-promoting your profile on other channels is a wonderful place to start if you're looking for additional strategies to increase your Instagram following.

An important channel for cross-promoting your Instagram profile is Facebook. TikTok is another popular new-age platform. Linking your Instagram profile to your TikTok page is one of the first steps you can take to maximize Instagram traffic. Then you can make a couple of reels and post them on TikTok. This can inspire users to click through to your Instagram page and drive traffic from one network to the other.

Make finding your Instagram account simple for users. Nobody should have to search through your website's pages to discover your Instagram account. The social media accounts of Buffer are linked at the footer of our website.

Add the following to your Instagram bio:

  • Email sign-offs
  • the footer and/or sidebar of your website
  • Profiles on other social networking sites
  • Team member posts on social media

Cross-posting techniques that work well include:

  • Share a video you've posted on Instagram through your other accounts. Make the user go to Instagram to see the video, though. Your video's total views and the final number of followers will go up if you drive traffic to it.
  • Through Instagram's new algorithmic timeline, your more activity will also aid in increasing your exposure there.
  • Try to promote any contests you hold on social media using your other profiles. If they want to enter the event, followers will be compelled to follow you on Instagram. It's a simple method to make every contest you run more effective.

Now, all these tips are brilliant for anyone looking to grow on Instagram. But all of these tips can only work to their best potential if you ensure you're tracking your progress and performance on Instagram.

Why should you look into your metrics and growth?

How to make money on Instagram

If you have an Instagram business account, you get access to Instagram Insights, which is a free analytical tool. The Insights tool can tell you when your main demographic is on Instagram, which of your posts are the most successful, and how many impressions and influence your account has.

One of the many reasons we encourage upgrading to an Instagram business or creative profile is because Instagram Insights (Instagram's in-app statistics) is only available to company or creator profiles. You can simply check your metrics if you have an Instagram company or creator profile by going to the Insights tab in the Instagram app.

Begin by hitting the menu symbol in the top right-hand corner of your account, then choose the Insights tab to access your business or individual profile's metrics. You can also go to your profile page and tap the Insights icon. You'll find a wealth of stats and insights for your posts, stories, and consumer characteristics once you access your Insights.

You may also evaluate your initial post to a promotional version of the same post to see if your advertising efforts are paying off. Admittedly, you can exclusively use the tool inside the smartphone (there is no web version), and it isn't the most user-friendly, but it gives you a good basic description of your Instagram metrics for individual posts as well as your entire account.

Once you start posting keep track of the following Instagram Insights:

  • Number of people who have seen the story
  • The number of times a link shared in a Story has been clicked.
  • The overall number of taps to exit your story
  • Backward taps, or the number of people who pressed to see the earlier Story Forward taps, or the number of people who tapped to see your upcoming Story
  • How many distinct or unique accounts watched your Story?
  • The number of likes and comments on an Instagram Story.

Making Money on Instagram: In Conclusion

Determining which Instagram indicators to monitor can seem difficult if you're new to the realm of research and analytics. Studying and evaluating these indicators can be transformative for your brand's development once you're up to snuff. When it relates to tracking your brand's Instagram progress, one of the most crucial metrics to consider is reach.

If you want to raise brand exposure and reach the largest potential audience, you should concentrate on expanding your Instagram reach. Although the app's statistics may not arrange according to reach, you can independently check it. Social media management tools like Awesome Social offer great insights into your Instagram analytics and can even help forecast your future growth rate.

Making folks smile staging absurd photo shoots with your cat, or posting images of your favorite foods can all start as hobbies, but they can grow into the opportunity to use Instagram as a means of generating revenue thanks to your loyal community. Becoming an influencer on Instagram also has the benefit of having no entrance requirements. Almost anyone can open an Instagram account and use it to construct a successful, long-lasting business.

As a creator or brand with an extensive social media following made up of viewers who can't help but pause as they scroll by your post in their feed, there is a tonne of opportunities available. Your unique charm is what allows the door to open. All you have to do is navigate through it.

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