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Should you hide comments of your Facebook pages?

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January 3 , 2022


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Should you hide comments of your Facebook pages?

If some people have some problem with your genuine product or service, it can also be measured as a negative comment. Even the most loved brands and celebrities sometimes may find these comments making their way to their respective Facebook pages.

While some of these comments may come from a genuine cause of concern and request for improvement in a certain section of your business & operations, others may have been planted to criticize, manipulate, troll, or even, to lower your brand's reputation. Such comments require immediate attention and must be treated as soon as possible with an effective strategy.

Types of Negative Comments on Facebook

1) Complaints

Complaints may be one of those negative comments left on your Facebook page by unsatisfied or angry clients. So one of the best ways to handle all those negative complaints is by providing a better solution and a heartfelt apology.

It’s never enough just to apologize as you will come across as insincere; you have to resolve the issue and follow up with the customer to make sure everything has worked out.

Complaints are generally negative comments, but it also has a good factor that lets you know where you can still be better at and the genuine review of a user who interacted with your content and product.

Customers who have had a bad experience with you but, through great customer service, have become advocates for your business. So we always need to find the best solution for our customers.

So make sure you don’t ignore your customers’ complaints! Also, it’s always good to screenshot negative comments and keep a record.

2) Trolling

Trolling comments are negative comments that people make over you without any reason, only in anger, hate or grabbing audience attention. The whole social media is filled with these kinds of trollers, and they are always there to decrease your motivation and positivity.

The best way of getting rid of these trolls is simply by ignoring them because they are frustrated fellows who seek attention, and most people in anger reply to them and make the matter even bigger. So the best way of handling these trolls is always to ignore them.

3) Malicious or abusive comments

The comments contain misleading and abusive words that can mislead the audience. Also, these comments can be very inappropriate for the audience who sees them.

Enforcing rules will not only help you keep your page cleaner,  but it will also help other users feel safer.

4) Comments Containing threats and warning

“I will kill you” this kind of threatening comment can be a very negative comment and you just need to get rid of it as soon as possible cause these are direct threats and warnings which can lead to a social threat and personal and mental damage.

So for these kinds of negative threatful comments you just need to simply take a legal action like calling the police and talking to a legal advisor.

5) Self Promotion

You must have seen the comment section filled with all the self promotion tactics to divert a targeted audience from an account. These are also categorized as negative comments because it can be considered as stealing a particular audience base.

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6) Spam and diversion

In negative commenting spam is the most seen one. Spam means when people paste the misguiding and broken links to your comment section. They are used to divert the audience and want them to take certain action on the website.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Hiding Comments on Facebook

As we have discussed there are proper calculated steps which you should consider before taking any direct action for the negative comments like hiding it or whatever you do with that comment.

We know that a particular comment made over your comment section by a user is visible to everyone on the internet and there is a large amount of audience especially the one who follows you can easily see and view that piece of comment on your post.

So the action which you take or how you handle that comment especially the negative one is visible to everyone and most of the audience is already waiting for your response so this is totally upon you how you use your mind and transmit that negative comment for an effective marketing and grabbing the opportunity through it.

Pros Of Hiding Negative Comments

As we discussed earlier, hiding negative comments can be a boon for brands and individual causes. Through this you directly end up the root cause which could send a negative sentiment among your audience.

If you don't want the negative comment to spread all over your page and catch the attention of many users and audience.

So hiding the comments as soon as possible which you do not want to spread and feel is not able to be solved or replyable than hiding a particular comment is the best choice left for you.

Cons Of Hiding Negative Comments

Hiding comments can also be a trouble for you and your page. Like when you hide non-negative, offensive, trolling comments at a large extent and users notice that happening which most of them definitely will, so it could be a reason for less transparency and trust over a particular brand or person.

Social media is all about transparency and freedom of conveying your thoughts to the whole world and getting the full right of receiving a brief reply or answer of your query.

A genuine complaint or suggestion related to a customer can share on the comment and it is his genuine right to get the reply for this query or suggestion. And some of the brands and content creators even hide the non negative comments which are just asked for information and genuine problems.

So try to solve the users query in the comments section, do not try to hide them blindly try providing them the genuine reply about their query and convert them into a highly satisfied client which would direct him to be a genuine fan and also inspire a lot of other viewers towards your dedication and brand values.

Comparing Options: Hiding, Deleting, and Restricting Negative Comments on Facebook

Facebook offers various ways of dealing with negative spams and getting the better control over your facebook profile and content over it for a better branding and user experience

Hiding: Hiding a facebook comment is the most used option by most users to simply restrict a piece of comment made by a user by reaching other users and audience present on the internet.

By hiding a particular comment in your comment section we freeze that chosen comment and that can not be visible to other people on the platform; only the admin and the user who made a particular comment will be able to see it.

We should hide these type of facebook comments:

  • Are spam
  • Are offensive or inappropriate
  • Are reported by the other users
  • Produced by trolls who just want to ruin your reputation and gather attention.

Comments that can hurt your brand image and can be a threat to your online reputation should be hidden before they reach a huge amount of users and plant a negative image among users until fully researched or proven.

Similarly, the comments posted by the unsatisfied user who will just stay unhappy even when provided the best output should be hidden, because there is no benefit in wasting time on such a person and letting them ruin the brand image.

Deleting: Deleting a comment would work for you when you just want the commenting part to totally vanish from the social media and no one will be able to see that even you and the commenter.

So deleting a facebook page comment should be used when you want a particular comment to be deleted from all over the web and should not be visible to any user anymore.

So when things don't work out after hiding a particular comment try deleting it and getting rid of the root problem

Restricting: Restricting is a very powerful and highly used commenting function offered by facebook to page admins by which they can sort out the whole comment section according to their sight and need.

By restricting a selected user comment you can easily get rid of a selected user to make comments on your profile in future. So the restricted user won't be able to make any comments on the selected page.

It will help you when you receive a negative comment from a particular user and want to get rid of him forever. So restricting is the best way of limiting a particular user from commenting on your content.

Easily restrict a recurring user and stop them by making any comment over your content by restricting them.

Hiding Comments on Facebook Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps to hide a comment on Facebook:

  • Open the Facebook post and scroll down to the comment you want to hide
  • Hover your mouse over the comment and click on the three dots on the right
  • In the pop-up card, select Hide comment option

When you hide a comment on Facebook, the comment will be hidden from the public but the user won't be notified. Although, the user and your audience might start to notice if you hide genuine comments often so be careful on the use.

Deleting Comments on Facebook Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

To delete a comment posted by someone else on one of your posts, just select the three dots to the right of the post. Select Delete from the pull-down menu.

Note: Keep in mind that to delete someone else's comment on Facebook, the post needs to be a response to one of your posts or if someone made a post on your wall. You can't delete someone else's comment on someone else's post, and you can't delete someone else's post on their own wall or someone else's wall.

Restricting Users from Commenting on Your Facebook Profile

Through restricting a user you get rid of the particular profile from making comments over your facebook profile or page.

1.    Tap

or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

2.    Tap

in the top right, then tap


3.    Tap Privacy, then tap Comments.

4.    Next to Block comments from, tap People.

5.    Enter the name of the person you want to block, then tap Block next to their name.

Alternative Ways to Handle Negative Comments on Facebook Pages

We have discussed a few of the most followed ways of dealing with the negative comments over your facebook page or ad but now we will uncover some of the better ways to get rid of these without losing your brand voice and making the matter bigger which comes to people's attention.

So here are some of the best ways:

Setting non-tolerance rules: whenever these activities start taking place at your hub and try to manipulate the surrounding through their negativity and disturb the good vibes. Setting some non tolerable rules will be a profitable deal.

These rules should be strict and let the audience know about the consequences which could take place when passing the line. So those commenters will think twice before putting any of the negative comments in your comment section.

Respond to them: when a person has shown his anger or thought about your product or service in the comment section which has already been seen by a large amount of audience and the question is genuine and meant to be answered, so you should definitely respond to the comment and try to get in the commenters shoes.

Solving a genuine problem and apologizing about it will definitely provide a good image about your brand in people's mind which is called brand persona. So be as much as helpful to the audience which has genuine appeal and solve that immediately.

This action would definitely add value to other users about your brand and provide a highly in depth and organic marketing.. They’ll appreciate it, it gives you a chance to rescue a guest experience, and other users will take notice, too.

Let Them Be Alone: Sometimes letting those comments go away is the best option because some people just keep complaining about your product and you can’t help them by a response and declaration.

These comments are of no use and handling them would only grab you to the ground. The logical audience will handle these commenters on their own and you don't even need to be there in the conversation.

Concluding Thoughts on Whether to Hide Comments on Your Facebook Pages

Hiding comments can be a double game for you according to the situations, it can save you or hurt you. There is no place left on the internet where you could not find the haters. Even some of the biggest brands of all time like apple, amazon, nike and many others are facing all the hate and negativity.

Negative Comments will be there forever no one can help it, but how you can convert that into a big opportunity for outshining is the key. Most of the brands use their negative comments as the advantage and get the profit.

Just always keep in mind always be at the audience side and never try to lose your brand voice for which you stand.

I hope this article must have helped you out while choosing the best way to get rid of negative comments on your Facebook page or ad and also found some of the most useful ways.

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