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Internal Marketing: Why Your Company Should Prioritize It

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September 27 , 2021


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Internal Marketing: Why Your Company Should Prioritize It

Over the years, the marketing world has changed dramatically and is still changing and evolving. Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to market their business.

Because of that, brand owners are now moving and adapting other new strategies besides that for their brand's growth. Let's not forget that traditional marketing has it's place still and is equally important. Still, with the advancement, marketers are now adopting new strategies to market their brand and business.

It's true that digital marketing has a great impact on brand's success and growth and is totally changed the way of marketing over the years but it's not always successful in all cases.

Types Of Marketing Strategies

Let's classify them in two broad categories. One of them is external marketing and the other one is internal marketing.

1. External Marketing

As a consumer, we all are probably familiar with it. External marketing is the act of promoting and selling products or services, including advertising to clients or potential clients.

It is basically the relationship between company and clients. So e of the examples of external marketing are:

  • Inbound marketing

It attracts customers through helpful and relevant blogs, search engines and social media marketing. Customer searches for your brand online.

  • Outbound Marketing

It's a traditional form of marketing. The brand gives out a message and promote itself to an audience through traditional forms of marketing like TV commercials, print advertisements, radio ads. It's about interacting with your customers whether they are interested in you or not.

  • Account-based Marketing

It is the latest and one of the most effective one out there. It targets a specific audience by personalized messaging and content e.g. Instagram ads.

Even with such great marketing strategies, internal marketing is the most effective and flourishing forms of marketing.

2. Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is the promotion of a company's goals, objectives, vision, mission, product or services to it's own employees within the company. Basically, it's the company marketing products or services to it's own employees instead of selling it to the audience.

In this way, employees can better understand the vision and goal of the company themselves. This type of marketing plays a great role in establishing a strong relationship between employees and the brand.

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What Are Internal Marketing Strategies?

There are various ways to go about internal marketing:

  • Educating employees on company's goals and vision.
  • Create a collaborative environment and encourage employees to share their point of you and be open to any criticism.
  • Ensure employees that their contribution matters.
  • Let them give their feedback on company's product or services.

Why Internal Marketing Is Important?

Your employees need to believe in your brand and the products or services you are providing. When employees know that their efforts are recognized and their contribution matters, they are more likely to be engaged at work. Moreover, getting employees involved in the sales and marketing strategy will greatly benefit the overall results of your brand.

When employees are prioritized and involved in the marketing process, they work better together and invest more in their work and serving customers.

This approach cultivates a collaborative environment, plays an effective role in your company's success, and provides other beneficial opportunities.

This will also prove to be beneficial in external marketing strategy, like if your employees are satisfied with your brand, they will work efficiently to market your product or services to the customers.

Internal Marketing
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How To Promote Effective Internal Marketing Strategy?

A study shows that people trust recommendations more than other forms of marketing. The content or product shared by employees gain more attention than the product shared by brand itself because as stated above, people believe in recommendations more.

Brands need to create that shared environment and encourage their employees to talk about their brand with their friends and viewers openly.

It also improves customer relations, the company's online visibility, generates more leads, and increases traffic on the website.

The ways to develop and promote effective internal marketing strategies are:

  • Assemble your team

Internal marketing often falls into the hands of HR department. Getting the HR department involved is important initially, but you also need to choose one or more of your employees, preferably from a background, to establish an internal marketing culture.

This team of internal marketing leaders will communicate the company's goal, mission, and vision to the employees and sell the products to them in the best way possible.

  • Judge your current internal marketing

To properly develop your internal marketing, you need to assess your present internal marketing first and check where you currently stand with it. You need to first see if it's working or not and strategize and make changes according to it. You can achieve that by doing a small survey to see what your employees think about your brand and ask so e questions regarding your present internal marketing.

  • Align internal and external marketing

If your company is telling employees one thing and the outside customers another, employees faith and belief in brand may suffer.

Their engagement with the brand and work suffers too, which will ultimately affect external marketing. Encourage your internal marketing team to do the proper research and meet with colleagues to align the messaging.

  • Get everyone involved

The major part of internal marketing is to get everyone involved in the sharing via email, social, chat forums, etc. This is called employee advocacy and is really important to get everyone on the same page.

If your employees understand your brand better, they can interact with customers in a more better way.

Internal Marketing: Final Thoughts

A company's internal marketing strategy is equally as important as it's an external marketing strategy. When employees are prioritized and feel connected with the company and fully understand the product or service that the company provides, they are fully aware of its mission, vision, and goal. They can work better together and more efficiently and take your company to higher levels of success.

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