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Employer Branding: Secret Strategy behind Your Company's Hiring Success

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September 27 , 2021


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Employer Branding: Secret Strategy behind Your Company's Hiring Success

We all know the term 'branding' and what it means in terms of marketing. It is the promotion process of a company or it's a product through advertising or a particular design. It is the process of giving specific meaning to a company, products or services by creating and shaping a brand's image in consumers' minds. While making every effort in marketing our brand, we often neglect and disregard the value of employer branding.

Over the years, the recruitment process of employees has changed dramatically due to advancement, and most importantly, social media. In today's highly competitive job market, hiring and recruiting the best employees can be very challenging and costly without the strategy of employer branding.

Before coming on to why and how it's important for your company's hiring success, let's discuss what employer branding is.

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is your company's identity. It is basically about how you market your company or organization to desired job applicants. You can achieve this by advertising your company's unique distinctive culture, and everything that makes you stand out to position yourself as a prime place to work.

It's about how your brand is viewed as an employer and also tells them exactly what they can expect from your company in exchange for their experience, talents, contacts, or skills.

Employer branding shows that your company is a good employer and a nice place for job seekers, which increases hiring, engagement and retention of current employees. Conducting an online employee engagement survey can further provide valuable insights to continuously enhance your employer brand and workplace environment.

It attracts motivated job seekers and dedicated employees if it's done right. After that, these employees share their positive experiences with other applicants, customers, clients, and shareholders and open more ways for its growth.

Who Should Be A Part Of The Employer Branding Process?

Your employees are your most valuable asset and, honestly, your secret weapons. Employees do most of the branding too. If you have a healthy work environment, it's easy for you to achieve that good employer branding level. For successful employer branding, you should involve these four key participants:

  • Human Resources (HR)

Your HR team should be involved in maintaining and developing the employer brand. They are well equipped to develop a profile for the recruiting audience as they are closely connected to finding applicants, hiring, employee engagement and retention of current employees. They can also recognize areas for improvement which requires more focus.

  • CEO

Your CEO and other company leaders must be involved in endorsing the company's employer brand because their promotion and branding are more trustworthy and engaging.

  • Marketing

While the HR department recruits and retains employees, marketing provides valuable assets to HR and help spread the internal cultural messages and leverage communication channels. They can help in creating a powerful, appealing employer brand through creative content.

  • Public Relation (PR)

Your PR team help create a positive impact of your brand in the media. They can help publish positive news and new development to make your company more attractive to top talents.

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Why Implementing an Employer Branding Strategy Is Important?

For hiring and retaining best employees, reputation of your company matters a lot. It is always important for job seekers. You can now understand why employer branding is crucial for your company's hiring success. Below are the reasons why implementing it within your company is important:

  • Creates Company's Positive Image In the Social Media

Today social media is the primary tool for the job seekers to search for employment online. Salary is indeed important for candidates but it's not the most important factor. Employees also prefer to work with a company with a good image and reputation in the media.

  • Reduce Recruitment Costs:

If you have a well-founded employer brand, you'd need less money to spend on recruitment marketing costs. Working for a well-reputed company is important for a lot of people. You don't need to pay more in order to attract more top candidates if you have a good reputation in the market. Thus, you can save a lot of money.

How To Build Your Employer Brand Strategy

For successful employer branding, you need to build a perfect strategy. Some of them are stated below:

  • Create Content:

You need to create content for candidates like blog posts, social media posts, videos on work culture, events, hiring process, advantages of working there, employee highlights, etc.

  • Career Sites:

Be active on career sites and professionally address negative comments.

  • Encourage Employees:

Encourage employee training and growth and help them learn new skills and techniques with the advancement.

  • Be Active On Social Media:

Be active on social media because it helps the HR department and recruitment team search and find the best candidates for the particular position. Employees also share their experiences with companies there and people trust on recommendations of these employees over the company leaders.

Employer Branding Concluding Thoughts

Employer branding can benefit your company in many ways, not just in hiring top talents. It can help create a good reputation in the media that can determine your company's success. If it's done well, it attracts top talents and motivated employees. Then these employees share there professional experience with other applicants, customers, and in the industry.

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