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Service Provider Contract Template

A services agreement is a written contract that is signed by a service provider and a client. This document, also known as a service contract or a general services agreement, is legally enforceable and protects both the provider and the customer.

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What is a Service Provider Contract?

A service provider contract is a written arrangement between a business and the person or business delivering the services.

The contract should specify what will be done by the service provider for the company, as well as how much will be paid and how long the service will be provided.

It may also state who is the owner of any intellectual property produced as part of their activity.

These agreements are crucial because they guarantee that both parties are aware of what is expected of them before the start of employment and that pay expectations are explicit from the start.

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What Happens If One Party Violates a Service Agreement?

Professionally discuss the situation first if one party is unable to meet their commitments.

To maintain excellent relations with them, you can want to modify your agreement. You might decide to grant your freelance graphic designer an extension, for instance, if they are unable to complete a logo design by the deadline.

To ensure that everyone feels fairly serviced and compensated in these circumstances, be sure to constantly bring up money.

Make sure to properly understand the details of the agreement before deciding you both wish to breach it.

You might find that, if both parties agree to it, there is no need for legal action. A small claims court or mediation may be required if you and the other party are unable to agree on any contract modifications.

Who Requires a Service Provider Contract?

When you purchase a car, computer, or gadget, you typically receive it right away.

You know exactly what to expect and what you are getting, even if you order it and wait for delivery.

However, you cannot examine a service in advance the same way you would equipment.

Customers frequently pay the charge, or at least a portion of it, far before they see what their money bought because many services are rendered over an extended period.

While the job is being done, expectations can be managed via a signed service agreement.

Additionally, it guarantees that each party will receive the labor and payment terms they agreed upon.

  • Not all services demand contracts.
  • Some companies and experts that depend on service agreements are:
  • management consultants, photographers, videographers’ graphic designers, and< illustrators
  • website designers and IT support services
  • Actual estate agents
  • Accountants and law firms, as well as general contractors and construction firms
  • Professionals in marketing and advertising, as well as caterers

How to Create a Service Agreement

  • Your firm name and "service agreement," "client agreement," "customer agreement," or another title that best suits your circumstance, should appear in the title of the contract. For example, contracts to represent homes for sale are referred to by real estate brokers as "listing agreements." An "arrangement for tax preparation" may be used by an accountant, etc.
  • Many elements of a service agreement can be standardized, and you can develop what's known as a template that offers the essentials your company will frequently need. Your template might need to be modified to account for the agreements you reach with a particular client. However, you'll typically be able to complete the gaps without starting from scratch each time you acquire a new client.
  • An explanation of the parties to the agreement. The parties' names and addresses should appear at the start of your agreement. Include the type of entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company, if one or both parties are businesses.
  • A summary of the services that will be rendered. Remember that you won't be able to adjust your fee if you wind up doing more work, so be as detailed as you can. A caterer would want to indicate how long they would be present at the event, how many waiters would be present, how many people would be fed, and how much and what kind of food would be supplied.
  • When the job begins when the contract will go into force, and how it might be terminated. The day a contract becomes legally binding for both parties is known as its effective date. The contract's effective date is frequently the day both parties sign it, but this is not required. Specify a work schedule next; work completed as part of a project should, at the very least, include beginning and ending dates. If your project includes several different phases or parts, you might include several due dates.
  • The caterer will be more likely to bid the work fairly and cover these charges if the supplies and time are accurately listed (serving only organic produce, for example, will cost more than conventional produce, and describing the food as organic will prompt the caterer to take its added expense into account).
  • An overview of costs and due dates. Include details like if you're billing hourly, weekly, monthly, or on a fixed rate per project. If a consultant needs to travel to various corporate sites, for example, you may need to clarify whether that travel is included in the fee or if it needs to be paid and reimbursed separately.
  • Additionally, your contract should address scenarios in which you cannot finish a project as a result of the client's actions or inactions. For instance, if one of the offices does not offer a timetable for the seminars, a consultant contracted to deliver HR seminars to managers across many office locations may not be able to finish the job. Your contract should foresee the most common performance issues (also known as defaults) and offer a way to fix the problem.
  • Specify a spot for signatures. The parties concerned should always sign and date service agreements. To prevent any party from claiming afterward that it did not sign the agreement, it is a good idea to have the signatures notarized as well.

Who are the parties to a service agreement?

A client and a contractor are both parties to a service agreement. The client pays the contractor for their job after receiving the service they provided.

Either party may be a person or a business. The client may also consist of two or more individuals, such as a married couple.

The contractor could also be a group of partners who all sign the contract, such as two or more.

Benefits of Using Service Contracts


In many businesses where unforeseen events and the requirement for reactive work are typical, service contracts enable both the provider and the consumer to be flexible with one another.

Understanding each party's demands makes integration much simpler, which makes it easier to carry out crucial tasks like maintenance and repair work as needed and on schedule.

The job can easily be rescheduled at a more convenient time if one of your locations becomes inaccessible due to unanticipated events—a feature that may not be possible using conventional approaches.

Quality assurance

Both organizations must agree on how the services described will be provided, including the SLAs that must be met, before a contract may be created.

This aids the end-user in getting a clear grasp of the project's total costs as well as when and where the work will be done.

This section of a contract is essential because of the nature of a service (as opposed to a tangible product), and it enables each party to understand their obligations as well as those of the business they are working with.

More than just a convenience, this will also assist businesses to arrange their schedules depending on when equipment will be in use, which will also contribute to improving the experience for end-users.

A unique strategy

Companies will be able to acquire services that are much more tailored to their needs and make the most of their investment by having access to a variety of various tiered packages.

For instance, many provide a variety of calibration and maintenance plans:

  • Only an accuracy test
  • Standard package Inclusive/All-Inclusive - including parts and labor coverage for calibration and certification
  • Based on their present needs, businesses can choose which of these is best, and because of their flexibility, they can quickly switch to a different tier to suit cyclical changes in their industry.

Integrated services

Working with a single provider offers numerous time and cost-related benefits for businesses that decide to use two or more services.

Instead of contracting the same work out to numerous distinct businesses, one company can combine several services into a single bundle at a lower cost and in less time overall.

In a time when clients are expecting faster delivery and shorter downtimes due to the rapid advancement of technology, a significant reduction in turnaround time is priceless. Using a service contract makes this achievable.

Do service contracts have to be registered?

The reply is a categorical "NO." A stamp paper or a non-stamp paper may be used to make agreements.

Certain legal requirements must be met when entering into an agreement on a non-stamp paper.

Are service contracts legitimate?

Service Agreements are legitimate contracts that can be enforced. The terms of the resignation, however, stipulate a notice period that must be given prior to such termination or resignation.

How to Terminate a Service Contract

  • Anytime can be used to terminate a service agreement. The party that terminates the Agreement shall be responsible for any termination-related expenses. The cancellation must be carried out by the terms of the agreement or it may be regarded as a breach of the agreement. Consumers' rights to terminate service agreements are safeguarded by statute in certain situations.
  • Obtain a copy of the service agreement you initially signed and all related paperwork. Check to be sure the paper you signed matches exactly what you did at the particular time and date. Check the document to make sure the services you requested, the terms you accepted, and the signatures of both parties are all present.
  • Gather all of the previous invoices and receipts related to the initial service contract. Put your papers in chronological order starting with the earliest bill you ever received. Add the sums of your standard and extra costs before adding them both.
  • You should carefully review the entire agreement you signed. Make a note in the margin of each clause indicating whether or not it was satisfied. Analyze the cancellation clause's language in detail. To emphasize any cancellation terms, use a highlighter. In the margin, list the penalties.
  • Make a list of your reasons for wanting out of the agreement, together with the advantages and disadvantages of cancellation. Find out if the other party will cooperate with you to terminate the contract with less liability. Try to terminate the service agreement for breach of contract based on non-performance if the other party has not carried out its obligations under the contract.
  • Inquire with the service provider about the service agreement and learn your options for terminating the contract. The business can assert that you are not currently permitted to cancel the contract. Keep in mind that you can always break the contract. Look into your legal options for canceling some service agreements without incurring fees. Find out what the consequences are if you cancel right away and whether any fees can be waiv

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Template Preview

Service Provider Contract

THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE AND ENTERED INTO AS OF THIS DATE BY AND AMONG ("Service Provider"), whose major place of business is at __________________________________ and whose address is ___________________________

Consultant further concur as follows in consideration of the aforementioned Recitals, which are hereby included into the following Agreement, and in consideration of the reciprocal pledges made herein, whose reception and sufficiency are hereby acknowledged:


In accordance with all applicable clauses of the Consultant's Proposal dated

___________, which is attached here and incorporated herein by this reference, Consultant promises to perform the following services (the "Services") in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner.

The terms of this Agreement shall take precedence over any terms that contradict with those of any attached exhibits.

The Consultant indicates and agrees that the Services provided under this Agreement shall be carried out at the Consultant's home or place of business, according to the Consultant's schedule, and using the Consultant's own tools.

The Consultant is involved in offering these kinds of services to people or organisations outside the Party, and the Consultant is not obligated to do so solely throughout the time of this Agreement.


Party shall pay Consultant $____________ for the performance of the services specified in this Agreement in exchange for satisfactory performance of the Services hereunder.

There will be no salary or hourly rate of pay. Before accepting the consultant's work as satisfactory, Party shall not be required to make any payments.

The Consultant's trade or business name must be used for all payments made under this agreement.

A person will not receive any payments under this agreement personally.

Fees, licenses, taxes, and permit fee

The Service Provider is fully aware that this is a service agreement and that there is no employer-employee relationship between the Parties.

Therefore, Workman's Compensation, group life, accident, or health insurance, as well as benefits connected to an employer-employee relationship, do not apply to Service Provider.

Since local, state, and federal governments may require the Service Provider to get any necessary licences and permits or pay associated taxes in order to fulfil the terms and conditions of this Agreement, it is the Service Provider's obligation to do so.

Additionally, Service Provider shall abide by all laws, rules, and ordinances that are relevant to the Services rendered in accordance with this Agreement.


Without the Party's prior written approval, the Service Provider will not assign any portions of the Services to be rendered under this Agreement to a third party.

However, in the event that any Services under this Agreement are permitted to be performed by a subcontractor, Service Provider shall remain liable for all obligations under this Agreement.

Non-disclosure and confidentiality

Service Provider is aware that the Party and Service Provider will have a confidential connection as a result of this Agreement.

Service Provider acknowledges that any information, whether written, oral, or otherwise, pertaining to the Party's personnel, commercial affairs, suppliers, money, assets, operational procedures, computer programmes, documents, and other information is confidential in nature.

In the following, "Confidential Information" refers to all such details pertaining to the Party.

Service Provider promises to take all necessary safety measures to protect the Party's confidential information.

Except as directed by the Party, the Service Provider agrees not to divulge any Confidential Information during the term of this Agreement or after its termination to anyone, and upon termination of the Agreement, it will turn over to the Party all pertinent papers, documents, and other materials in its possession or under its control that the Party requests.

The terms and conditions of this Agreement will also apply to Service Provider's employees, agents, affiliates, directors, officers, and subcontractors.

This provision will remain in effect after this Agreement expires.

In order to perform its obligations under this Agreement and to abide by local, state, and federal laws, the Service Provider shall retain all records and/or reports as required by the Party.

The reporting standards may occasionally need to be amended to reflect best practises or requests from donors.

All revised demands must be complied with by the service provider. After making the final payment and all open cases are resolved, the Service Provider must keep all records and reports pertaining to this Agreement for a period of seven years.

After this agreement expires, this clause will remain in effect.


The Party and the Service Provider hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and hold each other harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, demands, fees, and expenses or causes of action (whether negligent or intentional), which either may sustain based upon a breach of any term or condition of this Agreement, along with their respective Boards of Directors, officers, agents, legal representatives, employees, volunteers, successors, and assigns.


$\bullet$ Drug-Free Workplace – The Service Provider will abide by all state regulations that apply to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

If appropriate, Service Provider will use reasonable efforts to ensure that none of its workers are in possession of, under the influence of, or abusing any illicit, alcohol-related, or prescription drug substances while working on Party property.

$\bullet$ Modification - This Agreement may not be modified except in a writing signed by the Party's authorised representative.

$\bullet$ Non-Assignment - Unless otherwise instructed by the Party, Service Provider agrees to personally perform all Services required by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Any attempt to assign in breach of this Agreement is invalid.

Work output

Any information, data, reports, documents, or other materials provided by the Party to the Consultant during the performance of the services under this Agreement, as well as any reports, drawings, or other writings required under the services of this Agreement, shall be and remain the sole property of the Party at all times.

By the completion date and before complete payment of the compensation set forth hereunder, the Consultant shall return or transmit to the Party such documents, etc.

Governing Law

The laws of the _______________shall govern this Agreement and be followed in its interpretation.


If any of the provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not invalidate or render unenforceable the entirety of this Agreement; rather, the entire Agreement shall be construed as if it did not contain the specific invalid or unenforceable provision or provisions, and each party's rights and obligations shall be construed and enforced in accordance therewith, in order to accomplish the essential intent and purposes of this Agreement.

By_________________________                                            Signature_____________________________

By_________________________                                            Signature_____________________________