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Wedding Photography Agreement Template

When it comes to wedding photography, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you have an agreement in place with your photographer.

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What is a Wedding Photography Agreement?

Wedding Photography is an important part of a wedding ceremony. A wedding photography agreement is a formal contract between the photographer and client. The photographer and Client sit together to come up with a set of rules and terms & conditions and put them in writing and seal that with their signatures.

A wedding photography contract is legally binding contract. A wedding photography agreement is important in order to avoid anything going wrong related to photography on the day of the wedding ceremony.

If you are a photographer, you would prefer signing an agreement in advance so that you can fit the day of the wedding ceremony in your schedule.

A wedding photography agreement can be for any event related to wedding that includes, reception, engagement, bridal shower, and the main wedding ceremony.

Once the photoshoot for the wedding is over, the photographer will edit the photographs and send them to the client. Wedding photographers are generally sole proprietors but at the same time they are also part of large agencies.

A wedding photography agreement simply outlines the responsibilities of the photographer, deliverables, and policies that include rescheduling and timing of the payments.

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Importance of a Wedding Photography Agreement

A wedding photography agreement is important as it helps in many different cases:

  • Copyrights Details
  • Maintaining credibility and professionalism between photographer and client
  • Protection of both parties
  • Reassuring the client that they are going to get return on their investment
  • Reduces the case of fraud as it is legally binding, and any fraud or breach o contract will be taken to the court
  • It ensures the fare treatment of the photography team by the client
  • Anny time client has any questions about the services provided by the photographer they can get the answers in the contract

What should be included in a wedding photography contract?

A wedding photography agreement covers quiet many things as it is very important for clients, and they should be able to trust the photographer and their team.

  • Expenses:

    Payment policies should be written in the contract and both parties should be on the same page about payments so there won’t be any complications in the future. Expenses should be the first and foremost thing on the wedding photography agreement as they will help explaining the wedding photography packages, pricing options, and they will also offer detailed explanations for each expense.

  • Deliverables:

    This part covers the expectations of the client and what the photographer will be delivering them after the wedding ceremony. Both parties expect things, and it is important to put that in writing and come to a mutual understanding about it and it will help in avoiding any misunderstanding in the future.

    As a photographer, when you have a meeting with the client, make sure to tell them the exact number of photos that you will be delivering them and the payment of those photos and put that in the contract. If the client has any further requirements from the photographer team, that should be included in the contract as well.

  • Overtime Hours:

    As a photographer, before you sign the contract you ask your client whether you would be working overtime at the events or not. If there are any chances of you working overtime, then you should put that in the contract. Overtime hours are normal for wedding photographers as the bride and groom do not know what the wedding day will look like, so they usually ask the photographer to do a full day coverage and they also make the payment policies according to that.

  • Copyrights:

    As a client, you would obviously want to share your wedding pictures with the world and post them on different social media sites and even newspaper and magazines. Some photographers might not be fine with magazine and newspaper announcement so you should ask for their permission and if they allow it then you should put that in the contract.

    Sometimes the couple might not feel comfortable with their photos being posted online oh photographers page or site and they might ask the photographer to remove them but if they didn’t say anything about this while the contract was in the making, the photographer has the right to post them publicly.

  • Privacy:

    Every client has great concern about their privacy when it comes to signing any type of contracts. One important point to note here is that there is certain type of celebrations in the wedding where photographers are not allowed and that should be explained by the client and included in the contract.

    There are also guests in the wedding that do not feel comfortable with their pictures taken or just don’t want to get captured candid by photographers. If there are any guests like this in the wedding, then the client should tell the photographer so that the photographer is aware of who to take pictures of who to avoid.

  • Cancellation:

    Cancellation and rescheduling are a vital part of a contract as it assures both parties that in case of any unfortunate circumstances, their contract will be cancelled or rescheduled. In a wedding photography agreement, adding a clause related to cancellation will cover the chances of cancellation on both sides. Both parties should negotiate and be on the same page about the cancellation of the contract before signing it, so that incase they have to cancel, there won’t be any difficulties.

These were all the major things that you can include in a wedding photography agreement. Other things that should be included in the contract are:

  • Date, time, and Location
  • Names of bride, groom, and their contact information
  • The contact information of the photographer and their team
  • Length of event with commencement times of each part of the event
  • How many photos should be taken by the photographer in one event
  • Name and details as well as the location of all the events that are being photographer
  • Total cost and when the payment is due
  • Additional payments in case of overtime
  • Fee of booking the photographer
  • Traveling fee and fee of the motel if the wedding is at a distant location from the studio of photographer
  • Cost per album that depend on the number of photos added in the album
  • Ability to see proofs online
  • How long will it take for proof to be ready
  • When the finished albums will be ready
  • Cancellation policies

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Template Preview

Wedding Photography Contract

This Wedding Photography Contract (the “Contract”) is entered into _______________________ (the “Effective Date”), by and between ___________________________, with mailing address of ___________________________________ (the “Client”) and _____________________, with mailing address of ____________________________________, (the “Photographer”), also individually referred to as the “Party”, and collectively the “Parties.”


The parties agree that the photographer will perform the photography services described in this agreement, and the client will pay the photographer in exchange for such services and expertise.

Wedding Date:

  • Wedding Date:______________________________________________
  • Start Time & Location:______________________________________________
  • Ceremony Time & Location:______________________________________________
  • Reception Time & Location:______________________________________________
  • End Time:______________________________________________

Services Requested:

1._________________________________________ 2._________________________________________ 3._________________________________________ 4._________________________________________ 5._________________________________________

Contact Information:

  • Client Telephone Number & Email: _____________________________________
  • Wedding Day Additional Contact 1 Name: ___________________________
  • Wedding Day Additional Contact 1 Telephone Number:_________________________
  • Wedding Day Additional Contact 2 Name: ___________________________
  • Wedding Day Additional Contact 2 Telephone Number: ________________________


  • The Parties acknowledge and agree that the total cost of the rendered services shall be:

  • The Parties acknowledge that upon the execution of this Agreement, a non-refundable deposit in the amount of _________________ shall be deposited.

  • The Parties concur that the method of payment shall be through _____________________.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • The Parties hereby agree that, should the Photographer's attendance be required for a period exceeding five hours, the Client shall supply the Photographer with a meal. Photographer’s allergies and dietary restrictions: ___________________________________

  • The Parties concur that for the Photographer to plan ahead, the Client will provide a brief summary of the wedding's expectations.

  • The Photographer commits to making a reasonable attempt to take pictures of as many visitors as they can.

  • The Client acknowledges that guests using cell phones and other cameras and gadgets will be given preference over the Photographer when it comes to capturing pictures.

  • If guests interfere with the photographer's work, the photographer will not be held responsible for the poor quality of the photos.

  • The Client is aware that the Photographer's options may be constrained by the venue's regulations for the ceremony and/or reception.

  • The Client agrees to comply with any restrictions or limitations placed on the Photographer by the venue's policies for the ceremony and/or reception.


The parties acknowledge and agree that the photographer shall retain the copyright to all images shot by them. The photographer hereby offers the client permission to print extra copies of the photos for friends and family but not for commercial use without the photographer's prior approval.


  • The Client:

    Prior to the event, the Client may terminate this Agreement at any moment. The Client shall be entitled to a refund of all payments upon cancellation, minus the non-refundable deposit.

  • By photographer:

    This Agreement may be terminated by the Photographer at any time before the event. In the event of cancellation, the photographer is required to offer an acceptable alternative, pending written agreement from the client. Alternately, the Photographer will reimburse the Client for all prior payments made, including the non-refundable deposit. The Photographer shall transfer all funds already paid by the Client to the Replacement Photographer in the event the Photographer identifies a suitable Replacement Photographer.

Dispute Resolution:

(Arbitration/mediation/negotiation) shall be used to settle any dispute or difference arising out of or relating to this Agreement, in line with and pursuant to the laws of _______________________.


All other terms should remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable. If any section of this Contract is found to be illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that provision shall be severed from the remainder of the Contract.

Governing Law:

The Parties concur that the State of _______________________________ where the wedding will take place shall have exclusive jurisdiction over this Contract.


The Parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement may be amended only in a writing signed by both Parties hereto. Any modifications made by the Parties shall therefore be incorporated into this Agreement.

Entire Agreement:

This Agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties hereto concerning the subject matter hereof, and it supersedes all prior express or implied, oral or written, and of any kind whatsoever, agreements, understandings, inducements, and conditions concerning the such subject matter.

Any usage of the trade or course of performance conflicting with any of the terms herein is superseded and controlled by the express terms hereof.

The Parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement and such is demonstrated throughout by their signatures below: