How to repost content on Instagram? A complete guide

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October 1 , 2022


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How to repost content on Instagram? A complete guide

As long as you get permission from the original poster to utilize their work, you can repost it on Instagram in a few easy steps. Instagram only makes it possible to republish content on stories. The person in question should be contacted, nevertheless, if you want to repost their work in your feed. Reposting is an activity that numerous companies and individuals have been doing for a while now, even though it's not an official function of Instagram's applications or website. However, you must understand how to repost on Instagram—commonly referred to as a regram—to include other people's work in your account.

If you're looking to promote and republish your Instagram content, and are curious about how to repost, you've come to the right place!

In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of the in-app sharing options for Instagram account posts, stories, IGTV, and clips. Additionally, you'll discover how to correctly reshare Instagram content and how you can do it with approval from the original poster. First, let's understand what we mean by reposting or regramming content on Instagram.

What is Reposting or Regramming on Instagram?

Regramming is the act of sharing an Instagram post from another user in your feed. It's a method of sharing content that is relatively similar to Twitter's Retweet function. Regramming a regular feed article requires a few additional steps, whereas Retweets may be completed with the click of a single button.

This functionality isn't possible on Instagram as it lacks a native reposting capability, in contrast to other social media networks.  We'll go through several fresh ways to share posts in that particular format that have emerged with the popularity of Instagram Stories below. Thankfully, users continue to come up with inventive ways to regram even in the absence of a one-click function for reposting common feed items. The solution to elevating your marketing approach on the photo-sharing site is to learn how and when to republish content on Instagram. It is recommended that you ask the original author for consent before reposting so you can utilize their work.

You can follow any of these steps to get someone's permission to repost content:

●     DM the original poster and ask for their permission.

●     Comment on their picture to open a conversation with them.

●     Connect through email to address any concerns and obtain express consent. Generally, users have tabs that lead to their email address on their feed, but if not, you can DM them instead and start a conversation over email.

Now that we've covered the basic guidelines of reposting content with authorization, let's move on to how you can repost content on Instagram.

How to repost an Instagram Story

You can only repost anyone else's Instagram story to your own if you were mentioned in the original post. You'll receive a message in your messages when anyone mentions you in their Story. You can choose to share your Story from there by taking a screenshot or directly from the add to your Story feature.

The Story post will display in your Story creator if you select the second choice, where you may pinch and expand to trim or relocate it. As with any other Story, you can use stickers, cartoons, and captions. But remember, you can only reshare the Story in which you have been mentioned, even if the user created a chain of posts related to your brand unless they have tagged you, you can't reshare the content without manually taking screenshots and then uploading them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if an account is private, you won't be able to view its Stories as a regular message; instead, it will show up in your message requests. As such, while using Instagram for marketing, be sure to frequently check your message requests. Now that we know how to repost a Story you have been tagged in, let's move on to regramming in-feed content on your Stories.

How to repost an Instagram Post on your Stories

Uploading feed content to your stories on Instagram is simple. All you need to do is tap the paper airplane symbol on any feed item, whether it is one of your own or somebody else's, and then select Add Post to Your Story within the pop-up selection. Whenever you upload a feed post to your Story, the image from the original post gets embedded within the Story and is accessible, directing viewers there when they click on it.

As with any Story, you may enrich your postings with sketches, icons, or text to better capture your follower's attention. Posting a feed post to your Instagram Story is a fantastic method to bring awareness to that content among your community, specifically if your stories often receive more views in comparison to your static feed posts. Sharing Instagram feed posts from other users to your Story is a terrific way to collaborate, form corporate connections, and empower your community with valuable advice and tools.

How to Repost Content Manually

Here are a few simple tips on how to manually republish photos:

●     First take a screenshot of the post, story, or screen record of the video you want to share with your audience.

●     Then head on over to Instagram, and click the record button to share your screenshot in the Instagram photo library.

●     Once you've stored your photo in your photo library, open Instagram and tap on the camera icon. From there, choose your screenshot just like you would any other photo you wanted to post there.

●     Magnify and make the needful alterations to the picture

●     Afterward, you could edit your post such that it contains only the post's original photo. You can accomplish this using Instagram's resizing features, or if you'd prefer to crop the image before uploading it, you can use the camera roll editing features on your smartphone.

●     Lastly, create a caption.  Make sure to give the image's original poster credit in the description and mention their Instagram profile. This is the most important step in the entire process as not giving credit to the original poster can damage your business or brand's reputation in the long run. Utilizing high-quality templates for posters can significantly enhance the visual appeal and impact of your content, ensuring that it captures the audience's attention and aligns with your brand aesthetic.

The third-party app method

You can transfer the original photo and description into your own Instagram post by using tools provided by third parties that enable reposting. These applications often add a brief phrase along with the source account's username as a watermark to the picture. A couple of years ago, this method was extremely widespread, but today's API connectivity limitations have made it more difficult.

The more convenient way, for now, is to screen capture the image you wish to submit, resize it to fit, and then upload it as a new picture to your profile. Using a screenshot still requires you to either duplicate the image's original wording or create your own.

If you add your own caption, ensure that you don't forget to make the wording correlate with the context of the image. With that, we're done with understanding the different methods of regramming content on Instagram. Let's now delve into some practices to follow when reposting content on Instagram.

Best practices when reposting Instagram content

Respect the original poster's perspective

This indicates you should limit the number of adjustments you make to the post you wish to reshare. Avoid cropping or applying effects in a manner that detracts from the primary image. Try to keep the context and meaning of the original caption as well. Don't merely use the image and describe your upcoming sale if the caption was created as a way of complementing the image.

Incorporate both original and recycled content

A feed that solely includes material that has been reposted is generally just a reposting account. New material should still be the foundation of your Instagram strategy if you are a brand offering products or services. Your UGC effort can focus more on showcasing the insights and product applicability through the eyes of your clients.

Maintain the brand's aesthetic

The things you republish should still be somewhat on brand. For instance, you would not wish to repost anything that is predominantly bright yellow if your brand color is blue and it appears across your profile's feed. If you're using a quote from the initial post in a description, keep in mind it still needs to accurately represent your business and the personality of the brand.

Research the original poster's profile beforehand

Verify the user's information to make sure it's a reliable profile to repost from as well. If they've done certain things or posted content that doesn't align with your views or help your brand in any way, do not repost their content. This is because reposts function as a promotion for the creator even though they aren't an official endorsement. Which makes it all the more important that you do thorough checks on their account before reposting something on your feed.

Use User Generated Content

User-generated material can also be found in abundance in your Instagram alerts. A fresh mention or tag can also be a terrific content source for your Instagram feed, so maintain a watch for them. People appreciate being thanked for their social media contributions and efforts. And occasionally, getting in touch with someone and asking to share some of their material on your business's page may be a terrific opportunity to both recognize their hard work and find potential brand ambassadors.

User-generated content (UGC) also performs remarkably well. 90% of consumers claim that user-generated content (UGC) has a greater impact on their purchasing decisions than advertising emails or perhaps even search engine outcomes. You may showcase customers, and professional testimonials of your product by reposting on Instagram. UGC is frequently regarded as more reliable because, unless it's an endorsement, a buyer is not receiving anything from endorsing your company's product or service; rather, they are merely doing it to express their appreciation to their followers.

Reposting content on Instagram : Key Takeaway

Whenever reposting content on Instagram, don't hesitate to ask the author's agreement. Remember that if you use someone else's content on your Instagram account without their consent, they may engage in legal proceedings against you, perhaps going as far as suing you. They could pursue your brand in a lawsuit for all revenues made from that post if you received any earnings from that post. Nobody wants to deal with a legal issue, so always get consent beforehand and you'll be good to go.

Reposting or regramming is an easy strategy that boosts interaction and enhances the volume of your Instagram posts.  Knowing how to republish on Instagram now allows you to enrich your account with material from marketers, customers, and friends. Use the techniques listed above to swiftly and efficiently reshare your favourite information, but make sure to credit the author of the original post. Remember that if you use someone else's work on your Instagram profile without their consent, they may pursue legal recourse against you.