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Video Release Form Template

A video release form is written consent granting a third party the right to use a video in which you appear. Make sure your video release form is accurate.

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What is a Video Release Form?

A release form is a legally binding document that serves as a consent in writing to release the legal liability of a releasee by a releasor. Release forms are mostly used in photography or videography fields, in order to ensure that any content that is captured by an entity is owned by them and not by the workers who work with them on the project. Release form are essentials for a video because they help avoid future legal problems that can make the subjects withdraw their consent to use the footage after the product is completed.

A video release form will allow a third party to use the appearance and voice of a person for the benefit of the third party involved. After the individual has signed the document, the rights to the form of media are released to the third party. The owner of the video will get no compensation other than what is mentioned in the release form.

Video release forms have the benefit of covering still images, so all the basis will be covered from this release form as well. Furthermore, by making sure that you are on the right side of other’s property rights, you should position yourself to maintain your own when you release the videos. The release of content is also conditional on payment and generally there is a space in the form for the client to specify how much they would like to be paid in exchange.

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Uses of a Video Release Form:

A video release form is used for the release of the following content:

  • Documentaries
  • Courses
  • Movies
  • Media
  • Internet videos
  • News
  • Presentation

How a Video Release Form works?

A video release form is required when a property has been used in the creation of a content that will be used to display in the public. If there is a person or trademark that is included in the video the owner’s permission is required as well as their signature on the release form before the content is made public. Here are a few steps that are necessary for a video release form:

  1. Privacy Laws:

    Privacy law is something that requires consent to use other people’s images in your content. If you produce a video, and you want to include some people in it, you should make sure that you have the permission in writing of the people who will be shown in the video. You should make them sign a consent form in order to avoid any complications in the future.

  2. Client’s Permission:

    The video release represents a permission granted from one party to another party. The form might contain the details about the content, but it usually works as an enduring license. By signing the release form the client allows the use of their image for any purpose now and in the future.

  3. Make the Video Release Form:

    The last step is to compromise a set of terms and conditions and put them in writing as a contract for the release of the video. If you cannot make one you can also download it from the internet and fill it with all the information that is asked and then all parties should sign it. If a form that is being signed by a minor, then it also requires the signature of their parent or guardian.

Things to include in a release form:

If you want the release form to be successful, you need to make sure that it includes all the important terms and conditions that will make it legally enforceable in court in case any complications arise in the future. The terms of a release forms are very simple and precise, and it does not have a long list of information that should be included.

A video release form is incomplete without the following things:

  • Form of Media:

    The video release form that you are writing for your project should contain the information about what form of media does your project contains? If there is more than one type of media, then you should also specify that in your form. After specifying the forms of media, the next step is to specify all types of social media platforms where you are planning to release your content. Stating more information is better than less, as it ensures comprehensive protection.

  • Release:

    A clause regarding the release of the video is the most important part of the release form. It highlights the agreement between the parties that were involved in the creation of the content. In this clause, either one or both parties renounce their right to file a lawsuit for potential claims that may arise from a certain specific agreement. In such cases, the specified agreement is also considered as the video release form. In simple words, the release clause prevents both parties from taking legal action over anything related to the content.

  • Rights of Modification:

    The rights of modification section in the form ask the creator to specify that they have obtained consent to edit or modify the video in relevant people feature. This clause will help the creator in reserving the right of modifying, and that will keep their options open in the future as it is hard to predict how the video will be useful for the creator in the future.

  • Time Limit:

    Every video release form should state the time limit. The time limit will inform when the video content will be expired. This will ensure that the creator has the right to use the video and other forms of media related to the content till the specific time period and no longer than that. The people that are involved in the creation should be made aware of the expiration date and they should be on board with it as well.

  • Payments:

    In some cases, the detail of the payments that are made to the people present in the video are not included in the video release form. Instead of including that in the release form some creators might include that information in the service agreement. However in video release form is included whether the subject is entitled to any compensations that may arise from the use of the video or not.

    Usually in video release forms, it is specified that the individuals filmed in the video will not be entitled to any compensations from the use of the video. But that is not always the case, the parties involved are allowed to negotiate and come to a mutual understanding about the compensations regarding the use of the video.

    Another important thing to consider regarding the compensations is the different form of compensations that the individuals may qualify too, such as royalties, and commissions.

    When you are writing a video release form you should be very clear about all this stuff so that the people involved are aware of whether they should expect the compensations or not.

Other things that should be included in the video release form are:

  • Name of the releasor and releasee
  • Details about project being produced
  • Information about what permissions is granted
  • Crediting requirements
  • Spaces for signatures of all parties

Any creator that works with people in order to capture videos, images, or any form of media, needs a release form. Release forms are important to protect against legal repercussions and it makes sure that everyone is on the same page about everything. If you need help with a release form, make sure you contact a lawyer about it. Having a person from legal team will make sure that you do not miss any major terms in the release form.

When is a video release form signed?

A video release form is signed by the people involved in the creation before the beginning of the project. Until you have the consent and signature of the people that are being filmed in the video, they can say that they never allowed to be filmed for the video and that can lead to further complications. This will put the creator in a lot of risk of spending lots of money and time that was spent in filming, but they will not be able to release the content because of the consent being revoked.

Getting individuals to sign the video release form and agree on all the terms and conditions is not that difficult. Specifically in the case of people who regularly appear in videos, it is very easy to get their permission, but the creator should still give explanation in detail about the kind of video they are planning to make so that the people know exactly what they are consenting to and they are comfortable with it being released to the public.

Are release forms required for short films?

Yes, release forms are definitely a requirement when you are making a short film. Even if the short film will only be released on social media, it is still necessary to have a release form. As a filmmaker, having a release form for your short film will protect you in case the short film has turned into a hit and some of the people involved in it ask you for more payment. When you have their signature on the release form beforehand, they cannot ask you for anything more than what they have already been given.

Is it necessary to have a release form for a class project?

If the video, you are making for a class project will only be shown to the people present in your class then you do not need any type of release form for that. However, if you are in a film making school and you are making a short film or documentary then it is better for you to get a release form for that and have all the parties involved sign it in advance in order to avoid any complications and frustrations in the future.

Is there a need for release form if you are making videos with some friends?

That depends on what you are planning to do with the video later. If you are making a video just to have some fun among your friends, then you most likely don’t need a video release form for that. If you are going to post it on internet, then make sure that everyone that is involved in the video is on the same page about it being uploaded on the internet. But if you are planning to make a documentary out of it or make a short film, then you definitely need a video release form so that all the people that are present in the video can consent to it being turned into a short film or documentary.

Whether you are creating a documentary, conducting an interview, or making a short film, it is necessary to have a video release form before you release the content to the public. Having a video release form will help in protecting your company and those who are featured in the video. Things and circumstances can always change in the future, so it is better for you to have a signed form from all the parties involved in order to avoid any problems and misunderstandings.

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Template Preview

Video Release Form

  • I, _______________________________, hereby grant permission to ________________________, with payment of ________________, without payment or other consideration, to use my image, in video or still form, as well as my voice as it is captured on audio or videotape. I acknowledge that my likeness may be used in finished works that are altered, copied, shown, published, or distributed.

  • I am aware that this content may be used in a variety of educational contexts across unconstrained geographic boundaries.

  • This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats, and markets now known or later discovered.

  • This authorization must remain in effect until I cancel it in writing for another reason.

  • I renounce my right to review and approve any finished product bearing my likeness.

  • I acknowledge that I either consented to this release voluntarily and without payment or that I have been paid for the use of my images and videotapes.

  • I renounce all claims to royalties or other payments resulting from or connected to the use of the video.

  • I am aware of this and accept that these items will not be returned and instead become the property of _____________________.

  • I thus absolve and discharge ______________________ from any claims, demands, and causes of action that I, my heirs, agents, administrators, executors, or other representatives may assert on my or my estate's behalf.

  • Both the duration of this release's validity and the areas in which these items may be distributed are unrestricted.

I certify that I have read the foregoing release in its entirety, understand it entirely, and agree to be bound by it by signing this release. I hereby waive any and all claims I may have against any individual or group who uses this content for educational purposes.


VIDEOGRAPHER                                                   COMPANY

Name:___________________               Name:___________________

Signature:_________________               Signature:___________________

Date:____________________               Date:___________________