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SEO Contract Template

Signed a contract to provide SEO services to a client? For your clients, do you need a customised SEO contract template? Download a free copy of our template designed for businesses and organisations. All the clauses you will require to establish a fruitful working relationship are included in our SEO contract. Use right away!

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What is an SEO proposal?

An SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization proposal is a document made by a marketing agency or company or digital strategist for a potential client. The purpose of an SEO proposal is to convince the client to sing up for Search Engine Optimization services.

Having an SEO proposal is a company’s way to tell their client that the company is perfect fit for the client. The client is most likely reaching out to different SEO agencies, so having an SEO proposal that stand out is an important factor in impressing the client.

An SEO proposal that is easy to understand is going to save a lot of time of both parties that are involved in the agreement and the client will have a better insight on what to expect from the marketing agency. The clients are usually looking for more quantitative techniques that show the opportunity and returns from the search engine optimization.

A Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary for every business in today’s modern world as it increases the online presence and traffic to the website. Clients are usually aware of this and hence they look for companies or freelancers who provide with the results the client need in the most efficient way. Whether the client will choose a freelancer or a marketing agency for SEO, it depends on the SEO proposal.

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Here is what you should include in an SEO proposal:

Following are certain points that you should include in your SEO proposal:

  • Introduction:

    A good SEO proposal should begin with a proper introductory paragraph of the agency or the freelancer. An introduction informs the client about the company or the freelancer and how their needs are best fit for you. A good introduction includes your experiences, tell what differentiates your agency, and an introduction to your team or yourself.

  • SEO Insights:

    This is the most important and time-consuming part of your SEO proposal, and it builds trust and credibility with the client as they will see you or your agency as someone who has taken time to come up with a suitable SEO plan for the target audience. This part shows that you have an understanding of the business goals as well as the problems. Two SEO insights that are necessary to include in the proposal are:

  • The current keyword rankings of the client to showcase where is improvement required.

  • An SEO audit of the client’s website to highlight the important issues that require fixing.

  • Keyword identification and prioritization:

    The keyword identification allows the search engine optimization agency to work with existing keyword lists in order to prioritize keywords and keyword themes that are most relevant to the business.

  • Competitor Benchmarking:

    This process involved picking out different competitors in the search results so that the client can benchmark performance against them. Competitor benchmarking process is as important as the prioritization and identification of keywords.

  • Explain your plan to the client:

    An important part of the SEO proposal is to inform client in detail about the projects that you have planned to improve the SEO ranking of their website. The client should be aware of what exactly do they expect from you and your agency. The deliverable by the agency should be outlined in the contract.

    A monthly SEO report should also be a part of this that shows the client what work was done by the agency in one month and what results did they achieve.

  • Include a timeline:

    Not all clients know that Search Engine Optimization takes time sometimes clients expect the results to soon. The clients should be made aware that the results they expect may take time to be delivered. The agency should provide the client with a realistic timeline that tell them exactly what to expect and when to expect that.

  • Provide the client with your goals:

    When getting into an agreement, the client should be made aware of the goals of the agency and what the agency will do for the client. This will help the client in realizing what they will achieve in and what their experience with the agency will help them gain.

  • Investment:

    This part of an SEO proposal includes all type of pricing policies. The fees charged by the agency should be mentioned in the proposal and the agency should provide the client with several pricing policies from which they can choose the most convenient one. The services that agency provides will help in growing the business of the client, hence all the decisions made regarding the pricing should be included in this part of the proposal.

  • Call to Action:

    The most important part to include in a Search Engine Optimization proposal is call to action. Ending a proposal with a call to action will let your client know what the next steps are to get started. This part should also include the contact information of the agency or freelancer.

    This part is often forgotten in SEO proposal, but it is very necessary to include them.

Why Do You Need SEO proposal?

Search Engine Optimization is very important for new businesses because their clients will be looking for them online. By including keywords on the website, businesses will get a better chance to push their websites on the top of the search engine and it will help the clients in finding the website more easily and it will help the business grow even more.

Search Engine Optimization works by adding specific keywords to the website when the process of keywords is done in the right way, the search engines like google or yahoo will rank the website higher than other websites. The ranking on the website is according to the criteria of the search engine.

Each website and their searches are ranked based on the algorithm and criteria that includes how a website relates to the search and its links. If the keywords included in the website matches the search then the website will rank higher than the other websites and ultimately it will show higher on the search pages.

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Template Preview

SEO Proposal Template

In today's digital age, your organization needs to have a strong online presence. Having an effective SEO plan is the greatest approach to succeed online.

High-quality consumers can find your website and learn about what you have to offer by using SEO to enhance your organic traffic. Your website may reach considerably more people for a lot longer period with an effective SEO plan than any ads of the same money could.

Our research shows that using a solid SEO strategy can help you improve organic page views and traffic when combined with other strategies.

Please feel free to respond to the email this proposal was attached to if you have any inquiries or feedback regarding it.

About Us:

The __________________ is a business committed to assisting new businesses in connecting with their target market and enhancing their internet presence. The ______________________ founded in _________________ by ________________________, has expanded to employ over 25 people locally and globally, allowing us to hire the greatest talent at reasonable rates. Starting with detailed research, setting goals, and letting you know how much you can boost your exposure and how to increase and sustain your level of traffic, The ___________________________ helps start-ups make data-based decisions. Our business has only used SEO to assist over 100 brands in growing their traffic, and we're prepared to assist you.

Our Approach:

At __________________________________ we begin our process by determining where your business is right now. This entails investigating the SEO performance of your business, including the volume of organic traffic you already receive, the keywords that your website is presently ranking for, and the overall most crucial ones.

We'll check your website for any potential problems that might be preventing you from ranking and advise you on how to fix them. Setting a baseline is crucial because it informs us of our current situation and enables us to formulate attainable objectives.

It also aids in the discovery of any potential problems that might be impeding your company's ability to accomplish its objectives. Then, we can address issues so that we can get off to a strong start. We will begin creating your SEO strategy and guiding it through to completion once we have established your baseline and your needs.

Here is our auditing process:

1. Laying the groundwork:

*We use various tools to analyze your website.

*We check your analytics to discover trends and patterns in your traffic.

2. Discover the website’s accessibility:

*We Look for potential issues in your website’s metadata, sitemaps, site architecture, navigation, and framework.

*We check your site’s performance, and how fast it loads on a computer or smartphone.

3. Finding indexability:

*“Indexing” means search engines are including your website in their results when someone looks up relevant information.

*If any pages can’t be accessed, we’ll offer solutions to help you index them.’

4. On-Page Optimization:

*We consider factors such as URLs, Content, Duplicate Content, Keyword Cannibalism, HTML markup, and Interlinking.

*These factors will help us find even more ways to improve your ranking.

5. Off-Page Optimization:

*We evaluate your website's popularity in comparison to your rivals, your backlinks and the sites from which they come, how reliable your website is, as well as your Page Authority and Domain Authority.

*We take action and begin constructing links to your website using various strategies in response to this research.

6. Competition Analysis:

*We'll examine three of your rivals' websites as well, and compare the outcomes.

*Lastly, we decide what needs to be done to raise the ranking of your website.


We'll examine your website and discover any problems we find. Among them are the following:

1. Broken images and missing Alt tags

Since broken images are detrimental to SEO, photos must always be fully responsive. Google, however, must rely on the alt tags to understand what the image signifies because it cannot view the photos. Search engines can better grasp the content of photos and their importance by using alt tags.

2. Issues with meta descriptions

When consumers locate your website on a search engine, meta descriptions assist them to decide whether to click on it or not. Users may choose another site if your meta descriptions aren't compelling enough. Your website will be ranked lower by the search engine the fewer clicks it receives. By including pertinent meta descriptions, you increase the likelihood that users will click on your website and contribute to its higher ranking.

3. Low Word Count:

Although there is no required minimum word count for SEO, words aid search engines in understanding the goal of a page. Additionally, it goes beyond simple word count. Particularly Google tends to favor in-depth and worthwhile information over filler. Your material should not needlessly repeat or rephrase itself; it should only be as long as necessary to convey the intended message.

4. Internal and external links that are broken

For your SEO, broken links might be quite detrimental. While a few broken links are typically not a significant deal, the more your website has, the less user- and search engine-friendly it will appear. Because search engines don't often crawl your entire website at once, this is particularly true of them. Therefore, it is more probable that a search engine won't find the content it is looking for the more broken links you have.

Solutions and Objectives:

We can choose the best course of action to address any issues and raise the ranking of your website based on the aforementioned challenges. The following are the suggested goals and fixes for your website:

1. Enhance meta descriptions:

We must make sure that every page has a suitable meta description that is both educational and pertinent to the remainder of the page. To do this, we must limit the length of meta descriptions to 155 characters to ensure that as much information as possible is provided without being cut off.

Additionally, we should make sure that each meta description has a suitable CTA to make them sound more actionable. Last but not least, we must make sure that the meta descriptions contain the most crucial keyword and match the rest of the content.

2. Fix image problems:

The photographs on your website must then be checked to make sure they are completely functional and contain the correct tags. Each alt tag must use no more than 125 characters to describe the image. When possible, they should also incorporate pertinent keywords.

3. Increase word count:

Not every page should have a ton of substance. However, we must make sure that every page has enough text to clearly explain its goal to both consumers and search engines. To do this, we must identify pages with problematic content and edit the language there without adding any extraneous words. The writing should be concise, easy to scan, and easy to understand.

4. Fix Faulty Links:

Every broken link must be found. These broken links will be noted on a spreadsheet. Then, to aid in interlinking, we will locate the pertinent active links to replace each of the broken ones.

5. Create an SEO campaign:

The development of an SEO campaign is the process's crucial final phase. To improve your rankings and organic traffic, our SEO experts will create a framework for you. This framework will boost new visitors, keep returning visitors, and provide you a competitive advantage.

Past Projects and Achievements:

Here is an outlook of our past case studies and how we have helped users in the past.

1____________________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________________________ 4.___________________________________________________________ 5.___________________________________________________________


The amount of work your website requires and the objectives you have in mind will determine our pricing.

  • SEO audit:

We'll check your website's performance across all major search engines. Then, we will find any problems and assist you in resolving them.

Price: ________________

  • Development of an SEO campaign:

We'll analyze your website and address any problems we find. We will next create a sustainable plan to further boost your organic traffic using the information we learned from the audit.

Price: _________________

  • Launch of SEO Campaign:

We'll analyze your website and address any SEO problems that may exist. After that, we'll create a campaign and run it for _________ months. After those _________ months are through, we'll repeat the procedure by finishing another audit.

Price: _________________

Project Schedule:

The following timeframe will apply if your business chooses The Ranking Consultant Agency to boost its organic traffic and create an SEO campaign:

  • Initial Consultation

We discuss with you during our initial interview to find out about any problems you're having and what you hope to get out of the procedure. Since we can concentrate on the problems you want to have repaired, this enables us to get off to a good start.

Completion time: _____________________

  • Phase 1: Auditing

The ______________________________ will assess the problems and present performance of your website after our initial meeting. We will offer you any information gathered from your website along with suggestions for how to address any problems.

Completion time: ________________

  • Phase 2: Immediately improve the website

Our team will begin making repairs once we've shown you the immediate problems we need to address on your website and have a signed agreement in place. Fixing broken links, adding tags, and creating interlinking and content scheduling are just a few of the tasks involved in this.

Completion time: _________________

  • Launch of an SEO campaign:

We'll start the SEO campaign after your website has been fully optimized. In order to help you rank for the desired keywords, this campaign typically entails content creation, interlinking activities, backlinking activities, and any other long-term solutions.

Completion time: __________________

  • Management and Optimization of SEO Campaigns

After the campaign is finished, we'll review the campaign's performance and check your website once more. We'll also conduct a second audit of a rival company for comparison. We will uncover more keywords and optimization chances with the aid of these audits. After that, we'll turn them into things we can do over the next six months.

Completion time: ___________________

Reasons to Work With Us:

Your website requires qualified traffic, not just traffic in general. We at ____________________________ understands that quality traffic is the best traffic, and we build all of our strategies with this in mind as we optimize and develop them.

Here's how we accomplish that:

  • Generating traffic for you and encouraging conversion:

Our performance metrics include not only traffic but also conversion because we're seeking qualified traffic. We keep you informed of our progress and let you know what to anticipate from users so you can lead them to conversion.

  • Strategies that work for long-term SEO outcomes

We don't merely make your results better at ___________________________ and then abandon them when search engines update their algorithms. We guarantee that we are safely and permanently increasing the traffic to your website by employing a multi-channel SEO technique.

  • Providing the attention you need:

Not every customer who arrives is accepted. Instead, while choosing our clients, we take great care. During the audit and optimization processes, we exclusively choose clients with a high potential for quantifiable growth.

This not only enables us to concentrate on individuals who have a greater likelihood of succeeding, but it also enables us to provide you the finest attention possible. You will totally comprehend the methods that produced the results in addition to seeing them.

Terms of Agreement

This SEO Proposal (“Proposal”) is being made between _____________________________ located at ________________________________ and ______________________________ on _________________________ . _______________________ and ____________________ may also be referred to as “Party” or together as the “Parties”.

Description of the Services:

The Parties will decide the scope of service or may update the scope of the services by filing a “Change Order” form and getting approval from ____________________ to change this contract.

  • More services and changes may generate extra fees.

Costs and payment

  • The total cost of services: _________________________
  • Amount due at signing: ________________________
  • Amount due upon completion: ____________________
  • Timeline: _______________________
  • Preliminary SEO campaign planning completion date: ________________________
  • Review date: ________________________
  • Final review: _________________________

(This final review must include written feedback on the proposed SEO campaign)

  • Completion: _________________________

Intellectual Property:

All content created by the company including meta descriptions, alt tags, images, textual content,

and any graphic art created for it belongs to the customer. The retention of copies or portions of

the content by the company is not necessary. The customer will not hold the company

accountable for any allegations made by third parties.

Any and all copyright-eligible works, concepts, items, creations, and other information resulting

from the provision of the services will belong to the company and will continue to be its property;

the customer will not be held liable for any claims made by third parties.


Without the prior approval of customer, Company will not divulge or reveal any confidential information belonging to the Customer. Trade secrets, financial data, and any other information that is not generally known are examples of this.

Termination of Contract:

If Customer chooses to end this agreement, they may do so by giving Company a fifteen (15) day written notice and paying for any rendered services. The other Party may terminate this Agreement with five (5) days written notice if either Party doesn't carry out their duties or obligations hereunder. If and when both Parties have fulfilled all of their commitments under the Agreement and all payments have been made, this Agreement will automatically end.


The signatures below indicate the acceptance of this agreement.


Name: _____________________________

Signature: ___________________

Date: ___________________




Name: _____________________________

Signature: ___________________

Date: ___________________