The 5 Most Viewed Instagram Videos

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October 1 , 2022


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The 5 Most Viewed Instagram Videos

Have you ever wondered whose Instagram video has garnered the most views overall? This list explores the top 5 Instagram clips with the most views and shows you how to create similar content to put your business at the top of the search results page!

Before we get into the list, let's first explore the various video formats on Instagram and how you can make a reel, Instagram lives, and the traditional Instagram video!

1) Instagram Reels

Selfie while recording a TikTok
Photo by Aaron Weiss / Unsplash

Instagram's newest video format is called Reels. These are typically 15-30 second videos, inspired by TikTok, and may be made with Instagram's camera or shared via the Image Library. Scripted text, Augmented filters, green screen mode, timing and speed options, and connectivity to an audio library are among the available effects.

Although a reel can last up to 60 seconds, most creators have discovered that shorter reels perform better. If you're looking into one of the fastest ways to reach new audiences, try your hand at making a Reel. Use these steps to create and share your Reels on Instagram:

●     Open the Reels feature-

●     Press the "+" button in the bottom center of the page after you've opened the Instagram app. Swipe to the right until you reach the Reels option.

●     Choose the runtime of your video-

●     Determine whether you want to capture a 15-second or 30-second video by pressing the top button on the left side.

●     Make your Reel more interesting by adding music to it-

●     Browse or explore the songs you want to utilize by pressing the music icon on the left side of the screen. Then, by tapping on your music, select the part of the song you wish to hear.

●     Select a video speed-

●     After that, you'll want to choose your video's speed. There are five different speed settings available, ranging from to. 3 to 3 times.

●     Select your effects.

●     You can use filters or effects from Instagram's gallery, just like you can with Instagram Stories. You can also film numerous clips with various effects at the same time.

●     Setup a timer-

●     It's now time to start your timer. Select the length of your video by pressing the clock icon on the left side of the page. Then select a 3-second or 10-second countdown by pressing the countdown button. Press "Set Timer" when you're ready.

●     Record the reel-

●     Press the record button in the center of the screen when you're ready to start recording.

●     Share your Reel-

●     Tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen when you're done. You can opt to share the Reel to Reels in your Feed, the Reels section, in Explore, or your Stories.

Try to use trending music, dances, and issues when you're creating a reel. Join in the fun and pick up a few new trends. Simply put your unique spin on it to make yourself stand out from the pack.

Now that we're done with Reels let's move right into the Instagram Live format.

2) Lives

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for promoting your products, engaging with potential consumers, and expanding your reach. On Instagram Live, though, there are no redos, so planning is crucial! Streaming live on Instagram is one of the most personal, honest, and realistic ways to communicate with your followers. Posting an Instagram Live can also help you get more recognizable on the platform.

So let's jump right into how you can share your live stream video on Instagram.

  1. To ensure the live stream is as high quality as feasible, ensure you have a stable Internet connection before you commence live streaming.
  2. Next swipe right from the feed to activate the Stories camera, select 'Live,' and then 'Start Live Video.' You can stay live for roughly an hour and will be notified when new individuals join.
  3. The longer you are on the air, the more opportunities your fans will have to join you. Your most active followers will most likely get a message that you're live, and your live post will rise to the top of their feed's stories bar.
  4. While you're live you always have the opportunity to start a Q&A session. During the live, either ask for questions or use the comments sticker in Stories to gather questions ahead of time.
  5. Additionally, you can go live with a collaborator, creator, or fan. Using "Live With" sends a message to your collaborators' followers, thus it's a terrific method to reach new people.
  6. Finally, save your live video and share it on Instagram Stories. When you're done, hit the End button in the top right corner, then tap to approve. You may save it to your photo library or upload it to your stories by tapping the save icon in the top left corner. Your live video will be available for 24 hours on Instagram Stories. You may upload your video and share it on Instagram Stories, feed, and IGTV once you've saved it to your photo library.

And with that, we come to the end of the Instagram Live feature and its various capabilities. We can now move on to the final audiovisual content format which is the Instagram Video.

3) Videos

Photo by Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash

Instagram Video is a format that was first created in the year 2021. It took the place of IGTV and integrated it with video posts in the feed. Instagram video broadcasts are created in the same way that photographs are: using the built-in lens or by sharing from your Image Library. Instagram videos may be up to 60 minutes long, offering you a creative license that most rival platforms don't yet offer.

So let's delve into how you can share long-form videos on your feed.

●     At the top of your feed, tap "+."

●     Choose the video you want to share from your device's library to share it. If you don't have a pre-recorded video tap the record icon over your phone's library to record a video. To begin recording, tap and hold, and then lift your finger to stop. You can toggle between front and back cameras by tapping.

●     To change how your video's preview shows on your account grid and feed, tap fit in the bottom left. To customize the video, tap, hold, and drag the video. In the top right corner, tap Next.

●     To edit your video, go to the bottom and choose a filter. To see more, swipe left on the filters. Use the bars to modify the beginning and endpoints of your video by tapping Trim at the bottom.

●     In the top right corner, tap Next. From here, you can: Tap Cover at the top to add a cover image. Tap + to add a video from your photo library (iPhone) or swipe the image at the bottom to choose a cover image. To choose a video from your device's library, tap Add from the gallery (Android). Don't forget to tap Done

Now that we know how to create videos on Instagram, let's get right into the top 5 most viewed Instagram videos.

Top 5 Most Viewed Instagram Videos

1) Khaby Lame- The Iron Box Reel- 289M views

Most videos and video creators around the world share one thing in common when they create content- relatability. Instagram's most viewed video brings us exactly that genre of content that blends humorous elements with everyday life situations.

Khaby Lame who is among Instagram's most followed creators creates videos that are typically effused with funny background music and actions with no words. This video is something everyone can relate to no matter where they're from as we've all had our suspicions about whether we switched something off or not. The lesson to learn from this video is- relatability. Creating realistic, relatable, and human experience-related content can boost your views.

2) Khaby Lame- The Kid on a Bike Reel- 271M

This hilarious video by Khaby showcases a kid flipping him off, most viewers are sure to let out a laugh without realizing it. The video relies on the shock factor alongside the humor in a child doing something we wouldn't expect to see. With over 271 million views this video is a great example of creating content for laughs. Funny videos are among the top-watched genres of content across various platforms. So you should consider uploading some funny reels that incorporate your brand or products in a witty way.

3) Shivanjali Porje- Facial Expressions- 260M

This video by Shivanjali Porje took Instagram by storm when it first came up and is still racking up views as we read. This video is a great example of how following trends and implementing them in your profile can make any kind of content more widespread and successful. In the video, Shivanjali recreates one of Instagram and TikTok's most famous trends using her facial expressions and trending audio. Whenever you're coming up with new video ideas, always try to incorporate some trending audio or actions that you witness on your For You page.

4) Khaby Strikes again- 249M views

In this video, Khaby reacts to a woman and recreates a scene from another woman's reel. Reaction videos are a great option for getting views, especially when the video you react to is a famous or interesting piece of content. It gives you a chance to get your video on the For You page without you creating a unique or novel piece of content. This is also an easy way to show off your products and services by creating a reel of someone reacting to your products.

5) Khaby Wins the Game- 230M Views

The final most viewed video is also a reaction and recreation done humorously. Almost all the top 5 most viewed videos on Instagram have a funny or surprising element in them. So definitely consider making lighthearted and laughter-inducing clips, the easiest way to capture any online community's attention is to make the content more shareable. Funny or interesting reels that reference a trend or other content creator Whenever you create a video on any platform, make sure it's something you want to share or would like your friends and followers to share with you. shareability is another important factor to consider when making content on Instagram.

In Conclusion

Each Instagram video should either entertain, inform, or motivate your followers. With a limited attention span, however, you must grab viewers' attention straight away and keep them engaged. One trend we've noticed is that videos that are short, easy to comprehend, and have no language specifications are the ones that get the most views.

Similar to the famous saying, actions speak louder than words, and all the reels on this list have no voiceover or captions. This in turn makes the content more accessible to audiences worldwide. So keep making videos and don't forget to keep them fun. There's no saying when your video, too, could end up on this very list!