27 Best Instagram Apps: For top business results

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October 1 , 2022


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27 Best Instagram Apps: For top business results

Instagram is a known and rapidly growing social media platform today. The site has billions of users sharing multiple pictures daily using their social handles. Further, the platform has maximum young generation users. So, the social media platform is perfect for you if you wish to sell content to this niche.

With the vast competitors on Instagram fighting to grab a user's attention, making your posts special might be tough. But it is not an impossibility. You can accomplish this with utmost ease with the right applications and services.

We have listed top apps to assist you in using Instagram. These apps are reliable for multiple reasons and help you make the right use of the online platform for your specific purpose. Check these apps and pick the right ones to implement your posts well. They will indeed help you in growing your Instagram followers and reaching apt audiences.

Top Instagram Photo Editing Tools

Instagram is a fascinating option for sharing beautiful pictures and moments among all the social media platforms and apps. Today maximum people are making benefit from earning well using this spectacular platform. So, if you are a budding influencer or desire to boost your Instagram reach and growth, these apps will profit you the most.

They are simple to get apps that you can download at any time and use at your ease. Capture beautiful pictures and make them post-worthy with these fantastic tools. This list of top photo editing apps is perfect for your need and will help you get the best outcomes.

1.      VSCO

VSCO | Photo & Video Editing App & Sharing Platform

Link - https://www.vsco.co/

One of the finest and oldest Instagram applications is VCSO. It is a top priority for all photo enthusiasts looking for high-end editing options. Professional photographers have been continually rating it as the finest to edit and make alterations in their photos and video posts. In addition, the #VSCO hashtag now features over 200 million insta posts and is one of the most notable options.

The chief profit of using VCSO is that it permits adding exclusive filters, grain, and contrast to your photos and video clips. Further, these editing schemes make them appear as if they have been shot on camera and not on your handset.

Getting the VSCO is permittable for all devices. However, not all the features and schemes might be open for all. You may need an extra subscription to unlock more filters and get advanced results.


  • It offers the most exclusive filters
  • Simplicity of use
  • Ensures clarity of pictures
  • It has a variety of features and options
  • Futuristic use

2.      Priime

Priime VS Snapseed - compare differences & reviews?

Link - https://www.saashub.com/compare-priime-vs-snapseed?ref=sidebar

If you need quick high-end editing for your high-resolution RAW photographs, this application is the most suitable pick for your need. The app is built with the collab and recommendations of top photographers worldwide. In addition, it provides the best for its clients with utmost ease. Priime also gives you additional recommendations with the color palette, subject, contrast, exposure, and more.

However, Priime is not available for all users. The editing app is only accessible to iOS users. It is a fantastic app that offers a striking workflow with high-end filters to give you professional results. Also, the app necessitates a subscription fee in specific cases, so check on that aspect before proceeding.


  • Multiple filters available in a single click
  • Powered by filter-marketplace and filter suggestions
  • Analyses properties before editing
  • Recommends style with precision
  • Designed specifically for photographers

3.      PicMonkey

PicMonkey - Charity Catalogue

Link - https://charitycatalogue.com/resource/picmonkey/

If you are looking for a simple app with multiple filters, settings, and editing tools, PicMonkey is an ideal choice for your need. The app has a wide range of available templates, background erasers, and color-changing options. Also, you can create striking designs and varied posts using this service.

So, if you want basic editing needs to be completed in the most hassle-free way, opt for this app. It has the finest solution and best editing assistance for your photos. The app is available on every gadget.


  • It has over 9000 textures and graphics
  • Permits adding of animation, colors, graphics, and more
  • A variety of font options are available
  • Over 1000 plus templates
  • The app has multiple images for use

4.      Creative Cloud Express

Link - https://www.adobe.com/express/

The manageable usage of this app makes it easy for users to generate their social content. It is a spectacular tool with distinct templates that help boost your social page. Get high-quality assistance, content, GIFs, video posts and more with this smart tool.

The app is usable and permitted for all devices. It is a fantastic option for every Instagram user.


· Quick and simple to apprehend

· Offers multiple templates

· Best to boost social performance

· Professional outcomes

5.      Snapseed

Snapseed on the App Store

Link - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/snapseed/id439438619

Snapseed is a fantastic Instagram app that lets you make pictures you wish you had captured on your trips, events, parties, and more. Several professional photographers use the app as it makes photo editing and modifying quite simple. Using this application, a user can change brightness, amend building shapes, add curves and do much more. Further, you can eliminate unwanted elements you did not wish to capture. So, say bye-bye to your annoying photo bombing moments and make insta-worthy posts using Snapseed.

Further, the app lets you save the content that you have edited and permits the continuation of work later. It has over 27 filters and tools to enable the best editing easily. All users can access and use the app.


  • Edits images with gestures
  • Permits adding of different effects
  • Auto corrects color, brightness, and more
  • Saves edited history
  • Permits import of RAW images
  • Offer creation and saving of filters

6.      Canva

Canva: Design, Photo & Video on the App Store

Link - https://apps.apple.com/mu/app/canva-design-photo-video/id897446215

Another popularly used option for social posts is Canva. However, this app is more useful for graphic design needs. Apart from giving well-built templates, it also permits users to make their posts right from scratch.

Canva is not a great replacement for most high-end photo editing apps. Yet, its picture effects, elements, and editing options give you multiple ways to create your graphic and picture designs. The app has free versions for your handset and PC. Also, it is accessible on all gadgets.


  • Permits conversion of video to GIF
  • Simple add of text to videos
  • Easy mixing of pictures
  • Edit and brighten pictures with ease
  • It has distinct settings and features for ideal editing

7.      Lightroom

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor on the App Store

Link - https://apps.apple.com/pk/app/adobe-lightroom-photo-editor/id878783582

The most professional and well-known app among most Instagrammers is Lightroom. It is a fantastic app with endless capabilities and editing options for users. Opt for it to maximize your pictures and convert them into attractive posts that catch all eyes.

A unique aspect of this app is its presets (custom filters). You can buy them from different creators, get them and use them with just a click. Make maximum use of this advanced feature to keep your Instagram profile great looking and attractive for all followers.

Lightroom's unpaid version has a variety of features and editing options. However, you can subscribe to a paid version if you want more. This app is usable and accessible on all gadgets. It is the perfect assistance for your pictures and altering needs. Correct, adjust and make your Instagram posts worthy using this fabulous application.


  • Permits easy creation of presets
  • Easy user interface
  • Simple cropping and editing of tools
  • Robust RAW file editor
  • Easy transfer of modifying settings
  • Protects original files

8.      TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch on the App Store

Link - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/touchretouch/id373311252

Are there photobombers or objects in your images that you wish to eliminate? Use TouchRetouch and get it done within a few steps. Further, it leaves no trace and gives perfectly edited photographs that look real.

Using this app, you can remove objects or people from your background and other things that make your picture look dull. It is a worthy app that you can add to your Instagram editing folder. The application makes working simpler and posting better.

The app is usable and permitted for all gadgets. However, you may have to pay a specific amount to use it for editing purposes.


  • Permits removal of objects with brush
  • Erases power lines
  • Blemish less editing
  • Completely easy to use

9.      A Color Story

App Review – A Colour Story – Zinc Moon

Link - https://www.zincmoon.com/app-review-a-colour-story/

A Color Story is the most creative Instagram posting app for firms and online businesses. It is a fantastic app that permits you to create insta posts that perfectly align with your brand image. Every brand has specific colors. So, using these colors, you can create specific images and get the ideal posts for your Instagram profile.

Further, this app also helps you acquire desired images by offering a variety of color filters that you can download. You need to download one that suits your company's brand well and then implement it on your pictures for the best results. Doing so ensures your page is in line with the background colors with which you wish to link your brand and gain profits. Maximum influencers are opting for this smart app noticing its benefits.

A Color Story is entirely free and permitted for all gadgets. Further, you can also use its desktop version if you do not wish to download apps.


  • 400 plus filter options
  • 100 plus movable effects
  • More than 20 free features and tools
  • Permits preview plus planning
  • Filters are saved from the editing steps

Top Instagram Editing Apps for Reels

Do you like creating trendy reels for your Instagram profile? If yes, you need to check these fantastic reel editing apps for maximum benefit. Working with reels can certainly be quite difficult. Creating the posts will become simpler and more creative with these striking apps.

10.  Quik by GoPro

Using this robust yet simple tool, you can create some exciting reels. The most useful edit offered by it is its auto-synchronizing to music beats. With this feature's aid, users can easily edit these aspects without giving in too much time. The process is made much simpler and more manageable using this exciting feature.

In addition, the editing app also permits you to alter the video speed, pick an ideal filter, cut, color, and edit whatever you wish to change. Editing your reels becomes much more fun using this fantastic editing tool. Thus, if you wish to improvise your overall editing and post some exciting reels on your insta feed, this is an ideal choice for your work.

The app is usable on all gadgets at your ease. One can acquire access to it using their app store.


  • Permits easy importing of images
  • Limitless cloud backup
  • Saves you work
  • Enables the use of the phone as remote
  • Permits wireless transfers

11.  Wondershare FilmoraGo

Another fantastic user-friendly app for starters or newbies is Wondershare FilmoraGo. This app permits you to create the finest reels and edit your videos in action. Using it, you can add some exciting video effects with simplicity, crop clips, save your video in high quality, and do much more.

In addition, it offers a unique animation tool and other fantastic effects for you to experience the fun and ease of editing video clips.

Getting this app for free is possible; however, exporting a video may have a watermark in such cases. The tool is usable on all devices and smart gadgets.


  • Powered by a picture-in-picture track
  • Permits adding pan and zoom moments
  • Easy color correction
  • Resizes videos automatically
  • Permits video stabilization

12.  WeVideo

Using WeVideo, you can make and share alluring videos with complete ease. The app has the most exciting features to make your video editing simpler. It is an easy-to-use tool that assists you in creating Reels for advanced editing purposes.

One of the finest features of this editing tool is its stock library. This part comprises royalty-free soundtracks, songs, photos, and illustrations.

It is usable on all devices and smart gadgets.


  • Simple capturing and access
  • Easy trimming and cutting
  • Adds texts and captions
  • It offers striking video effects
  • Simple exporting, publishing, and posting
  • Exclusive content library

13.  iMovie

The iMovie software is the most exciting and useful editing tool for iOS users. It permits you to make high-end Hollywood-like trailers, appealing videos, and much more. It has an easy-to-apprehend interface and features with multiple exciting assistances.

The app also permits you to use ready-made templates with a click and add movies and content. Editing on iMovie is the simplest for apple users. The app has multiple beneficial aspects and options for users to have joy at work. This app is exclusively available for only iOS users.


  • Simple and professional editing
  • Multiple sounds and video effects
  • Seamless trimming of clips
  • Permits creation of app previews
  • Offers multiple setting and modification options

14.  Splice

Adding slow effects, trimming videos, and overlaying multiple clips together is made possible with this fantastic editing tool. You can easily edit and correct your videos on your smart gadget.

Splice is a simple tool with robust features that are very helpful in creating attractive reels. Using it, you can get the best possible reels for your Insta profile and attract viewers.

The app is usable and accessible on all gadgets.


  • Crop and trim clips with ease
  • Best for Instagram highlights
  • Inserts transitions for smooth shifts
  • It offers the best video effects
  • High-quality outcomes
  • Permits adding music to video clips

Top Instagram Stories Editing Tools

Uploading Instagram stories is the most effective way of increasing your followers and updating them about the BTS or life events. Also, they are the easiest to create. Stories are short yet very effective forms of communicating with followers. They improve engagement and give your Instagram profile the right attention. Using these tools, you can make and upload some exciting IG Stories to capture your audience's attention. Check these top apps to get the perfect aid and ideal solutions for your Instagram needs.

15.  InShot

One of the finest apps for Insta stories is InShot. The video and picture editing tool is a spectacular pick for every individual. The app has distinct features comprising cropping, cutting, trimming, splitting, and merging different audio-visual content. Moreover, it has quite a lot of picture background options, filters, and elements. In addition, you do not need to bother about the different Instagram Story sizes while using the app, as it has a variety of templates for that as well.

This app is completely worth it, and one must check its features. It is applicable for Android and iOS gadgets, so one can easily get it.


  • Simply adds music to videos
  • Powered by basic video editing features
  • Easy editing and saving of long clips
  • It offers multiple features and settings

16.  Unfold

Another superb Instagram app that permits easy editing of your videos and pictures and offers a wide range of story templates is Unfold. Using this tool, users can create stunning collages, insta stories, and content and apply different filters for it to look stunning.

Further, the tool has varied tutorials for users to learn quickly and get the best outcomes. Unfold will surely help you create attractive stories for your viewers and attract more visitors to your profile. The app is usable and accessible on all gadgets.


  • Multi-features app
  • Easy creation of striking templates
  • Edit pictures with effects and filters
  • Permits planning and scheduling
  • Create a unique Bio Site

17.  GoDaddy Studio

Using this fine app, you can make insta stories, logos, posts, and much more without much knowledge about designing.

Further, with GoDaddy Studio, you can create many Instagram story templates that permit you to make suitable content for your brand and needs instantly.

The app is usable and permittable on all devices.


  • 1000 plus custom templates
  • Easy usage and working
  • Powerful brand-boosting options
  • Permits logo making
  • Enables creating a striking link in Bio

18.  Typorama

This app helps you highlight and lighten up your Instagram Story images with the aid of different texts and images. Further, it has a wide range of typographic layouts with various fonts, styles, and typefaces to select from. It is a perfect tool to decorate your Instagram story and make it stand out from the rest.

Typorama is accessible for iOS devices only.


  • Converts text to images
  • Powered by striking typographic designs
  • Simple creation of posts
  • Easy adding of color, texture, pattern, and more
  • Multiple effect options are available

19.  Story Art

The stunning Instagram story editing app has over 500 design templates to help you make beautiful Instagram stories with complete ease. You can directly upload your insta stories to your account using this app without worrying about the right size, quality, or any other dimension-based issues.

In addition, with Story Art, you can make authentic original covers with your brand logos and icons to make your profile stand out from the rest. The app is permitted access and usage on all gadgets and softwares.


  • Stunning artistic app
  • It has more than 2000 layouts
  • Enables the creation of striking layouts
  • Permits creation of custom stories
  • Simple and manageable editing features


Lastly, these are additional tools that do not fall in any specific type listed earlier. However, you can add them to your Instagram editing toolbox because of the add-on benefits that they cater to your needs. With these apps, your Instagram marketing schemes will become much easy and more effective.

20.  MilkShake

Make your link in your bio a stunning website using the Milkshake app. Making and updating them is simple, and you do not need additional website creation knowledge to use the app.

Milkshake permits easy access to a variety of templates that you can instantly alter using suitable brand colors, images, fonts, or layouts. Adding content to it is quite simple, and every design is appealing, beautiful, and suitable for use.

Again, the app is usable and permitted on all devices.


  • A quick and easy-to-use app
  • Exciting editing features and options
  • It has a wide range of templates
  • Smartphone friendly tool
  • Easy and attractive website creation options

21.  AutoHash

The most common error that Instagram users make is not adding hashtags to their posts and stories. AutoHash ensures you avoid these flaws and get the most suitable hashtags for your Insta posts!

With this app, you get the correct hashtags for your posts. In addition, AutoHash's fantastic research work will help you get the most suitable ones for your post. The app's working system lists hashtags from known categories and auto applies them to the posts you like.

Further, the app also keeps a note of the hashtags that you have used and helps you save the ones you need for later. However, the app is only accessible to Android users.


  • Permits counting of hashtags in a click
  • Simple copy and pasting of tags
  • Permits direct sharing to Instagram
  • It helps you save suitable hashtags

22.  SocialBlade

This editing tool is particularly beneficial if you are aiming to create an ad campaign and wish to locate suitable promotions for your brand. SocialBlade offers details for your everyday Instagram analytics, success charts, future outcomes, and much more.

You can add a maximum of five social channels that you wish to check on for completely free using this app. The app is a definite must-have for all users that wish to note their Instagram analysis.

Again, this is usable and can acquire access on multiple gadgets.


  • Permits tracking of engagement
  • Easy social media monitoring, integration, and promotion
  • Displays campaign analytics
  • Tracks performance and metrics
  • Best for noting the progress rate

23.  Grid Post Maker

If you wish to bring a flair or lighten up your Instagram grid, this app is perfect for you. Once you split the photo, the app posts your picture in alignment so that it appears as a single picture on your social profile. One of the finest practices you can opt for is to make sure that the grid of your picture is consistent and near with the aid of this app.

The tool is permitted access on all devices and software.


  • Permits creation of 5 different grids
  • Offers a variety of photo templates
  • Permits adding of exciting overlays
  • It has distinct editing options
  • Simple to apprehend and use

24.  UNUM

It is a multi-featured app that assists you in planning, designing, and promoting. A striking interface look and quick response make it distinct from the rest.

You can opt for it to manage your grids and make them look great. Further, the program permits you to replace, add content, change picture orders and do much more. It is a perfect app for all people that want their profile to appear aesthetic.

UNUM is accessible for iOS and Android.


  • Permits creation of layouts
  • Helps organize grid
  • Easy caption creation options are available
  • Simple scheduling and planning
  • Basic and manageable for use

25.  Instagram Layout

This layout app was actually built and created by Instagram. It is one of the most useful apps for making collages for your posts, insta stories, and more. You can also opt for pictures from your camera roll or choose to click pictures and organize them in your layout accordingly. Further, you can use the basic Instagram filters on the pictures to make the layout more attractive.

It is not a chargeable app and is accessible on all smart gadgets.


  • Permits remixing of photos
  • Instant creation of collages
  • Enables easy choosing of pictures
  • Offers to add personalized elements
  • Suitable for stories

26.  Hashtag Expert

Another fantastic hashtag tool specifically created for iOS users is Hashtag Expert. It is a simple tool that you can use with complete ease to locate new suitable tags for your Instagram posts. All you need to do is type the base hashtag and add a group.

Select the hashtags you wish to use, and the tool will give you a list of hashtags you can choose and paste for your post. The app is quite manageable and equipped with a simple design. In addition, you can also opt for its caption tool to get suitable or relatable captions for your posts. The tool is exclusively accessible to iPhone users only.


  • Locates the most relevant hashtags
  • Suitable for businesses and influencers
  • Targets the right audience
  • Improves account reach
  • Increases profile views
  • Ideal for all Instagram users

27.  Kontentino: the finest app to simplify your workflow

Do you want a tool that streamlines your workflow and takes care of all your content? If yes, Kontentino is a perfect app for your social media management needs.

Using this tool, you can post your content instantly and profitably without altering the grade of your posts. In addition, it also enables you to list all types of Instagram posts comprising videos, IGTV, reels, and more.

Using the inbuilt Instagram publisher, this app allows you to schedule your posts easily. Further, it also offers analytics, previews, and also a grid scheduler. Overall, it has every aspect that Instagram users need.

If you are handling multiple profiles or working on the social account with other individuals, Kontentino can help you with that as well. The app makes team collaboration simpler and helps you manage your workflow, schedules, tasks updates, along with other insights with ease.

If you wish to know why Kontentino is a stunning option for your Instagram profile, sign up for its free demo session and identify it yourself. Use the best Instagram scheduler to make posting and activity simple.


  • Ideal for marketing needs
  • Estimated analytics and metrics
  • Permits automated posting
  • Enables campaign management
  • Best for group working

Why Do You Need Additional Instagram Apps?

With these tools, one can improvise the overall working of your account. Also, using the apps, you can identify effective posts and locate valuable insights that help you create a firm profile for success.

The finest Instagram applications help you handle your social handles perfectly and simply. For instance, if you wish to remove a picture from your social media but do not have access to a PC, you can do it with these apps.

Using different Instagram apps can be exciting and beneficial. Discover the different options available out there and make the most valuable decision for your social handle. Estimate your needs and pick an app accordingly for the best possible use.


Additional apps for social media are the most valuable assets for you if you're a budding influencer. Every individual wishing to operate a successful Instagram profile needs these apps. Using them makes management simpler and gives you ideal outcomes. By analyzing your needs, pick the most suitable app for you and start a progressive online work today. Instagram is gaining users daily, and a maximum number of individuals benefit from its services. Make a smart call and get your ideal service to boost your page.