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Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

List of most subscribed channels on Youtube.

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Technology is transforming practically every part of our everyday lives in the age of immediate gratification and hyper-connectivity, and YouTube is one medium that has had a significant impact on this change. This widely used video platform has altered social media and society as we understand it, empowering everyone to build their own version of a media mogul provided they are privy to the correct resources.

The popularity of YouTube is immense in 2023. With over 2 billion visitors, it is the second-most-visited website worldwide, and visitors spend innumerable hours browsing and watching videos. When YouTube initially emerged, anyone could use it as a platform to upload whatever kind of video they wanted. Users were able to share, upload, and watch videos on the website without any limitations, it was hoped.

Since then, it has expanded to rank among the top video distribution websites worldwide. Offering ad space prior to or throughout the videos that they produce and upload to the website allows many content creators to make a respectable career today. There are a select few people who are capable of starting profitable businesses as YouTubers thanks to Google's AdSense and YouTube's Partner Programme.

The year 2005's Valentine's Day saw the launch of YouTube. Former Paypal workers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim came up with the idea for the platform. Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown to be a massive Internet existence. With hundreds of hours of video material being added every minute, it is currently accessible in more than 75 nations and 61 languages.

Google recognized the potential of this platform as a source of Internet video sharing worldwide. They reasoned that it was simply a matter of time before their money paid off by integrating the platform of YouTube with the massive amount of internet traffic that Google generates.

To finally generate some much-needed cash for the website, Google eventually integrated its advertisement services into the platform's video content. And it undoubtedly succeeded. According to Forbes magazine, YouTube was producing around $200 million a year by June 2008, largely as a result of growth in ad sales.

The "influencer" economy, where individuals are encouraged to spread content in order to attract followers and earn money, has also emerged as a result. Additionally, it has given people and organizations a platform to express their thoughts and experiences, thus fostering a lively international discussion. Furthermore, YouTube has contributed to creating an equal playing field in terms of consuming media. Everyone with an internet connection can now access content from every corner of the world thanks to YouTube since the site offers free access to content and removes restrictions like geographic location.

A major boost to the freedom of expression for artists has been YouTube, which gives them a platform to showcase their skills and ideas to a global audience. Independent artists, producers, and other creatives now have numerous chances to present their work to a global audience.

Furthermore, it has provided them with access to tools like tutorials and guidance from business experts, enabling them to refine their craft and advance their skills.

Additionally, YouTube is a fantastic platform for content producers to make money. It has made it possible for many creative individuals to support themselves through their work by monetizing their films using advertising and other strategies. YouTube includes videos on every subject imaginable, from food shows to gamers. If you're hoping to become a YouTuber, you probably want to know who has the most subscribed youtube channels. In this vast ocean of creators, some channels are run by partnerships with professional teams, while others go in solo as they try to run the show.

Let's take a dive into the top 20 YouTube channels run by individual content creators and how far they've come.

Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

1) T-Series

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

PewDiePie had the most subscribers on his YouTube page for quite some time. Then along came T-Series, an Indian music label and film-making firm. Despite PewDiePie's best efforts, he has fallen far behind T-Series in terms of subscriber count. T-Series is currently the YouTube channel with the most subscribers, and it has existed for decades before the Internet as we know it.

T-Series is an Indian record company and cinema production company that was founded in 1983. It is well-known for its Bollywood tunes and Indian pop music. They have music videos and movie trailers on their YouTube account, which has been the most popular since 2017. English, Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, and Rajasthani are among the languages in which the channel offers videos. The channel has a staggering 242 million subscribers and this number is only set to grow. T-Series trumps all accounts on the platform due to the massive gap between it and the second channel on this list.

2) Cocomelon

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

A British firm called Moonbug Entertainment purchased the American YouTube channel Cocomelon, which American company Treasure Studio is responsible for operating. The animated 3D videos of both classic rhymes for children and their own fresh children's music are the company's field of expertise.

They are the second-most watched and subscribed channel on YouTube worldwide with 159 million subscribers, after T-Series, as of July 2021. They also had the most subscribers among children's channels. Adults, kids, and animals interact with one another in real life in the clips created by Cocomelon. Netflix, Roku, and Hulu now feature Cocomelon material thanks to Treasure Studio. Outside of YouTube, Cocomelon's videos became well-liked; in September 2020, Netflix listed Cocomelon as their third most popular show.

3) Sony Entertainment Television

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Established on September 30, 1995, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) operates as an Indian Hindi-language mainstream media pay television channel managed by Culver Max Entertainment, a division of the Japanese Sony. As of April 2023, the SET India YouTube page had over 156 million subscribers, placing it third among all YouTube channels in terms of subscriber numbers and cumulative views with over 143 billion.

When this channel first debuted in September 1995, it began showing numerous dramatic and reality programs. Additionally, it started broadcasting all Disney Channel programs and films up until 2003.

4) MrBeast

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly referred to as MrBeast is an American YouTuber and philanthropist who was born on May 7, 1998. He has been credited with creating a subgenre of pricey stunt-focused YouTube videos. His primary YouTube account is the fourth-most subscribed youtube channels with over 155 million subscribers members, and some people believe he is the most popular channel with an individual owner.

At the young age of 13, he started uploading movies on YouTube under the name MrBeast6000. His early videos included Let's Plays and assessments of other YouTubers' wealth. After his "Counting to 100,000" video received tens of thousands of views in just a couple of days in 2017, he went viral, and since then, his popularity has only grown.

His content style evolved over time to incorporate challenging tasks or endurance challenges, contributions and challenge videos with cash prizes, and unique vlogs. As his channel gained popularity, Donaldson enlisted the help of Chris Tyson along with other childhood pals to co-manage the business. The MrBeast team currently consists of 30, including Donaldson, as of 2023.

Donaldson also manages the channels on YouTube, including Beast Reacts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast 2, and the charity channel Beast Philanthropy in addition to MrBeast. He used to run MrBeast 3, but it's no longer operational. He was among the top 10 paid YouTubers in 2020, and he currently inspires viewers to pursue a career on the platform.

5) PewDiePie

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a popular YouTuber from Sweden who specializes in Let's Play videos and comic formats. Kjellberg is one of the most well-known internet personalities and content producers because of his YouTube fame and considerable media coverage.

He has been characterized in the media as the face of YouTube, particularly when it comes to the gaming subgenre. Kjellberg, who was born and raised in Gothenburg, established his "PewDiePie" YouTube account in 2010. His main focus was placed on producing Let's Play videos of horror and action games. Prior to being the most subscribed channel on YouTube on August 15, 2013, his channel gathered a sizable following and was among the fastest-growing channels during 2012 and 2013.

Kjellberg's channel received the most views on the website from 29 December 2014 to 14 February 2017. During this time, the emphasis of his work changed from Let's Plays to vlogs, comedic shorts, structured shows, and music videos. Online, Kjellberg's programming was already well known for its divisive reaction among broad audiences, but in the latter part of the 2010s, it gained further notoriety and came under more intense scrutiny from the press.

Kjellberg was surpassed as the most subscribed YouTube channel in 2019 in a public rivalry with the Indian musical company T-Series. After this rivalry Kjellberg subsequently established a more serious online persona, uploading less frequently, and taking more frequent pauses from using the Internet, and currently has 111 million subscribers on his channel. He eventually chose to upload on YouTube for leisure rather than as a career and gradually reduced the frequency of his uploads and now is choosing to spend more time offline.

6) Kids Diana Show

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Eva Diana Kidisyuk, also known as Kids Diana Show online, is a YouTuber of Ukrainian descent. Her brother Roma, parents Volodymyr and Olena, and she all run a number of YouTube channels that feature roleplay-focused kiddie content. Her primary channel has the sixth-highest viewing and subscription numbers worldwide with 111 million subscribers. Children's music, unboxing, vlogging, instructional entertainment, and roleplaying are among Diana's genres of content.

Olena and Volodymyr Kidisyuk began producing YouTube videos as a pastime. Diana first made an appearance in a video in 2015 when Olena started a YouTube page to share videos of Diana with her friends and family. The channel expanded swiftly, reaching 1 million subscribers in less than a year.

Her older brother, Roma Kidisyuk, manages the Kids Roma Programme YouTube channel. Numerous languages, including Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian, German, Portuguese, and Arabic, are dubbed onto the channels owned by her family. Diana received nominations for the Parenting, Families, and Kids category of the 2021 Short Awards as well as the Kids and Family category of the 2020 Tenth Annual Streamy.

7) Like Nastya

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

YouTuber Like Nastya, whose real name is Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, is a Russian-American child personality. Children's music, informative entertainment, unboxing, video blogging, and roleplays are just some of Anastasia's talents. She has Arabic, French, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and other languages available on her channels. She is currently the youngest content creator to achieve such a high subscriber count at 105 million subscribers on the platform.

Before establishing their channel, Anastasia's parents, Sergey and Anna, each had small businesses in Krasnodar, Russia. After selling their businesses in 2015, Anastasia's parents started a YouTube channel in January 2016 that quickly gained popularity thanks to its kid-friendly content. In 2018, the family moved to Miami, Florida, and signed with the network Yoola and social media corporation Jellysmack.

8) Vlad and Nikki

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Siblings Vladislav Vashketov, born on February 26, 2013, and Nikita Vashketov, born on June 4, 2015, created the YouTube channel called Vlad and Niki. Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, who are their parents, are Russian natives who manage 21 YouTube channels in 18 different languages. On April 23, 2018, Vlad and Nikita launched their YouTube channel, motivating their father to resign from his position in sales to assist with brands and licensing.

They have roleplaying, video blogging, and promotional videos. The channel and Haven Global, an Australian licensing company, agreed to work together to create new content, consumer goods, and mobile app licenses under their respective brands. They also agreed to develop toys under their moniker with Playmates Toys, a Hong Kong-based producer. Their channel currently hosts 97.2 million subscribers with over 75 billion views.

9) WWE

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The most subscribed sports channel on the list is WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE, which is incredibly well-liked all around the world, has 95 million subscribers overall. The WWE channel features material from their collections, including old fights and interviews, as well as highlights of recent matches. The American commercial wrestling promotion known as WWE is called World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

WWE, a multi-national comprehensive media and entertainment organization, has also made inroads into other industries, such as American football, movies, and other economic pursuits. The business also engages in licensing its intellectual property to businesses so they can create video games and toys with action figures. As the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the promotion was established in 1953. It is the biggest wrestling promotion worldwide, with a developmental roster centered in Orlando, Florida, and a major roster split into two main traveling units.

10) Zee Music

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Zee Music Co. (ZMC), a division of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, is an Indian music label. It does most of its business out of New Delhi. In a short amount of time, the organization has significantly increased its market share in Bollywood music. Since its debut, it has faced fierce rivalry from T-Series. Its agreements with Fox Star Studios Balaji Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, and Bhansali Productions are among its most lucrative music rights agreements.

2018 saw the beginning of negotiations between Zee Music Company and Sony Music India to merge the two labels while keeping the Zee Music Company moniker. Zee Music's YouTube channel currently sees 95.2 million subscribers, almost identical to the numbers seen on the WWE channel.

11) Blackpink

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Blackpink, sometimes dubbed the "biggest girl group in the entire world," is the most popular Korean girl group abroad. They are the most frequently followed and streamed female group on Spotify, the most subscribed music artist with over 88.6 million subscribers, and the owner of the most watched music channel on YouTube.

YG Entertainment created the South Korean girl group Blackpink, which consists of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa. The group made its debut in August 2016 with the release of their solo album Square One, which included the songs "Whistle" and "Boombayah," which became their first number-one hit on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart and the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart, respectively.

12) Goldmines

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

A Hindi-language channel called Goldmines Telefilms airs comedies, songs, and films. They currently show around 85.5 million subscribers on the platform.


Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Culver Max Entertainment owns the commercial television network SONY SAB in India. On April 23, 1999, Gautam Adhikari and Markand Adhikari under the name SAB TV and their firm Sri Adhikari Brothers (thus the abbreviation) established Sony SAB. It was initially introduced as a humorous channel in Hindi. Their YouTube channel currently has 81.1 million subscribers.

In March 2005, Sony Pictures Networks acquired SAB TV and changed its name to Sony SAB. The channel now has a general entertainment focus and will eventually become a channel for young people. Sony SAB modified its positioning in 2008 to become a Hindi-language mainstream network. But it wasn't until September 2011 that the logo officially renewed the channel's moniker by changing to "Sony SAB." On September 5, 2016, the channel's high-definition stream became live.

14) 5 Minute Crafts

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

TheSoul Publishing is the owner of the DIY-focused YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts. It is the 13th most subscribed channel on this platform as of November 2022 with over 79.5 million subscribers. The channel is also one of Facebook's five most popular pages. Its headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus. The YouTube videos made by 5-Minute Crafts are collections of earlier videos that were uploaded on Facebook or Instagram.

The majority of the channel's videos are how-to-styled tutorials on crafts, life hacks, and occasionally science projects. The videos on the channel use a technique where the lens is fixed on a table with things and just a person's hands are visible in the frame while creating content with these objects, which are typically food and DIY materials and tools. It was reported in November 2022 that 5-Minute Crafts would be accessible to stream on Kidoodle.TV in English and Spanish as well as Samsung TV+ in Sweden, Spain, and the Benelux.

15) Bangtan TV

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

BTS the K-pop boyband that took the world by storm is the next channel on this list. Their YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of over 74.8 million fans. South Korean boy band Bangtan Boys was established in 2010. The members of the group—Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—co-write or co-produce the majority of their songs.

Originally a hip-hop group, they have since expanded their musical style to include a variety of genres. Their lyrics have primarily dealt with issues related to mental health, adolescence, coming of age, loss, the path to self-love, independence, and the effects of fame and recognition. Their discography and related work also contain an alternate reality plot and references to philosophical, artistic, and psychological ideas.

16) Justin Beiber

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Pop definitely helps you succeed on YouTube. Justin Bieber, a former child music sensation who is now a regular music sensation, is up next. Since he was genuinely found on YouTube, it appears inevitable that he is so high on the list. With over 30 billion views, his YouTube channel is presently the most popular music page for an individual on the site. He held the all-time record for six years and continues to have more than 71.4 million subscribers, making him the most followed solo artist on YouTube. The second-most popular artist of all time, Justin Bieber, has 11 music videos that have amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube. His most recent is "Beauty and a Beat." With over 23 million views since its 2010 upload, the music video for Justin Bieber's song "Baby" is one of the most popular ones on YouTube.

His YouTube channel includes music videos, promotional material, interviews, and behind-the-scenes recordings, all of which are typical of musicians. Singer Justin Drew Bieber is from Canada. Bieber is renowned for his ability to mix musical genres and for having a global impact on contemporary popular music. When he secured a record deal with RBMG Records in 2008 after being discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun, he became famous after the publication of his debut seven-track EP, My World, in 2009. He quickly became known as a teen idol worldwide.

17) Hybe Labels

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Since K-pop has become increasingly popular in recent years, it should come as no surprise that related channels are included on this list more than once. Hybe Labels as a YouTube channel hosts 70.7 million subscribers in total as of 2023. Big Hit Entertainment, which is in charge of managing prominent K-pop bands like BTS, used to operate the channel, which had previously been known as the Big Hit Labels channel. Several acts' videos are shown on the channel.

Bang Si-hyuk founded the global South Korean entertainment company Hybe Co., Ltd. in 2005 under the name Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. The business is a record label, performance agency, music producer, concert and event management organisation, and production house for music. The group of its subsidiaries, known as Hybe Labels, consists of Big Hit Music, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, Belift Lab, KOZ Entertainment, and ADOR.

18) Zee TV

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The next massive YouTube channel is another Indian tv station. Online, Zee TV was able to generate a lot of attention, they currently have over 69 million subscribers on the platform. The channel's programming is similar to that of other TV channels; it has trailers, snippets from series, promos, and profiles with its stars in an effort to increase the number of viewers who pay for the channel's TV shows.

An Indian general entertainment pay channel is called Zed TV. As the very first privately owned TV channel in the nation, it debuted on October 2, 1992. Zee Entertainment Enterprises is the owner. In 1995, Zed TV also debuted in the UK. In October 1998, Zed TV also debuted in the US.

19) Pinkfong

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

The Pinkfong corporation, formerly known as Smart Study and Smart Books Media, is a South Korean educational media corporation that also owns the Pinkfong brand for children's education. A large portion of their success comes from the popularity of their Youtube channel with over 67.3 million subscribers. The majority of Pinkfong is made up of kids' songs, with "Baby Shark" being the most well-known.

The song's dancing video subsequently went famous on YouTube, with just over 12 billion views as of January 2023. Their channel features music, tales, and dances, all of which are embodied by Pinkfong, a pink alien fox. More than 4,000 children's songs, books, video games, and other goods are available from the international development company.

20) Canal KondZilla

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Brazilian screenwriter and filmmaker Konrad Cunha Dantas, also known by his professional moniker KondZilla or simply KOND, was born on September 13, 1988. He founded KondZilla Records, a music video development firm and record label that is frequently recognized as being the primary force behind the popularisation of funk ostentaço.

With 66.5 million members and 36.5 billion views, he presently holds the most popular YouTube channel in Brazil and Latin America as well as the third-largest music channel in the entire world.

With that, we reach the end of the list. Being the most subscribed person on YouTube solidifies your influence and makes it possible for you to earn a sizable salary.

YouTubers can make money from the commercials that appear on their videos, but they can also find work as ambassadors for brands for product placements, feedback, and collaborations.

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