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Video Production Proposal Template

A video production firm, videographer, corporate video production company, or video marketing agency may present a proposal to a potential client.

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What is a Video Production Proposal?

A video production proposal is basically a document that is submitted by a video production company, videographer, or a corporate video production company to a potential client. A video production proposal is used to convince the client to purchase the services that are provided by the videographer or the video production company.

A video production proposal is legally binding contract between the video production company and their client. This agreement is usually between a production company and another company, but it can also be used for event videography which includes, weddings or any event that requires video coverage.

A well drafted video production proposal can show the client the professionalism and that the company fully understands the need of the clients. When a video production proposal is well written it assures the client that this company is the best fit for their project and makes the client trusts the company more.

Video production proposals usually include details about the copyrights of the final product, schedule of the video production, payment policies and any other terms and conditions that either of the side want to include.

The best kind of video production proposals are simple and precise and cover all the major aspects. A video production proposal should sound convincing in a polite way and there should not be any strictness of complicated terms and conditions. The production company should also allow the client to add or change any terms and conditions they want according to their liking.

Before finalizing a video production proposal, both parties should read everything thoroughly and make sure that the client and the video production company are on the same page about everything and there are no misunderstandings among them regarding anything. When both parties have mutual understanding about all the terms and conditions in the proposal, it will lead to a good and healthy working relationship.

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Things to include in a Video Production Proposal:

Following are the things that should be included in a Video Production Proposal:

  • Name and contact information of the company and client
  • Production services
  • Details about the company
  • Scope of work
  • Script
  • Shooting
  • Licensing of the music being used in the video
  • Post-production
  • Releases or clearance from other rights holders
  • Ownership of the video after the production is completed
  • Independent contractors
  • Time period of the contract
  • Termination of the proposal
  • Payment schedules and policies
  • Governing law
  • Refund policies in case anything goes wrong
  • Breach of the contract
  • Entire agreement

It is important to note that there should be a lawyer that can help you out and give professional advice regarding the proposal before you sign it. Whether you are the client or the videographer, seeking guidance from a lawyer is beneficial for both. Including a lawyer in the agreement will help you out in many ways. in the future if anything goes wrong, a breach of contract or a fraud, a lawyer will help you in solving the matter without complications. Since it is a legally binding contract anything that goes wrong can be taken to the court to solve without much trouble.

How to write a good video production proposal?

As we discussed above, it is important to draft a good video production proposal so that your working relationship goes smoothly. As a production company you should try to sound convincing and not strict at the same time. A video production proposal should be written in a way that it protects the interest of both parties simultaneously. Inn case anything goes wrong. In case anything goes wrong, the client as well as the production company should be protected through the agreement. Most important part about a good video production proposal is that it should cover all the major aspects and should not miss anything so that there won’t be any frustrations in the future.

Here are some tips to write a good production proposal:

  • Keep it precise:

    A video production proposal shouldn’t be too lengthy. If the proposal is too long and takes a long time to read, it won’t sound professional and it will eventually bore the client too. Keeping things concise by only focusing on the major elements is the key to a good video production proposal.

  • Keep it personalized:

    While keeping the video production proposal precise is the goal, make sure that it is also personalized to a certain level in order to impress the client. Including the details about your company, contact information, the aim of your company are something that you can use to make it sound more personalized and interesting.

  • Delivering the proposal:

    Another key element to remember is delivering the proposal. It is an important part to choose a progressive approach to deliver your proposal to the client. In most cases, the video production companies do not deliver the proposal face to face or by hand and they usually prefer to deliver it online via email.

    As a videographer, in order to save yourself time and money, you should only deliver high profile production proposals face to face and try to deliver most of the video production proposals via email. It is time saving and money saving as well, and it is the most common approach used by many videos production companies. Printing is hardly the way used these days, most proposals like this are made and signed through emails.

    Clients usually worry about signing the agreement through emails, but it shouldn’t be worrying because the emails that are signed via emails hold the same value as the ones signed on paper. Video production proposals are legally binding whether they are signed via email or on paper.

  • Presenting your company:

    As a video production company, it is your job to make your company sound professional in the proposal. It will impress the client and make them trust your work more. If there is something special or important about your company, then you should mention it in the proposal. And also don’t forget to mention your crew that will work with you on the project.

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Template Preview

Video Production Proposal

Prepared for:


Prepared by:


Date: ____________________________



I'm excited to present to you our proposal for video-producing services.

Our goal when it comes to filming and editing videos is to earn your highest level of satisfaction and pleasure!

Since ____________________, our business has offered video producing services. We have built a reputation in the market in addition to our brand name.

Since _______________, we have offered the best video producing services. We provide a wide selection of the best video goods available. You can trust our service and the caliber of our editing when working with us. If you have any questions about our services, the price, or the terms of payment, don't hesitate to contact us.

Message us at _____________________________________.

We are eager to assist you.



Name: _____________________

Title: ______________________



  • Down Payment: _____________________________________
  • Payment upon completion of services: __________________________________


Video Production Service:

Service Quantity Amount

Terms and Conditions:

  • By agreeing to the terms of this contract, __________________ and ____________________ acknowledge that all finished media goods must adhere to the acceptable and necessary criteria set forth by both parties.
  • Both Parties concur that final media should be of the highest caliber, which includes, among other things, being artistically produced, aesthetically pleasing, and suitably made based on music, sound, animation, and other elements.

Ownership rights:

  • Pre-production clips will be discussed between the parties and agreed upon by signing this agreement.
  • The Parties agree that the client owns all rights, interests, and titles to the media, including the finished product post-production and the creative idea backing it.
  • The customer is free to use any pre-production and post-production clips on their websites, social media accounts, commercial video platforms, and other content platforms of their choice.
  • The client now gives a transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free license to the media creator for the duration of the contracted work to the media clips' post-production deliverables.


  • The media, information, and product produced for the client as being assumed to be of a confidential and/or sensitive nature.
  • By agreeing to the contract, both parties consent to client-dictated disclosure agreements regarding the specific media, videography, video project, and other items.
  • By signing this agreement, the video producer acknowledges that all media, ideas, and pre-and post-production clips will be treated as secure and confidential.

Independent Contractor Status:

By signing this agreement, Parties acknowledge that the producer is a freelancer or independent contractor. According to this agreement, the producer is not considered a client employee and is not allowed to use the client's corporate name to represent themselves as a client employee.

Product Delivery:

Final product submission date: _______________________________

  • The final product must be provided to the client by the predetermined deadline, if not earlier.
  • The client will pay the video producer the agreed-upon rate, and payment options.

Entire Agreement:

This document constitutes the whole legal agreement between _______________________________ and ______________________________________ when executed by both parties. No other assurances, understandings, or contracts, whether expressed in writing or verbally, shall be honored.

The whole terms of this agreement have been affirmed by the signatures of this contract. By signing, both parties commit to upholding all conditions of the agreement until they are either fully implemented or both parties terminate it.



Name: __________________________________

Signature: ____________________________

Date: ______________________________



Name: __________________________________

Signature: ____________________________

Date: ______________________________