What happened to plated after shark tank?

Plated : What happened to plated after shark tank?

Tarun Paliwal

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December 5 , 2023


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Plated : What happened to plated after shark tank?

The table seemed bare in the early 2010s for working professionals who needed dinner served but don't want to use the drive-through, frozen supper, or food delivery service. The idea of packaged food kits was not yet explored, and options like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and various others were not around at the time.

In this situation, Plated stepped in with its fresh prepackaged, prepped ingredients. Shark Tank's Season 5, Episode 22 featured creators Nick Taranto and Josh Hix. They claimed that Plated's objective was to improve American eating habits. The request from the sharks for $500,000 for 4% interest in the business was initially met with a sense of skepticism, but the idea quickly gave birth to a lively discussion on culinary competitiveness, margins, and the struggle to become a culinary icon.

In this article let's take a look at Plated's Shark Tank journey, the product, its founders, the pitch, and where they are now.

What is Plated?

Source: Plated on Facebook

The gourmet meal delivery service Plated specializes in meal kit subscriptions. Buyers now have a novel way to obtain the ingredients and instructions for their chosen dishes. Plated precisely analyzed the boxes before shipping in order to achieve a true flavor. All customers need to do is follow the recipe's directions to prepare the food, and with that, dinner is served.

Home cooking is streamlined, improved, and diversified by Plated. This service's subscriptions offer all the ingredients you'll need to make a whole supper, portioned just right, along with a detailed recipe created by a chef. The ingredients and clear descriptions for the week's meals are included in a box that you get every week. Dishes and ingredients with a seasonal flair keep things fresh and interesting.

The time-consuming and ineffective job of going to the grocery store to buy ingredients—which is typically done in unexpected proportions that result in waste—can be greatly reduced by using Plated. By using Plated, you may enjoy cooking and eating meals at home without needing to ruminate on what ingredients you need.

Now that we know a bit about the food delivery service, let's get into its founders and what they were doing before their Shark Tank appearance.

The Founders of Plated

Plated's founders were Nick Taranto and Josh Hix. Both have business school degrees from Harvard. Before starting Plated, Nick spent seven months working for Goldman Sachs, a job he disliked. John had been an engineer who eventually graduated from Harvard with a master's in business administration. Before helping to launch Plated, he started several other businesses.

Source: CNBC

They rarely had the opportunity to make healthy meals because of their prior professions, and microwave cooking did not provide fresh and exciting food. To counter this issue and gap in the market  Plated was created. For their website, the two paid $10 to register a web domain. Customers may order pre-packaged ingredients and recipes from the business. The idea, meanwhile, did not immediately catch on. The couple was in danger of becoming bankrupt since they had spent all of their money. The pair confessed that they had few repeat clients and blamed this on the initial products.

Within the first few months, Plated rose to prominence, and Nick and Josh made the decision to build warehouses on the east coast to accommodate demand. They were able to raise money at a reasonably high valuation for a startup because of their quick expansion and well-established business plan. The Shark Tank chance provided a catalyst for Plated to jump into the deep end when it sought to develop its local food service to a bigger audience. The company's co-founders, Nick Taranto and Josh Hix gave the sharks a concise business plan with strong financials. But the lure had to have more flavor than simply any takeaway or another uninteresting recipe to convince them to bite.

Let's take a look at how the pitch went in the next section.

Plated's Shark Tank Pitch

On Shark Tank, Nick and Josh asked for a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 4% ownership in Plated. They provided context for how people like high-quality meals but that it may be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to put good food on the table.

They provided information on how their service, Plated, provides the customer with the ingredients and a recipe card so they may make a portion of wholesome food.

They also outlined wastage and overheads, as well as the problems food retailers are facing and how their business models overcome them by only buying what is necessary and throwing less than 1% of the food. They continued to describe how their brand is growing quickly each month and that they have amassed $3,000,000 at a post-monetary valuation of $9,500,000.

The majority of the Sharks were interested in the pitch's conclusion, but Mark was the only one to make an offer. He was considering investing but wanted to see how the business would expand. Josh claimed that since clients are still utilizing the product and their subscription service is expanding, they don't require additional employees to grow that aspect of their company significantly. Despite wanting consultancy shares and impressing Nick and Josh, Mark offered them $500,000 for 5.6 percent. Josh and Nick debated going out to discuss the company. After a brief discussion inside, Josh and Nick agreed to the terms, and Mark said he knew he had put money into some smart folks with excellent ideas.

The deal with Mark first fell through since Plated thought their company's worth had improved after Shark Tank and wanted a higher valuation than Mark offered. Mark, on the contrary, was adamant about sticking with his plan. Despite the agreement falling through, Plated kept growing, as shown on Shark Tank and opened numerous more stores across the country. However, in order to maintain this growth, they decided to reinvest all profits back into the company, which required capital expenditure. But the story didn't end there with their Shark Tank experience.

Later Nick ran into Kevin, a Shark, and told him that the deal with Mark had fallen through. But he amazed Kevin by showcasing their advancement since Shark Tank and their amazing business strategy. He then asked Kevin whether he wanted to make an investment right away. After some deliberation, Kevin decided to invest. Kevin eventually paid Nick and Josh a visit at Plated's headquarters, where they described some of the challenges they were seeing with their expansion, such as a break-in that resulted in $100,000 worth of food being stolen.

Additionally, a new warehouse was opened. Kevin advised Nick and Josh to fly down to the launch of the new Chicago warehouse to make sure everything went as planned since he felt they hadn't prepared enough to handle the logistics that were essential to their business strategy. With Kevin's advice, they could efficiently open their new facility.

Update on Plated and its Founders in 2023

Since then, according to Kevin, they have faced extra logistical difficulties that he wishes they had been aware of before making decisions, but they have overcome them and are on schedule to sell nearly $100 million in the coming year! After appearing on Shark Tank, Plated was acquired by Albertsons for $300 million in 2017. In 2019, Albertsons discontinued the membership service with the intention of integrating it with their meal delivery service.

In certain grocery stores, Albertsons started selling Plated meal packages in 2020. When Plated made an appearance on Shark Tank, it was valued at $12.5 million. Unfortuntaely, Plated is no longer in operation as of 2023.

Where is Nick currently at? In December 2019, he launched a new business called HOP WTR, according to his LinkedIn profile. Josh, on the other hand, is a co-founder of Season Health, a brand-new business that "connects members with nutritious meal ideas and grocery selections" to support those with chronic illnesses.

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