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Best Social Media Campaigns

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September 30 , 2021


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Best Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing plays a great role in business growth. And for this, there are whole separate teams, and some businesses take the help of social media schedulers as well, like Awesome Social.

Campaigns play a great role in social media marketing because they attract the audience and the customer base like no other. And, when it comes to Christmas, it’s the opportunity to bring in creative campaigns. Let’s just explore and look into the best Christmas campaigns.

· Budweiser:

We have always listened to “Wise men don’t drink and drive” and Budweiser turned it into a Christmas campaign. Several melodies and Christmas songs revolve around Christmas. And, Budweiser Prohibition campaign does this in a cool way. They partnered with the Department for Transport and created this amazing campaign of 'Think!' and drive.

With the help of digital campaigns and ads, the brand persuaded and convinced customers not to drink and drive in the festive and holiday period. Grab the liquor-free beer and enjoy it.

· Oreo:

Oreo usually doesn’t jump into occasion campaigns every year but last year they did. Apparently, the formula for an effective Christmas campaign incorporates an elf, festive music, and the delicious Oreo cookies. Sounds tasty! Right? The advertisement includes a clerk teaching an elf the proper way to eat an Oreo treat. We all know the right way! At least we know it! But seems like the elf doesn’t know it. Eventually, the elf learned how to eat the Oreo.

· Starbucks:

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Starbucks is a popular chain and with this campaign, they become even more popular. The “Project Give Good” was launched in the year 2017. The campaign involved offering gift cards so that the customers get the opportunity to take a break or catch up with a loved one over a coffee date. They also released new cups with lots of white space that the consumers enjoy coloring and personalizing for themselves.

And, this really helped in the increased consumer engagement. Moreover, they also encouraged people to post pictures of their cups under the hashtag #GiveGood. Yes! That’s how you create the best festive campaign. You can get the customers to get into the festive spirit and encourage the user-generated content simultaneously.

· UPS:

We all will agree that the holiday and Christmas season is a great time to do a social campaign. And, with some campaigns, it also becomes a global initiative for spreading goodwill and inspiration. The UPS #WishesDelivered campaign is a great example of a wonderful festive campaign that wonderfully combines authenticity and good deeds. The campaign starts with a Colorado Springs boy named Carson. The boy has a very heart-warming relationship with the UPS driver, Mr. Ernie.

And, in no time this became a successful yearly campaign. The stories with the campaign are worth exploring. They encouraged people to use the #WishesDelivered hashtag to share UPS’s stories or even their own. But, the campaign has more to it. The best part was donating to their charity partners each time the hashtag is used.

· Coca-Cola:

The sleepover in the famous Christmas truck is what we expect every Christmas season. Once you spot the coca-cola truck on your tv screen, you know that it’s Christmas. We all can remember this from the 2017 campaign. The brand decided to hold a fun competition in partnership with the “Laterooms”. And, the requirements? Yes! Quite easy. Just explain why the users consider themselves to be the “ultimate Christmas fan” for getting a chance of winning a sleepover in the famous Christmas truck. Furthermore, the lucky winners also receive presents from Santa and get to watch festive films. Apart from it, they also enjoy the Christmassy food to make their stay worth remembering.

Best Christmas cover photos:

Christmas cover photos also look good and plays important role in social media campaigns. Free social media management software can help you design and schedule your social media campaigns.

· Hershey’s:

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Hershey’s managed to use their “famous” kisses in the most amazing and fun way. Also, don’t forget that they introduced some new flavors on the festive occasion.

· Amazon:

Undoubtedly amazon knows that what vibes do Christmas holds and what Christmas is all about. Presents, nice gift packs, family, and a hot cocoa cup. And, amazon managed to cover it all up in their cover photo. One of the decent and eye-appealing Christmas campaigns.

· Penguins Books:

Penguins Books is a publishing house and the publisher of the best-selling books. Be it fiction, nonfiction, classics, or children’s books, they cover it all. And, the publishing house is also very active on social media. For the festive Christmas vibes, they beautifully designed and decorated their cover photo. A lovely set of books and illustrations represent the company brand and the festive vibes together.


Free social media management software gives us an idea of the social media campaigns. And, the popular brands show us how to do it correctly. The innovative ideas and the creative content of the campaign with some fun ideas definitely work for many brands and businesses. Take some inspiration and try to play with the ideas regarding social media marketing.

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