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Wedding Planner Contract Template

Wedding planner contract templates are useful for a variety of reasons. If you need a contract right now, you may buy a contract template and get it right away. Contract templates developed by certified attorneys are an excellent method to rapidly obtain a professional wedding planner service agreement without incurring the high expenses associated with engaging a lawyer to draught a unique agreement. You will often spend less for a contract template than you would for an hour of legal counsel.

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A wedding planner contract is what it sounds like.

Wedding planners are in charge of conceptualising and coordinating wedding activities. In essence, you bring a wedding to life! This is a huge responsibility because your clients are entrusting you with their most significant day.

A wedding planner contract is a legal agreement between a wedding planner and a client that establishes the terms under which wedding planning services are provided.

When should a wedding planner agreement be used?

A wedding planner contract is an important business document since it transforms a lead into a paying customer. That is why, in order to get more marriages, you must master the art of delivering your agreement at the optimal time. Let's break down a typical client intake procedure to assist you perfect the timing of when to introduce a wedding planner contract.

  • Respond to enquiry
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Conduct consultation
  • Send proposal
  • Follow up
  • Send receipt

A wedding planner contract agreement's best practises

Despite the fact that our template is simple, we've discovered three recommended practices to help you get the most out of your agreement.

1. Establish limits

Before you receive signatures from your clients, make sure that all parties are on the same page about the wedding services you're providing.

One of the most significant concerns for any service provider, particularly in the event industry, is when clients create false expectations and continue to seek for more than what was initially agreed upon in your contract. This dynamic may quickly create stress in relationships, which can then lead to disagreements.

Detail exactly what you'll be giving as part of your wedding planning services for your customer to assess and sign off on to assist avoid the possibility of scope creep. The advantage of this is that if your clients make a request that is outside of the boundaries of your contract, you can refer back to your contract to remind them of what they committed to.

Setting expectations for what you can perform for a wedding event necessitates becoming quite experienced at appropriately scoping weddings. Before delivering them your contract, get to know your couple's worries and goals for their wedding.

2. Keep track of cash flow and predictions

When your wedding planning contract is signed, a prospect becomes a customer. As a paid professional, seeing your contracts increase is encouraging because it signifies future revenue.

Because weddings are so seasonal, you'll most likely have work booked months or years in ahead. The cyclical nature of wedding preparation makes it difficult to manage your financial flow because there are long times when no money comes in.

We recommend categorising your contracts into two piles: contracts and pending contracts.

Your contracts pile represents future revenue, whilst your waiting contracts pile represents prospective revenue.

After you've structured your contracts, you may begin manually or in a spreadsheet following your pipeline.

After you've structured your contracts, you may begin manually or in a spreadsheet following your pipeline.

The best opportunity is to be aware of your possible contracts so that you can create a follow-up strategy to see if you can get couples to sign off on your proposal.

3. Payment conditions and cancellations

Much of your wedding business's success is determined by how you handle cancellations. Couples may change their minds for any number of reasons and choose to terminate their contract before the wedding.

The greater the number of cancellations on your books, the more money you will lose. Not only do you lose client money, but you also squander time coordinating with your wedding vendors.

Use a wedding planner contract to impose non-refundable deposits; having clients sign off on this condition will help you be reimbursed and limit the number of cancellations.

Template Preview

Wedding Planner Contract

This Wedding Planner Contract (the "Contract") is entered into on

____________________________________. (the "Effective Date") by and between

____________________________________., with an address of

____________________________________. (the "Client") and , with an address of

____________________________________. (the "Planner"), also referred to individually as "Party" and collectively as "the Parties."

  1. Wedding Details.

Wedding Date: _______________________________. (the “Wedding Day”)

Ceremony Venue: _______________________________.

Reception Venue: _______________________________.

  1. Duties of a Planner The Client retains the Planner's services to fulfil the following event-related duties: Consultations through email and/or phone are unlimited. Planner's phone number is


Client's Phone Number:

Client's Email:

Consultations in person are unrestricted. Please be reminded that if the meeting is more than __________________.miles from the Planner's home/office, additional fees will be required for travel expenses.

Budgeting assistance and expense breakdown.

Discussion and creation of the wedding theme/style

Look for all vendors and/or service providers.

Management and coordination with personnel from the ceremony and reception sites.

All vendors and/or service providers are managed. Please be aware that any journey over miles from the Planner's home/office may entail additional fees.

Prior to the wedding day, go visit the ceremony and reception locations.

Provide a comprehensive timeline to vendors and/or service providers, as well as the bridal party.

Confirmation and follow-up with all vendors and/or service providers 1-2 weeks before the wedding.

Coordination and oversight till____________________.

Payment. The following Payment and Payment Terms are agreed upon by the Parties:

Total Service Fee:

Deposit Is Non-Refundable Due Upon Contract Execution:

Balance Due Date:


By the client. The Client has the right to cancel this Contract at any time. If the Client cancels up to______.days before the Wedding Day, the Client will get a full refund, excluding the non-refundable deposit. If the Client cancels between________.and________. days before the Wedding Day, the Client will get a fifty per cent (50%) refund. If the Client cancels fewer than ______.days before the Wedding Day, there will be no reimbursement.

The Planner has the right to cancel this Contract at any moment. If the Planner cancels, the Planner must supply an acceptable alternative planner, subject to the Client's written consent. In the alternative, the Planner will return the Client's earlier payments, including any non-refundable deposits. If the Planner identifies an appropriate replacement planner, the Planner shall transmit to the replacement planner any funds already paid by the Client, minus any sums the replacement planner agrees the Planner has earned for services provided up to the date of termination.

Liability Limitation for Planners The Planner will make every effort to locate top suppliers and/or service providers. The Planner, on the other hand, makes no guarantees on the performance and/or product of any suppliers or service providers. The Planner will not be held liable for the performance and/or product of any supplier or service provider. If the Client changes the date of the wedding, the Planner will make every attempt to accommodate, but the Planner's availability for any other date than the date specified above is not guaranteed.

Legal Fees and Dispute Resolution If a disagreement arises from this Contract that cannot be resolved via mutual agreement, the Parties agree to engage in mediation.

Severability. If any term of this Contract is found to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that provision will be severed from the remainder of the Contract, while all other provisions will remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable.

Legal and binding contract. As mentioned above, this Contract is lawful and binding between the Parties. This Contract is valid and binding in the United States and throughout Europe. Each of the Parties represents that they have the legal ability to engage in this Contract.

Jurisdiction and governing law The Parties agree that this contract will be governed by the laws of the State and/or Country where the wedding will take place.

Complete Agreement. The Parties recognise and agree that this Contract constitutes their complete agreement. If the Parties wish to update, add, or otherwise modify any terms, they must do so in writing, which must be signed by both parties.

Client Signed: _____________________________________. Name: _____________________________________. Date: _____________________________________.

Planner Signed: _____________________________________. Name: _____________________________________. Date: _____________________________________.