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DJ Contract Template

A contract for a disc jockey (DJ) is used to employ entertainment to play music and amuse visitors. The word 'disc jockey' or 'DJ' refers to both a person who plays popular songs and an artist who develops their own distinctive original music.

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What exactly is a DJ contract?

A contract for a disc jockey (DJ) is used to employ entertainment to play music and amuse visitors. The word "disc jockey" or "DJ" refers to both a person who plays popular songs and an artist who develops their own distinctive original music. The amount paid to the disc jockey is totally determined by the individual's and the event's popularity. This agreement may be used for any sort of event, including a wedding, bar, nightclub, or other similar function.

  • Event Types and Locations
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays \sClubs
  • Corporate Functions
  • Radio\sRestaurants
  • Reunions\Weddings

What Is Covered by a DJ Contract?

A DJ contract should include the following items:

DJ's Name — If a specific individual is required; Date and time of the event; Rate ($) – either hourly ($/hr) or per event; Termination - Terms governing the cancellation of a contract by either party; and Each party's responsibilities – Indicate whether the customer or the disc jockey is responsible for providing the speakers, electricity, and any other equipment needed to play the music.

Use this template to create and distribute a DJ service contract.

The contract, which is available on this website via the buttons (PDF, Word, and ODT), will allow you to establish a service agreement between a Disc Jockey and his or her Client. It is preferred that you create this paperwork on screen using a suitable application, however, if your computer does not have such software, you can print the PDF version directly from your browser.

Clearly identify each signatory to this agreement.

When it comes time to finalise a Client's documentation, open this file and fill it out with the necessary information. Begin by inserting the current calendar date on which this contract is to be deemed active in the preformatted blank areas labelled "Effective Date" in the first article of this contract (named "I. The Parties"). Now, on the line below the phrase "...By And Between," enter the Client's entire name. Continue reporting on this entity by entering the building number, street name, and (if applicable) suite number of the Client’s address on the next available space. The Client's city and state of residence must also be stated. This information will be contained in the next two empty lines. The name of the Disc Jockey or DJ Company should be on the first slot following the Client address you provided. Discuss the specifics of the event as well as the expected payment.

Article "II. The Event" will allow us to swiftly confirm the location, date, and time of the venue where the Client will require the DJ services. Locate the blank section labelled "Venue," and then identify the locations where the DJ must appear. This can be the name of a physical location (for example, a bar) or the name of a family. Then, on the "Venue Address" line, write the street address where the DJ will operate. This must be an address that can be found on a map.

A "Non-Refundable Deposit" is frequently imposed. This assures the DJ that if anything prevents the contract from being completed, the Company (or DJ) will still keep a set amount of money to cover part of the losses. On the second blank line, provide the amount the Client must pay with no hope of a return. This sum is normally requested well in advance of the event, either at the time the contract is signed or shortly thereafter.

It is possible that the arrangements made by the Client or the DJ will not be carried out. In "V. Termination," we shall define how these parties may cancel the above-mentioned arrangements. Find the empty line in "A.) Termination By Client," then write how many days' notice the Client must provide the DJ before the contract is officially terminated.

Template Preview

DJ Contract

This DJ Contract (the "Contract") is made on x (the "Effective Date") by and between x, with an address of x (the "Client") and x, with an address of x (the "DJ"), also referred to individually as (the "Party") and together as (the "Parties").

The Client would like to hire a DJ to give DJ services. The DJ services must comprise musical entertainment at the location, date, and time specified in Section 1. The DJ may also provide relevant supplementary services, such as general announcements.

Event Date & Description.

Venue: ____________________________________________. Venue Address: __________________________________. _____________________________________. _____________________________________. Event Date: ______________________. Event Time/Hours for DJ Services: ___________________________________. Payment. The Parties agree to the following Payment and Payment Terms:

Total Fee for Services: ____________________________________________. Non-Refundable Deposit Due Upon Execution of Agreement: ______________. Balance Due on Date of Event: ____________. 3. Requirements for a DJ In order to perform DJ services, the DJ requires the following space and electrical requirements.

Space and Electrical needs: ______________________________.

Cancellation by the client. The Client has the right to cancel this Agreement at any moment before the event. Except for the non-refundable deposit, the Client is entitled to a return of all cash paid upon cancellation.

DJ's work. The DJ has the right to terminate this Agreement at any moment. If the DJ cancels, the company must supply an appropriate replacement DJ, subject to the Client's written consent. In the alternative, the DJ will repay the Client's earlier payments, including the non-refundable deposit.

Legal Fees and Dispute Resolution If a disagreement arises from this Contract that cannot be resolved via mutual agreement, the Parties agree to engage in mediation. If the dispute cannot be addressed through mediation and requires legal action, the prevailing party will be entitled to its legal expenses, including but not limited to its lawyers' fees. Legal and binding contract. As mentioned above, this Agreement is valid and binding between the Parties. This Agreement is lawful and binding in both the United States and

throughout Europe. Each of the Parties represents that they have the legal ability to engage into this Agreement.

Jurisdiction and governing law The Parties agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State and/or Country in which both Parties conduct business. If the Parties conduct business in different States and/or Countries, this Agreement will be governed by ___________________________.legislation.

Complete Agreement. The Parties recognise and agree that this Agreement constitutes their complete agreement. If the Parties wish to update, add, or otherwise modify any terms, they must do so in writing, which must be signed by both parties.

The following signatures confirm the Parties' agreement to the terms and conditions set out above:

Client Signed: _____________________________________. Name: _____________________________________. Date: _____________________________________.

DJ Signed: _____________________________________. Name: _____________________________________. Date: _____________________________________.