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Service Provider Contract Template

A services agreement is a written contract that is signed by a service provider and a client. This document, also known as a service contract or a general services agreement, is legally enforceable and protects both the provider and the customer.

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What is a service agreement's purpose?

A service contract is a written agreement between a service provider and a customer that specifies the terms and conditions of the job to be done.

Contractors in a variety of industries, from pest treatment to logistics to vehicle repair, are usually referred to as service providers in this context. Depending on the demands of the customer, service contracts can be utilised for one-time services or ongoing work.

When should a service contract be used?

Any service provider's first objective is to keep a full book of clients, as this is how they make a livelihood. A service contract is essential for gaining further business and receiving timely payment. But when is the optimal moment to persuade potential clients to sign a service agreement? It all starts with a question. Personal ties, referrals, your website, or a cold call over the phone might all lead to a lead. Whatever strategy you use, your potential customer is solely concerned with three things at this point:

  1. Are you qualified for the position?

  2. When do you think you'll be able to begin?

  3. What is your fee structure?

At this stage, you may begin drafting your service contract agreement, putting pen to paper all of the details of your services. Providing clients with a formal document demonstrates that you are professional and serious about your work. It also allows clients to inquire about any terms, allowing you to address their concerns and close the purchase.

The components of a good example service contract

While some service contracts might be lengthy and frightening, when it comes to initiating or continuing a customer relationship, just a few factors are important. A service contract template doc has five main aspects.

  1. Providers

It's a good idea to add a section in your contract that lists all of the services you'll provide to your client. Try to be as explicit as possible since it tells your customer exactly what they'll get from your company and helps to establish boundaries so they don't anticipate more than you've agreed on. To correctly describe your services, you must first comprehend the scope of the task by asking good questions and listening carefully to determine your client's objectives. It also aids in the early identification of possible bottlenecks, allowing you to set clear expectations with your customer about what is and is not viable.

  1. Payment conditions

This is the section of your contract in which you specify how much you charge and when you expect to be paid. It's often thought that you bill a customer on a fixed charge or hourly rate for the services you provide. Another factor to consider is when you anticipate being paid after mailing the invoice to your client. Is it seven days or thirty days? Make this point explicit in your contract.

  1. Commencement date

Depending on how urgent the job is, your customer will want to know when you can begin working on it. When deciding on a start date, it's critical to find the correct balance between your availability and the demands of the customer. That is why, before drafting the contract, you should ask the customer when they expect to complete the task so you can arrive at an optimal timeframe.

  1. Discontinuation

Whether it's for one-time assignments or ongoing initiatives, parties must occasionally part ways for whatever reason. That is why, in your contract, each party must agree on the conditions of termination. What is an appropriate notice period? What constitutes a violation? If there are any outstanding payments at the time of termination, how will you be paid? These are the questions to consider while creating a contract agreement template.

  1. Signatures

A contract is not legally binding unless all parties agree to it. Clients and service providers recognise and accept the conditions of a service agreement by signing. We recommend that you should not begin any work without signatures. This protects you in the event of a client disagreement later on.

Template Preview

Service Provider Contract

You are entering into a service agreement on

_____________________________________.(enter due date) along with and between _____________________________________.(enter Service Provider's name) situated at _____________________________________.(enter location) and the _____________________________________.( customer's name) situated at _____________________________________.(enter location)

WHEREAS, the Client requires assistance with service; and

As a result, the service provider is qualified to provide such services;


Services. The service provider is engaged by the Client to provide the following services (the "Services"): _____________________________________. _____________________________________. _____________________________________. _____________________________________.

Fees. For the service provider's provision of the Services, the Client agrees to pay the service provider the following fee. Payment must be made according to the schedule outlined below.

Service cost: . Agreement fulfillment cost:. End of service cost:_____________________________________.

Cost and delivery of cost: The service provider may incur costs that are not covered by the Services price. The service provider will keep a detailed record of all expenses incurred in the course of providing the Services. Every ________. days/upon completion of the Services, the service provider will provide an invoice to the Client for these expenses, along with receipts.

Any purchase exceeding __________. $ shall require written permission done by the client.

Within _____________. days the invoice should be paid. Either directly or by electronic payment method.

_____________________________________. _____________________________________. _____________________________________.


  • Agreement term is effective from_______.(enter date)

  • Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the other party written notice. Except in the case of Contractor's breach of this Agreement, where Contractor fails to cure such breach upon fair notice, the Client will be responsible for payment of all Services performed up to the date of termination.

  • Confidentiality. In order for the service provider to complete the Services, the Client may be required to share proprietary information with the service provider, such as trade secrets, industry expertise, and other private information, during the course of this Agreement. At no time will the service provider divulge any of this confidential information. At no time will the service provider use any of this private information for his or her own personal gain. Even if the Agreement is terminated by natural termination or early termination by either Party, this clause remains in full force and effect.

  • No Exclusivity: The Parties recognise that this Agreement is not exclusive. The parties agree that they are free to enter into future agreements of this nature with other parties.

  • Contractors who work on their own. The service provider is offering the Services under this Agreement as an Independent Contractor, not as an employee, according to the Parties. The Client and the service provider do not form a partnership, joint venture, or any other fiduciary relationship as a result of this Agreement.

  • Rights of Ownership: During the length of this Agreement and for the purposes of the Project, the Client retains ownership of any proprietary information it supplies with the service provider. This confidential information belongs to the service provider, who has no rights to it and may only use it to execute the Services. The Client will own the final service services once the Agreement is completed. While the service provider will personalise the Client's service materials according to the Client's preferences, the Client understands that service materials have a common structure and foundation. Any and all template designs generated by the service provider previous to this Agreement remain its property.

  • Unless the Parties agree otherwise in writing, neither Party can waive any provision of this Agreement, or any rights or duties under it. Any provision, right, or obligation that is waived must be agreed upon in writing.

  • Law of your choice. The Parties agree that the State and/or Country in which the tasks of this employment agreement are expected to take place will govern this Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by

________(enter a state of legislation) legislation if the duties of this Agreement are to be performed in several States and/or Countries.

  • Limitation of Liability: None of the parties shall be liable to any other parties or any 3rd party for causing damages coming from any part of the agreement. It includes, but is not limited to, any loss of revenue or predicted/anticipated profit or lost business. It also includes any cost of delay or failure of delivery, which is not related to or have any direct result of one party.

  • In the event of a disagreement, the parties agree to try to resolve it through good faith negotiations.

  • If a dispute cannot be resolved via good faith negotiations, either Party may seek mediation or binding arbitration in a forum mutually agreed upon by the parties.

  • The successful party will be entitled to its legal fees, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, in the case of arbitration and/or mediation.

  • The Complete Agreement. The Parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement contains the entirety of their agreement. If the Parties wish to update, add, or otherwise modify any terms, they must do it in writing and both parties must sign it.

  • If any term of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, that provision will be severed from the rest of the Agreement, and the remaining sections will remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable.

  • All notices under this Agreement must be sent either certified or registered mail with return receipt requested, or by e-mail with return receipt requested.

All the concerned notice shall be sent by the following way

Sign the document





Service Provider: