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Internship Contract Agreement Template

An internship contract enables a business to engage an intern who consents to work unpaid. An internship contract is a legally binding agreement between an organization and a student to define the terms to ensure both parties are on the same page.

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What is an Internship Contract Agreement?

An internship contract agreement is between a company and their interns. A company usually hires fresh graduates or undergraduates as interns in the field that is related to their degree to teach them more about the field. An internship contract agreement is like an employment contract, but it is not exactly an employment contract, it is slightly different.

An internship contract agreement is a legally binding agreement between a company and the student that they hire as the intern. An internship contract agreement is signed by the two parties in order to make sure that both parties are on the same page about everything, this way the working relationship goes smoothly.

As a rookie, before you start an internship with a company or organization, you should sign an internship contract with the company in order to protect your interest and to avoid any troubles in the future. An internship contract will help the students who have completed their training period, to get into the labor market

Before signing an internship contract, you should consider in advance what kind of requirements do you have for the company that is providing you with the internship opportunity. Before getting into any kind of working relationship, it is better to draft a simple internship contract agreement to explain in detail the respective duties of both parties that are involved.

An internship contract is the kind of formal contract agreement that can be turned into an employment contract once the student has completed their studies. If the working relation between the company and the student was good and both parties were satisfied with the results at the end, they can renew the contract as an employment contract once the student has their degree.

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Things to include in an Internship Contract Agreement:

There are many things that should be included in an internship contract agreement, some of them are as follows:

  • Position that is offered by the company to the student and the details of the job that they require from the intern.
  • Time period of the internship program should be written down in the contract in order to make things clear for both sides.
  • The intern should include the having the right to a trained internship counsellor at the workplace within a relevant field of work.
  • A clause about working hours of the intern and if the company will ask the intern to work overtime, in that case the compensation for working overtime should also be included.
  • Details about if the internship is paid or unpaid and how much work is required by the company if the internship is unpaid.
  • A statement about whether the internship contract will renew into an employment contract or not after the student is done with their degree.
  • If the internship is unpaid, then the company should compensate the intern will all the prior expenses by the intern relating to the internship.
  • Company should explain in detail all the duties that the intern has to perform during the time period of the internship, and they can also add or change the duties when required.
  • Intern should make sure that they ask to include a confidentiality clause that will make sure that their information is safe at the company, and everything will be kept confidential.
  • If the intern creates any type of invention during their time at the company, then the copyrights to that belong to the company and not to the intern. Including a clause like that is necessary as it will help in avoiding legal battles regarding the copyrights in the future.
  • The intern should be given health and safety polices by the company and during their time at the company as intern, they should be treated the same as every other individual in the company.
  • The description of the professional benefits and the course of internship should also be written down in the internship contract agreement.
  • The intern should ask to include in the contract, the rights to guidance, and the scope of that guidance after the internship has ended.
  • In case the intern needs a day off because they are unable to attend the office, they are allowed to take a leave from work.

Things to consider when negotiating an internship contract agreement:

There are many things to consider when you are negotiating an internship contract agreement whether you are the company or the intern.

  • As an intern when negotiating an internship contract with a company, it is up to you to have some requirements and plans for your education and work as it shows professionalism and will tell the company how take your responsibilities and work seriously.

  • Intern should be very clear about what they have to offer the company and the company should also be clear about what they will offer the student in return. If it is a paid internship, then the intern should be clear about the job that they will do and how they will do and if it is an unpaid internship then the company should explain in detail what job they require and how they will compensate the intern in exchange for all their work.

  • Make sure that the internship contract is covering all the aspects of the job. How many hours the intern has to work, the pay, how the company will compensate for overtime work, confidentiality, leave of absence, all the details about the job that is required, intellectual property rights.

  • Have a member of legal team present while signing the contract or seek advice from a lawyer before singing the contract. A lawyer will give the best advice and guide you about the contract. If there is a lawyer present at the time contract is signed it will be beneficial in future in case anything goes wrong with the contract and there is a breach of contract, it can be taken to the court and solved without any complications.

    The most important part of having an internship contract agreement is that it covers all the aspects, and nothing is missing. If there is anything missing from the contract, it might cause problems or misunderstanding in the future. the company and the intern should be on the same page about the terms and conditions before signing the contract. A contract written with good intentions and is mutually agreed upon will lead to a healthy working relationship.

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Template Preview

Internship Contract

This Internship Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into ___________________ (the “Effective Date”), by and between _______________________, with the mailing address of ___________________________ (the “Company”) and _________________, with the mailing address of _______________________________, (the “Intern”), individually referred to as “Party” and collectively “the Parties.” Whereas, The Intern seeks an internship to acquire useful skills in the sector served by the Company; whereas, the Business is ready to offer the Intern an internship; therefore, the Parties hereby agree as follows in consideration of the reciprocal promises, conditions, and covenants contained herein:

Internship Position:

The intern has been placed in the department's _____________________ at the position of ___________________ during their internship.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Intern will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks during the internship period:

1.____________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________

Working Hours:

  • The Intern agrees to work from Monday to Friday from ___________________ to ________________, with a _______________ lunch break.
  • The Intern specifically commits to working an average of _______________ hours each week.


By signing this agreement, the parties acknowledge that this internship is unpaid and that the intern will not receive any payment or compensation for any work-related activities at the company. The Intern acknowledges that as compensation for the tasks and obligations that he or she will carry out following this Agreement, compensation in knowledge, education, and experience will be provided.


This Agreement shall commence upon the Effective Date, as stated above, and will continue until ______________________________.


Any of the following events may result in the termination of this Agreement:

  • If the Intern violates this Agreement, immediately.
  • At any time by giving the other party written notice at least _______________ days before the agreement is to be terminated.
  • The Intern will be required to return all materials, goods, or other content owned by the Company upon termination of this agreement at the Intern's earliest convenience, but no later than _______________ days.


For the Intern to carry out the Duties and Responsibilities, it may be necessary for the Company to divulge sensitive information, including trade secrets, knowledge of the industry, and other proprietary information, to the Intern during the term of this Agreement. The Intern will never divulge any of this confidential information. Additionally, the Intern will never use any of this confidential information for personal gain. Even when the Agreement is terminated by its own natural termination or by an early termination by one of the Parties, this clause continues to be in full force and effect.

Intellectual Property:

The Intern acknowledges that any intellectual property provided by the Company to him or her, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, will remain the Company's exclusive property.


  • The Parties each agree to defend the other against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, penalties, punitive damages, expenses, reasonable legal fees, and costs of any kind or amount whatsoever arising from the negligence of or breach of this Agreement by the indemnifying party.
  • Even after the Agreement is terminated by its natural expiration or by an early termination by either Party, this clause is still in full force and effect.

Representation and Warranties:

Both Parties vouch for their full legal capacity to enter into this Agreement. There will be no violations or infringements of any third party's rights, of any other agreements between the Parties, individually, and any other person, organization, or business, or of any law or governmental regulation by either Party in the performance or discharge of its obligations. The Intern further affirms that they are of legal age to work in the United States/Europe and have the necessary authorization to do so.

Limitation of Liability:

Unless the Company's or Intern's act or omission to act constitutes willful misconduct, fraud, or a knowing violation of the law, neither the Company nor the Intern shall, in any event, be individually liable for any damages for breach of duty by third parties.

Governing Law:

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed following the laws of _____________________________.


The remaining provisions of this Agreement shall continue in effect in line with the intent of the Parties if any provision of this Agreement is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be defective and unenforceable.

Entire Agreement:

This Agreement supersedes all earlier agreements, understandings, inducements, and conditions, express or implicit, oral or written, of any sort whatsoever concerning its subject matter and constitutes the complete agreement and understanding of the Parties thereto.


The Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth above as demonstrated by their

signatures as follows:



Signed:              _____________________________________

Name:               _____________________________________

Date:                 _____________________________________




Signed:              _____________________________________

Name:               _____________________________________

Date:                 _____________________________________