How to use the Instagram Collab Feature to boost engagement

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October 1 , 2022


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How to use the Instagram Collab Feature to boost engagement

In order to optimize user experience, Instagram is continually launching new features and making adjustments to existing ones. Instagram has changed a lot in the past year as a result of user behaviors and their desire for entertainment. The capability of user collaboration is one of the app's newest additions to its repertoire.

This feature, called Instagram Collabs, can be a great benefit for both marketers and content creators. In June 2021, this functionality was made available as a trial option in a few regions. In October 2021, it was then made available to the whole world. The fact that you may reach a larger audience without having to share identical posts from two different accounts undoubtedly changes the game.

For the time being, the Instagram Collab tag is only accessible for uploads to Reels and your feed content. This is not a new feature or technique for developing content. There are no additional customizations or actionable insights available, and it is not a distinct post category. However, it does promote communication with your viewers.

Collaborative content is a valuable asset that every social media marketer should keep up their sleeve. They are intended to create intrigue and involve more viewers and create a win-win situation for the collaborators. You can only work with one additional person other than yourself, unlike tags or mentions. We'll demonstrate how Instagram's Collab feature functions, its pros and cons, and best practices. So let's get started without further ado.

What is the Instagram Collab feature?

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Instagram Collabs let you ask anyone to partner with you on a post for your Feed or Reel so that both of you can promote it among your followers. In essence, you can collaborate on a static feed post or reel with another Instagram user, and the result will be a post that appears on both of your accounts. You can do this to connect with both your followers and gain their opinions, likes, and comments.

It is a fantastic tool for reaching fresh, meaningful audiences. With the Collabs tool, marketers now have a new avenue to work with influencers and content creators, gain digital credibility through affiliation, and connect with new relevant viewers. Additionally, brands can utilize this to promote collaborations with other companies or even with their beloved followers.

Reach and greater visibility is the most prominent consequence when using the Instagram Collabs option because it allows you to publish a post instantaneously on two accounts. But some other advantages are:

●     Grow your follower count- You can showcase your work to the followers of your collaborator because an Instagram Collab post appears on both of your accounts. As a result, it will be easy for you to bring new people to your business or personal profile.

●     Raise revenue- You can work with others to create shoppable posts on Instagram. As a result, more users will have the opportunity to view and conveniently purchase your products from your Instagram Shop. This considerably raises the likelihood of generating sales. Having content about your product visible under two profiles might also aid in your brand's revenue growth.

●     Increase interaction- An Instagram Collab post not only appears across both your accounts but also receives engagement from each of your followers. This means that the likes, shares, and comments gathered from the account of your collab partner are included in the calculation of the post's overall reach and engagement. Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm will take this high interaction rate into account and showcase your content to new users.

Now that we know a bit about the collab feature, let's get right into how you can create them!

Steps to creating your collab posts

Static Feed posts

On Instagram, square photographs that you submit to your feed are known as "feed posts," which are unique pieces of media. Unless you decide to delete them, they remain in your array of profile images. In this medium, you can publish a single image, a slideshow of several photos, or even a brief video. The first sort of content people will encounter on your page is a feed post, which is simple to make, always available, and lasts indefinitely. Additionally, key Instagram insiders have asserted that photographs won't disappear.

●     To begin, take a picture or select one from your photo library.

●     You can publish a brief clip or a slideshow of many photos. Standard filters and customization options are also available.

●     Once you're satisfied with the image, tap on the next page to view your post settings.

●     You can also add a location, tag other users, make a campaign, and share the picture on Facebook when you get to the "caption this post" section.

●     You must choose the "Tag People" option in order to use the collaboration feature. You have the option of using the Collab label or the conventional method of tagging people.

●     Moreover, you can utilize both choices in the same post. The only thing left to do is select "Invite Collaborator" from the menu. You can look for users to tag on the next page.

You are only allowed to use 20 tags, pretty much identical to Instagram feed submissions. And both regular tags and collaborative tags are included in that sum. As a result, you may, for instance, have 9 tags and 11 collaborators but not 10 tags and 30 collaborators.

After deciding on your collaborator(s), click the checkbox to approve. Returning to the settings screen will allow you to publish the content or make more modifications. The option to Tag People displays a brief list of the profiles you've marked. It may take a few minutes for the tag to appear on your post since collaborators must accept it before you go ahead with sharing the content. They must first view the notification and accept the tag. They will be able to publish the post on their feed as well after they approve it.

On the opposite end, if you're wondering how to accept or decline invites for collaborations from other users, follow these steps:

●     First, log in to your profile and head over to the Activity page, you will find notifications here, and you can click the invite notification.

●     This triggers a notification to appear at the top of the post inviting you to collaborate with the author's post, you can accept or declines the invite based on your needs.

●      The app offers a blue review button next to the note which gives you the option to accept or decline.

●     Once you click "Accept," you're done. You will be listed as the post's creator since you approved your first Instagram collaboration request. The content will be shared with both your audiences in their feed and your account.

With that, we can move on to the next section, how to use the collab feature on Instagram reels.

Steps to use the collab feature on Instagram Reels

An even more recent idea is Instagram Reels. Reels are brief video clips that can have a background soundtrack added. They are heavily influenced by TikTok videos. Reels are kept on your account in a specific grid, just like feed content. Reels have complete accessibility to customization options like split-screen recording, rapid retouching, and special effects.

Clips can be up to a minute long, although for a bunch of content online, shorter reel lengths are preferable. Either live or previously recorded material can be posted. Just be cautious while sharing anything from other social media platforms: Low-resolution videos and videos with branding from other channels get lower priority on Instagram. Feed updates and reels have certain crucial qualities. Instagram only offers the collab feature for these two post types due to those crucial qualities.

Reels are unique since they appear on your profile several times. You have the option to upload them to Stories in addition to seeing them in your primary grid with your in-feed posts and saving them on the Reels page. Apart from that, reels and in-feed posts have the following characteristics:

●     Reels and feed posts are both evergreen material.

●     Shopping tags are usable by both.

●     On the Explore page, both are visible. Other content formats, including Stories and IGTV, are a little more difficult for people to locate.

On Instagram, reels are currently a highly popular format for partnerships. Now that video clips can be up to 60 seconds in length, you are given ample time to evaluate a product, talk about a feature, or promote a brand activity.

Start by filming and editing, as usual, to produce a reel with the Collab tag. Before reviewing your publishing options, tap Next after checking that everything seems as it should. You have the option to alter the text and audio description, post the video as a story or a reel, and identify and tag people in the reel.

To open the Collab option, tap Tag People. You have two choices on the following screen: tag people as usual, or ask a collaborator to receive credit for the post.

Both features can be used in the same post if you so choose. As a result, you may collaborate with a business and tag a colleague. But as previously mentioned you can only tag up to 20 people per post so choose wisely before you upload the content. But let's concentrate on the collab feature for the time being. Finally, click Invite Collaborator. You'll be prompted to look for a profile to tag on the following screen. Keep in mind, that personal accounts, irrespective of where they are located, cannot be tagged.

Select the checkbox to confirm your choice of a collaborator or possible collaborators. When you return to the post screen on Instagram, you can review your choices one last time. A brief overview of the participants you've marked will now appear on this screen. Once you're finished, post the reel.

With that we're done with this post, let's look into some things to keep in mind when collaborating and some of the best times to collaborate with a user.

Instagram Collab Feature : Key Takeaways

In this post, we understood how to use the collab feature on Instagram. But if you're wondering when you should be using this feature, consider the following options:

●     You have the ideal chance to work with a different company or influencer on a giveaway event through Instagram collaborations. Typically, each partner in a freebie contest would need to publish the same content and encourage their respective communities to take part.

●     You could release a promo code to your community to increase sales of your goods. Additionally, you could collaborate with a complimentary brand to publicize both of your promo codes via an Instagram Collab post to ensure that a larger number of people can utilize them.

●     Instagram collabs are a terrific method to highlight or publicize an upcoming event or cooperation with a company or content producer. A podcast interview or a small product range could result from the partnership. A wonderful strategy to gradually increase enthusiasm and boost brand or ticket revenue is to share an Instagram Collab post with all the information about the approaching event or partnership.

Instagram collabs are a fun new way of creating meaningful relationships, make sure you participate in creating these posts and increase your visibility with its help!