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DJ Contract Template

A contract for a disc jockey (DJ) is used to employ entertainment to play music and amuse visitors. The word 'disc jockey' or 'DJ' refers to both a person who plays popular songs and an artist who develops their own distinctive original music.

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DJ Contract

A DJ contract is basically a contract that is singed between a DJ and their client. A DJ contract is signed between two parties when the client hires the DJ to provide their services for an event that is being planned or hosted by the client.

Just like other contracts, a DJ contract is also a legally binding contract between the parties and any violation of the contract will lead to legal action against the party who is responsible for the breach of contract.

A DJ contract simply highlights the terms and conditions and the working relationship between the parties involved in the contract. It also outlines the expectations and results required from both sides. If the DJ provides the services that client expects then the client is expected to pay the DJ, the amount that was decided between them.

As a DJ, signing a contract like this with your clients is very important as it protects your interests in case something goes wrong in the future. If the client is being hesitant about the payment after the DJ has done their job, then the DJ can take that as breach of contract and take the client to the court.

However, the contract should also be fair to the client, if the client is trusting the DJ with their event and paying them whatever amount that the DJ has asked, then the DJ should respect that and make sure to deliver the results that are expected from them.

Clients should be aware that they are bound to hire the services of the DJ with very limited options to get out of them once the contract is signed. But in return the DJ should assure the client that they won’t just cancel the booking by their own choice and that the cancellation will lead to refund of any payments that were made in advance.

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Things to include in a DJ contract:

A DJ contract must have the following information in order for the work to go smoothly:

  • Name, contact, company name, email, business address of the DJ.
  • Client’s full name, contact information, email address.
  • Details of the events, the time, location and how long the event is going to last as well as how many events are there.
  • Payments and refund policies. If there are advance payments or installment payments, it should be mentioned in the contract. In case of cancellation of contract, the refund policy of payment should also be included.
  • Terms and conditions of the services that are required by the client and as well as the space required by the DJ for their setup, and how they expect the client and guests to respect their equipment.
  • Cancellation policies, in case of unfortunate events from either side.
  • If the DJ is going to work overtime at the event it should also be written in the contract along with the compensation for the overtime.
  • Limitations and liability
  • Signatures of the parties involved.

As a client you should keep in mind that most DJs have their bookings done months before the events and they usually prefer advance bookings. If you are planning to hire a DJ for you event you should book them in advance and sign a contract so that the DJ can put your event in their schedule, and they show up at time on the day of event.

Benefits of having a DJ contract

There are multiple reasons why it is important to sign a DJ contract:

  • It will protect your interest as a DJ and as the client.
  • It will make it clear what are the expectations of both parties and what will be the consequences if those expectations aren’t met.
  • A DJ contract is a legally binding agreement it will make things official between the DJ and the contract once the agreement is signed.
  • As a DJ if your gear is damaged, a signed contract will help you protect against it as it can cover for the damaged equipment.

Things to consider before signing a DJ contract:

  • Music: The most important part of hiring a DJ and signing a contract with them is that what kind of music do you want to have at your event and if the DJ you are hiring is good choice for that kind of music.
  • Requests from Guests: Another important thing to note before signing a contract with DJ is whether the DJ is going to take song requests from the guests at your event or is the DJ going to play the songs that they have in their playlist.
  • Equipment: AS a client, when hiring a DJ for your event and signing a contract with them you must ask them what kind of equipment do they use? If is the latest equipment or not.
  • Quality of music: Major part of hiring the DJ is music, so as a client, before you sign an agreement with a DJ, you should ask them what songs are in their playlist and are they updated with the latest music, you should also let them know any specific songs that you want them to add on their song playlist.
  • Backup equipment: In case something goes wrong with the current equipment of the DJ, do they have a backup equipment to cover the event or not? This is an important point to note as it can lead to cancellation of contract.
  • Experience: Music is the center of entertainment in an event so the DJ that has been hired to perform must have a good experience in the field. The client should ask the DJ about their experience in this field before getting into a contract with them.
  • Insurance: A lot of event venues require the DJs to have their own insurance, in order to avoid any complications on the day of the event the client should ask the DJ beforehand if they have insurance or not.

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Template Preview

DJ Contract

This DJ Contract (the “Contract”) is entered into ____________________ (the “Effective Date”),

by and between ________________________, with an address of

_____________________________ (the “Client”) and _________________, with an address of

_______________________________, (the “DJ”), also individually referred to as (the “Party”)

and collectively, (the “Parties).

The client wants to hire a DJ to perform music-related services. The DJ services must include

playing music at the venue, time, and date specified in Section 1 as well as providing other

entertainment. The DJ may also provide relevant extra services, such as public announcements.

Event Description:

  • Venue:                         ________________________________________________
  • Venue Address:           ________________________________________________
  • Event Date:                  ______________________
  • Event Time/Hours for DJ Services: ___________________________________


The following payment and payment terms are accepted by the Parties:

The total cost of the services: _______________________

Non-Refundable Deposit: _________________________

For each hour that the Event lasts past the time specified above, the Client is responsible for

paying the DJ at the rate of $______ per hour. Hours worked in part will be prorated.

Payment will be via: _____________________________


  • The Client:

Before the event, the Client may terminate this Agreement at any moment. The Client shall be

entitled to a refund of all payments upon cancellation, minus the non-refundable deposit.

  • DJ:

This Agreement may be terminated by the DJ at any time. If the DJ cancels, it is required to offer

an appropriate replacement DJ, pending the Client's written consent. Alternately, the DJ will

return all money that the Client has already paid, including the non-refundable deposit.

Governing Law:

The Parties concur that the ___________________________ shall have exclusive jurisdiction

over this Agreement. If the Parties conduct business in various States and/or nations, then

___________________ law shall apply to this Agreement.

DJ Requirements:

The DJ requires the following space and electrical requirements to provide DJ Services.

Space Requirements:

1._______________________________________ 2._______________________________________ 3._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________ 5._______________________________________

Electrical Requirements:

1._______________________________________ 2._______________________________________ 3._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________ 5._______________________________________

Dispute Resolution:

The Parties agree to use mediation if a dispute arising out of this Contract cannot be settled by

mutual consent. If mediation fails to settle the issue and legal action is necessary, the winning

party will be entitled to reimbursement for all related costs, including but not limited to

attorneys' fees.


All other sections should remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable. If any provision

of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that provision shall

be severed from the remainder of the Agreement.

Entire Agreement:

The Parties recognize and concur that this Agreement encapsulates their whole understanding.

Any conditions that the Parties wish to alter, include, or otherwise change must be

communicated in writing and signed by both parties.

The following signatures from the Parties show that they concur with the terms and conditions

stated above:



Signed:           _____________________________________

Name:            _____________________________________

Date:              _____________________________________



Signed:           _____________________________________

Name:            _____________________________________

Date:              _____________________________________